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Monday, March 27, 2006

My birthday month: January

Your Birth Month is January

You are a natural leader who is able to stand up when no one else can.

Strong and powerful, you tend to overshadow those around you.

Your soul reflects: deep love, fascination with life, and a distinctive persona

Your gemstone: Garnet

Your flower: Snowdrop

Your colors: Black, dark red, and dark blue

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Nothing much is really happening to me at the moment, it's my last week at school and i'm finally feeling better after that illness i got. Urgh it was horrible! But that's all gone now, i think and now i've got hit by the bug of boredom and i'm stuck in a room with the sluts of the school and I'm being honest for they really are sluts! 4 example Amy... what a bitch! ^^; heh she is, shes like a real life Risa, trying to act nice and she gets everyone under her finger. -_-

But anyway I went out on Saturday to get some Mothers Day gifts and I also brought Volume 4 of FMA ^^ heh it was awesome, the plot thickens and if your wondering why im so behind... unlike in America the only animes that are airing in the Uk are the following..

Yu~Gi~Oh! (YAY!)
One Piece
Sonic X
Shaman King

And that's all Iíve seen we haven't once seen Inuyasha, Naruto or Full Metal Alchemist and only FMA has been released on DVD. Arenít we lucky? Bur Iíve seen Inuyasha on YouTube and I honestly canít see what all the big fancraze is about. I personally think itís rubbish...^^;; what itís my opinion so meh.. heh like some people think yugioh is shit I think that is..but anyway enough about that.

My Yugioh picture went pretty well on this site but what I got really annoyed about was the fact I got 11/13 votes and only one comment from Ree~Ree (Thankies) and so I think itís really mean and evil of those people on everyoneís pictures who either

a) Vote negatively but donít have the decency to explain why (That really pisses me off, like in CERMís image they are really cool yet people say NO and THEY DONíT GIVE A REASON WHY! I HATE THAT!)

b) They vote yet they can not be bothered to even say nice image or anything. Itís rudeÖ well to me it isÖ ^^;

Well thatís how I feel anyway and it just ticks me off that you can put all that effort into a piece of art and people just do that.. ¨¨ heh well thatís my rant of the day done with so if you still havenít checked out the image *puppy eyes* Please do.. pwetty pwease.

Lol anyway I havenít got much longer since Iím in school but the mystery of Capsule Monsters has been discovered..

This series is in fact actually a MOVIE thatís meant to be coming out straight to DVD, and so episode 3 and 4 are meant to be like a taster.. heh ^^ So now you guys and girls know as well. Anyways Iíll see ya later and hopefully Iíll get round to your sites, c yas


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Friday, March 24, 2006

   Happy Keyring Day!

Sorry about the title but according to my radio station today is Keyring day ..0.o... how weird is that? Lol anyway I'm at home again 2day due to me not having any of my lessons day whilst yesterday I was ill so I had to rest at home, strangely enough sleeping 4 times in 1 day made me feel even worse..-_- bleah.

Anywho..lol here's the last set of Yugioh videos and these were used for the KC Grand Prix and Pharaoh's Memory series.. enjoy, ps I LOVE THESE 2 SONGS!


Eyes-Yuichi Ikuzawa

Wah both songs are awesome! I have them both on my mp3..hmm *puts eyes on*..^^ Hehe it rocks! Anyway thank you to those that have voted on my Yugioh Fanart picture I put up ^^ Heh im grateful for it and soon more shall be up! *hears crickets* hmm guess no ones intrested. Anyway I hope everyones having fun at the moment..lol I am. I'm typing my fanfiction at the moment which should hopefully be on Fanfiction.Net (Account name is Yugi and Mai) and I'm typing chapter 2 of a yamishipping fic, after that i'll go back to my series fanfiction. ^^ Heh if your intrested..(Hmm can you sense me advertising slightly ^^;) click on website on this page becuase that wil take you to mine and my sister joint account. Im Yugi and we both have which story is ours in the storys summary. LOl anyway enough of the advertising.. soz im watching the CommonWealth Games at the moment..^^ Heh go England!!! I can't wait for the World Cup in May, I think. WAHH GO ENGLAND... >> heh i love footbal and Im going to be glued to the telly watching it, 2 bad none of the footballers are good looking..-_- oh well.

