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Friday, September 23, 2005

   eww..yuck yeah

Hah just as hort post..ive been off school 4 the lst day and today due to the cold/sore throat thing and now my mums gone 2 hospital..so so far my friday ahs been great! lol.well i'll be seeing you then..got 2 get back into bed..-_- oh well.. bye byes

Ps do u like my new avvy.tis funny!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   Oh ra that was funny!

hello everyone I must say my stomcuh hurts! and its becuase i have been laughing so much and it was over 2days yu-gi-oh episode.. Ra it was funny!

Ok as you know 4 Kids have finally decided to show the new series in the USA and Uk FINALLY! heh..and ive just seen the second episode of 'Grand Championship' and i must say..heh had my laughing a lot. First it must be were Yugi gives Rick the Underdog card saying it reminds him of a friend and then when they play it all of them are laughing at Joey..I was thiking to myself..Is there a hint of like a Joey x Seto thing there! 0_0 but yeah then they go outside after Yami bets the freaky computer and then he has to explain to Joey why hes an underdog? hehe..it was a classic especally were it had yami having a face like? What? and then he says like weird stuff and then quickly changes to yugi to explain..hehe..ok its a lot funnier then the way i have explained it..but also u cant bet the bits with Téa and Rebecca getting jealous over the new girl who hugs yugi to death..heh classic! but anyway...er...soz im still laughing at the memory..even though it finished like..5 minutes ago..OK IM SAD I KNOW! hehe but yeah..but what did annoy me was my dad walking in siting down and repeating what all of them said! ¬_¬ evil father! YUGI DOES NOT SOUND LIKE HIS GETTING PINCHED DOWN THERE! 0_0 ok.thats what my dad said..weird, strange man,...Now i know were i get it from.

Well as you can tell by most of this post..Im depressed.....^-^ I yeah right! when am i ever depressed..well sometimes but yeah im still laughing about it....soz but Yugi and Yami were acting like a married couple the way they were argueing! and yugis face at seeing grandpa in the maks..heh classic! Is it me..or have the dubbing 4 yu-gi-oh in this series been toned a bit..i mean i swear there is a bit more violence and more teenage humour, c i felt some of the jokes were more aimed at kids but this series..its kinda grown up a bit..I LIKE IT! heh well it was meant 2 be 4 teens really..well according to the manga anyway..0_0 ok i will shut up now.HONEST I WILL! hehe ok then did u want 2 know the winner of the poll yesterday? WELL IT WAS.....

Yep Yugi and Yami! YAY PUZZLESHIPPING RULES! heh..ok heres some pics ok.and they do not belong to me! ok..plus if u dont like yaoi..DONT LOK! MY POST ON MY SITE SO ITS UP 2 ME OK! ^-^ c ya Pugi

Ok i have others but they r kinda..OVER 16+ STUFF! 0_0 I AM NOT OBSESSED.........much

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is funny! Becuase most of its true..and my best friend is Gemini!

Yugioh Astrology Compatablity! by sandra_deel
Sun Sign:
Favorite Color:
You are most Compatable with:
Your BestFriend should be:
You should stay away from:
Quiz created with MemeGen!


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Im not like that? 0.o...........am i..

Your crazy but, fun to hang out with:) Sometimes
you go nuts over a question(lol) Also you don't
care what you look like. As long as your fun
and have lots of friends:) Your one of a kind:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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I DID NOT RIG THE VOTE! 0_0........much

Yami X Yugi
hikari and yami in love ^.^ you have a sweet and
innocent thing going on, your realationship is
built on love and trust and perfect honesty ^_^

What Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi pair are you? (with pics!!)
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Is that right?


Which Yu-Gi-Oh Girl Character are You? ()Includes Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla


Which Yu-Gi-Oh Boy are You? (Includes pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

R these good or bad??

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Hey im back..im so sorry ihave been so busy i havent had time to come onto here and visit everyones sites, im so sorry. I shall get round 2 that 2day but after watching D.N.Angel i say its my second fav anime now ^-^ and so i have a yugioh backgorund 4 my main site and a d.n.angel background 4 my posts..isnt it cool..^-^ hehe anway i want 2 say thanks 2 all you guys 4 i have now got over 500 visits and nearly 80 gb sigins..WAHOO! Thank you everyone 4 doing those things..Thanks and now i am going 2 leave you with a poll and i want 2 see your opioins on those pairings..^-^ Thanks you and c ya around.

I'll put the winning picture up 2morow ^_~

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


hello sorry I havent been on this site 4 ages but ive been so busy at school and also been having fun at parties that i haven't had time 2 come onto here. lol and i am so happy..one i got 2 watch a new episode of yugioh 2day finally!! and also adv have relised a whole new bunch of new anime dvds out over here in the uk. AND I GOT ONE THAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!! I'll give you a clue on what it is too....look at the picture below and if you reconise these people..i got the dvd ! ^-^ lets just say..he has a 'dark' side!

well thats all 4 now..c ya ^_~


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Thursday, September 8, 2005


Wow havent been on here 4 a while due to school. ^-^
I got so mad yesterday, it was the world cup qulifires between Ireland and England and WE LOST! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN! WE HAVENT LOST 2 THEM 4 THE LAST 76 YEARS!!!! Oh well....im more obsessed about the Ashes 5th test that started 2day ^-^ COME ON ENGLAND! Well i wonder if u noticed my new cursor..ITS KERO FROM CARDCAPTORS! I have decided everyday i shall pick like..anime person of the day!


If u want a certain characetr 2morow 2 be characetr of the day..say so and it will be done ^_~ c ya


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Tuesday, September 6, 2005


yes im sorry i havent got round to visiting your sites but i have been busy...well i have been going 2 school now and it feels very weird to be like yr 12 (sixth form)..i feel so grown up. LOL! Anyway i like the lessons im doing so far whihc are Art, ICT, Photography and Media. Media is so cool though because we are allowed to do things related 2 anime! AWESOME! lol...im realy tired though. I want 2 sleep and its only 4 or something like that in the afternoon! I WANT 2 SLEEP! lol.. ive changed my background and i want 2 thank moonscape very much 4 letting me use her background she made 4 it. Well c ya guys and girls later and i might soon have more artwork...depends if i can draw it. lol. bye!


Oh yeah overall in the holiday i dueled 27 people and lost 4 of the games. ^-^ and im sorry if i dont get 2 ur site! Please tell me what you think of my new layout etc! I want ur opionins..funny enough the background of the posts is an actual poster i have and the wallpaper i have as a poster 2...just without the space theme..lol..thnaks!

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