Hmm I don't know what else to say really..guess the chestpain im getting at the moment is making my mind blank. XP heh well I'll c yas another day and please if you havent voted on my Magician of Black Chaos picture, please check it out..*puppy eyes*.baa..lol bye bye


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just a quick annoncement...

I can't stay long so here's a few things okays..^^

1) Im ill..*cries* oh ra..
2) I've just posted up my Magician of Black Chaos fanart.. ^^ heh thanks luff 4 scanning and im sorry if its shit..

Well im gonna head to bed now.. i feel like shit..-_- heh enjoy and c yas around..


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Monday, March 20, 2006

   long boring free period post

Well im back again and currently being tortured to a free period at school and so I thought I would come and say hello to you nice guys and girls ^^ heh im also making a post earlier 'cos it's now 09:02 and i won't be home till after 5 and most of you won't be on then. ^^; heh but as I'm on the school computers I can sadly not put up the last ending and opening which are Overlap (My second fav opening ^^) and Eyes (My fav ending song) but I should be able to post them up tomorrow or wednesday hopefully.

Now about my pictures I am giving my friend one tomorrow to scan for me and the other will be up during easter. ^^ But now I feel i'm quite good at drawing the monsters like DMG and DM and so I'm going to draw some of them from now on aswell. XP yeah i'm doing Yugioh fanart by the looks of it ^^ heh but here's some monsters I like and I want you to tell me which 1 I should draw next. Okays..^^;

Dark Paladin
Silent Magician Lv4
Silent Magician Lv8
or a different DMG or DM.

These are all I can think of at the moment but if you've got any other suggestions then feel free but don't 4get, Pugi loves spellcasters! >> Yes my deck is sort of like Yugis/Yami well more Yami isn't it for Yugi has like silent swordsman and tactical monsters whilst Yami has the major spellcasters so I guess I have a bit of both ^^; heh.

I'm still trying to work out how to make my site better with like scrollign posts and stuff but i'm, hopeless.. -__- and i'm trying so hard to make a wallpaper like my avatar but I don't have photoshop and so paint is harder then i thought, lol ^^; heh weird aren't i!?! Anyway here's so post replies.

Ree~Ree: Im sorry I didn't get to go on your site yesterday XP I was so lazy. ;_; sowwy and don't worry the pictures will be up soon. ^^; one of Yami which i'm quite proud of becuase it's all in oil pastel @_@ Ra a whole A4 image in oil pastel was not easy! But the Dark Magician of Chaos one I drew like 2 years ago and it took less then 2 days to colour in. heh Lazy Right but I cna't wait for more of your fanart it rocks ^^ Remember Unique! ^^ Heh

CERM: Heh my friend, haven't spoken to you for a while now ^^; heh but my arts nothing to be excited about compared to yours ^^; your unique also. WAH your pcitures rule T_T heh but sorry that you can't watch the amvs. I wish I could help there but oh I guess I can't. heh but yeah.. *shuffles slightly* it is Atemu and Yuugi kissing..theres nothing wrong with that is there..^^; heh *shuffles more* I love that pairing..>> meep ^^;;;;; Heh anyway looking forward to more of your fanart soon!

Moonscape: I'm glad you like my avatar too for it's just somethign about it that makes me feel ohhh pretty! ^^: heh yeah weird 17 yr old here! Mep i'm sorry about the mass amount of Yu~Gi~Ohh posters but it was well woth it for they are betetr images then the other 2 i have. ^^ Hmm overral i have like nearly 30 posters of the series and i've put my favourite ones up, so theres a lot mroe that i haven't put up and it was my mum who brought me them. ^^; heh she doesnt mind me liking the anime even though to others that i'm too old 4 it. -__- screw them! but don't worry Ginger won't eat your birds.. he's scared of them ^^; Bless him he went outside and saw one and ran away scared! Anyway I do have a lot of managa lol i have er..

Yugioh- Vol 1-7
Yugioh Duelist- Vol 1,2,3,6
Cardcaptors- 1-5
Eerie Queerie- 1-4
DNAngel- 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Candidate for Godesses- vol 1
Battle Vixens- vol 2
Mahomatic- vol 1
Demon Diary- vol 1 & 3
Samurai Deeper Kyo- vol 1 & 2
DEARS- vol 1
Digimon- vol 3
Prťtear- vol 1
Pita Ten- vol 1,2,4

But apart from that also have a whole bunch of anime DVDs on that shelf aswell along with my cards ^^ heh. Not a lot really..>>'''' I have

FMA- vol 1-3
Yugioh- vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12 and the movie (they never relised vol 8,9 or 10 over here 0.o)
Cardcaptors- Vol 1 and 2
Chrono Crusade- Vol 1-6
DNAngel- Vol 1-3
Azu Manga Daioh- Vol 1,2 and 5
Excel Sage- vol 1
Pokťmon- 2nd movie and Cronicles vol 1
Prťtear- vol 1-4
Princess Mononoke

heh not much she says..^^; hehe oh well im anime obsessed whilst my sister has more dvd I think (Mai Valkov! Check her out!!) She has these dvds

Get Backers- vol 1
King of Bandits, Jing: Vol 1-4
Wolfs Rain- vol 1
Hack Sign- vol 2
Fruits Basket- Vol 1-4
Final Fantasy Unlimited- Vol 1-3
Beyblade- vol 1-10

I think that's all she has 0.o but shes also got these mangas

King of Bandit Jing- Vol 1-7
Hack, Legend of the twilight: vol 1-3
Beyblade- Vole 1-5
Fruits Baskter- Vol 1,3,4,5
Shaman King- vol 1-3
Chobits - vol 1
Love Hina- vol 1

baa my minds drawn a blank there but if you think about it that's a lot of manga and anime dvds we have between both of us. ^^; heh... and our parents don't mind at all ^^ Yep yep they like anime too so it's all fine.
Anyway my next lesson is soon so er i've got to go..XP Sowwy..tell me what manga and anime you have then guys and girls and thnx 4 dropping by again ^^

(Sorry 4 any spelling mistake and stuff XP)

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Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm back again people and I hope everyones having a good day so far. ^^

Heh my exam went pretty well yesterday and i got my results today which was another C. ^^ Heh so ive now managed to achive 3 C's which im really proud of, yep yep.

Anyway now onto the Yu~Gi~Oh! Videos. Here's the next set of openings and endings from the Battle Blimp Series. The opening is another song I have on my Mp3 whilst the ending makes me laugh when Yugi trips up, bless him. Anyway enjoy my friends. ^^

Wild Drive-Nagai Masato (Wild and Delicates)

Rakuen- Cave

WAHH! Bless Yugi he is sssssoooooooooooo CUTE! *glomps yugi*..Kawaii, heh anyway hope you enjoyed them but im looking forward to tomorrows post with my favourite Ygo opening. YAY!

heh anway more about me now. I should hopefulyl have 3 new pictures to post up by Easter including:-

Powerpuff Yamis
& The Magician of Black Chaos.

Heh hopefully you lot will enjoy them for I like drew them about er, 2 years ago so they might be a bit shit..>> heh soz about the language but im 17 so that's what you would kind of expect. ^^; heh.

Anyway remember a while back I said I brought a set of posters on Ebay, Well I thought now I would post shots of my wall with some of them up, heh i only managed to put 10 out of 21 up. XP Anyway here they are and I'll tell you were it is..

Wall running alongside me bed

Well I love Yugi and Yami so it's kind of a little shrine to them right next to my bed ^^ heh.

By my window and behind desk

Heh yeah I have a Dartz one from a magazine and then I have one of battle city and it has the Japanese writing underneath. Heh Yeah that is a Cardcaptors poster up aswell that I brought in Barcelona. ^^

Opposite my bed and window

Heh well these ones all matched each other so I put them all next to each other on the same wall, I have a sonic poster next to the Yami one too. ^^

Behind Bed, left side

I really love that Yami and Kaiba one for some reason it just rules whilst my sister got me the movie one for Christmas. ^^

Behind Bed, right side

Finally the last set of posters, heh but yep that's all thats on my walls at the moment.

Heh well that's all for now until tomorows post. ^^ Thanks for your nice comments and still any site suggestions would be helped. Thanks and sorry about the picture quality, thats webcams 4 u -_- c yas


Ps: My kitten Ginger says hi ->

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hello again

^^ Heh your probably bored of me by now but I'm so bored myself because I have an exam in about 45 minutes..baa..oh Ra im gonna try my best but unlike in January I know this one is a mock so it shouldn't be as bad. ^^ yep but im so happy about the results i got even though others r not. -__- Ra you can never please people can you.

Anyway I'm still trying to think of songs to put with characters and all I have at the moment is Yami, Atemu and Kaiba. -_- I alot right (Check my last post to see the songs I am putting with them) And now I have started to watch the Japanese openings to the series and you knwo some of the end shots they have, I'm going to draw them or maybe something like it and then im gonna put the songwords to the theme song around it ^^; heh it's just an idea I had. >> ope it works though but I don't think many people will comment them, Ra im barely getting any comments here.. only the odd 2 ^^; Thanks those who still do comment.

Anyway haven't got much time left becuase im about to go and have break becuase i am starving and im getting fed up of teachers moaning in the background -_- Yeah ain't school great! Anyways im sorry about the lack of the 2 ygo videos but the school computers have blocked the site so ill put them up 2morow with my laptop. ^^ heh but thankfuly soon were gonna get a scanner so I cna put some pictures up, Im currently working on an image i did abour 2 years ago of the 3 Yami's but with their faces in a sort of Powerpuff style (yeah done before I know) but they look cool so give me a chance, can you still believe my most populaur picture is the DMG. ^^ heh i didnt think that picture was that good lol.. well thats cos im a critic and i am so negative and never happy with myself ^^;

Well thats all I can think of at the moment but please if you have any theme song suggestions or any ideas to make my site better please suggest to me. But i am not changing my avatar for it rocks ^^ heh ra if only i could make a wall paper in that style but i cant.. *cries* i dont have photoshop.. oh wells got to go c yas.


ps: I have finally foudn my relation to a Muto for you heard it her first.. Pugi Muto is infact now Yugi's cousin and Yami's worse nightmare ^^ heh c i am now a relation to the pair..W00T! bye.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hello again, to those who come to my site that is..-_- holy ra i need to go to other peoples sites more often. Im slacking a bit and losing friends *cries*..oh.

Anyway shall i begin by posting the next set of yugioh openings and endings. Well here we go this is to do with the series of Yami finding out he was a Pharaoh in the museum up to the point were they are about to go on the blimp. So this is their battle city unliek us who made Battle City the whole thing. ^^; heh anyway enjoy and I must say I love the opening song that i even have it on my mp3 ^^ Heh along with 3 different versions of Warriors. Heh here we go...

Shuffle- Okui Masami

Genki No Shawaa- Aim (Ai Maeda)

Well hoped you enjoyed that but I might be thinking about changing my site a bit, i dont know it just looks to cluttered and i went to see if i can re desgin things like make scroll bar posts and stuff, if i can work out how. ^^; lol but enough about that lets talk about life for me in general.

Well I have the week off at the moment due to mock exams taking place and I thought when we did the exams in January that they were mocks but when we got the results yesterday i found out these were the real deal. 0_0 oh ra! heh but anyway I was pleased with my results cos i got C's in both the exams i did which is very good in a*level. ^^ yep but now im sitting in the lounge with a dog and cat fighting and mymum being a pain again! Ra when i told my parents my results they weren't happy with me at all even though i got the highest mark for one of my subjects and yet they weren't happy with me at all.. hello others got d's, e's and u's and you aren't even happy i got a high grade! T_T sheesh and now shes saying im slacking cos im living in some sort of yugioh bubble and i wont get out of it. Ra I GOT A HIGH GRADE! it made me so mad and upset i ended up crying i felt so bad and like i was a failure. ;_; I can never make them happy, but I guess thats parents for you. Anyway shes nagging me to get off now and go to the real world instead but Im now thinking about trying to draw my own style of art. ^^; Most of my pictures have been drawn looking at images or remembering them but I want to kind of be unique in a way like the amazing fan art that Ree~Ree and CERM do, hoenst you should check them out, they are amaing and I look up to their work ^^ Yep they rule! But yeahim gonna try and even though if it coms out shit..meh i dont mind im trying my best here, im only 17 i can't be perfect. ^^; heh but i have an idea for a series of images I want to produce.

I want to draw all the characters seperatly and then write like what I think is their theme tune around them. ^^;heh weird idea but I really want to do it..so here's the songs I think suit people so far..

Pharaoh Atemu: Desert Rose, by Sting.
Yami: In the Shadows, by The Rasmus.
Seto Kaiba: You're not me! ^^ heh its his theme in the movie.

Ra that's all I can think of but it would be helpful if you can suggest other characters and their themes, please. It would help me a lot..^^ So anyway got to go now and c yas around peeps. ^^;; baaaaa


Ps: The baa-ing im doing is because my real last name is Lamb and I just love to baa at people now ^^;

PPs: If youve got any help or tips for my site here can you suggest some stuff to me please..^^;

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hiya gang and I'm sorry that it took so long to come back onto this site, Ra I hate school and the mass amount of work you get along with it. -_- But anyway here I am, in a Photography lesson by myself (Yes honest it's a focus day and so we get told a subject we have to do all day and so im doing this with no teacher. I'm allowed to go hme now too but I can't be bothered too, I'm going to work instead.) And so I'm using this hour as a break and going on anime mp3's and such. Heh ^^ It's fun when no one else is around to get you paranoid..so as I promised here is the next Yugioh Opening and Ending.

Heh so many scenes I remember there and theopening song I believe is called Voice, this is from the top of my head so I can't exactly remember but heh whilst the other one is by Wands but the title is like very long. ^^ I'll tell you next time.

Anyway you want to know how've I have been and so I shall now give you an insight.

As you know I want to Barcelona about 3 weeks ago (Yeha I should of posted after the trip ^^;;) but it was an awesome 3 days! All of us got on so well and we never thought that us year 12's and the year 13's were such a good bunch together, we made like new friends and my favourite part of the trip was the football game we had in a park. It started off like a group of our male students and then some Italians came along and soon it became a game of England V Italy. Lol it was so much fun to watch and sadly we lost (England). T_T but that wa son the last day we had there whilst the other days we went out to musuems and just being tourists really. Lol. The weather was so nice and sunny, even though it was winter and I even ended up with sunburn XP, I don't tend to go into the sun much so my skin is sort of like Yugi pale. 0.o...but i can go quite brown if I do go out.
It's so hard to talk about the trip for there is so much to say but like so little space and words to describe it. I must say though..I HATE FLYING! *shudders* Ra at Gatwick I was like shaking like a leaf and yes I even cried, pathetic for a 17 yr old but when I got on the EasyJet plane it was so crampt and i buried myself in my coat, to hide and 2 it was like 5 in the morning so i was tired too. The worst bit though is take off...X_X It goes so fast and I hate the tilt you feel when you go up and then go left or right. All i saw was like sky and then suddenly London right underneath me..X_X urgh it was horrible but it was such an amazing sight when we saw the sun rise and that.. an unforgettable sight. it left me speechless!
On the way back was basically the same apart from i nearly threw up >>, but it was like dark and when we flew closer to London we hit a bad case of turbulance due to the bad snow weather they had whilst we were away, but I love turbalance..ITS FUN! But that was until the exit signs flashed on and then we were all in a panic. Heh but overall it was the best trip I have ever had with the school... ^^ Yep sorry I can't tell you more..I might do later and put some pictures up too.

We I guess that's it and im sorry about the lack of comments and fanart but Ive been busy doing my yamishipping fanfic that I haven't had time. -_- I shall try to do some more soon well that's all really....c ya aorund...


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well tomorrow I am flying out to Barcelona and so I won't be around for the next 3 days and yes I know *hits self*..heh I changed my amv again but after seeing this one and listening to the song I couldn't resist it anymore and so I had to put this one up instead. Well as I promised I said I was going to put up more amv's so here you go. Enjoy and heh yes I have put the ending up 2 go with the last amv and in my next post when i come back I shall be nice and put up the next amv of the opening and ending and the shots should be more reconisable in those..lol..anyway c yas and I shall be back on sunday..*packs bags and hops on plane*..^^


Wands - sung Ashita Moshi Kimiga Kowaretemo

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