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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

*hands chocolate to everyone* ^^ Yep I have a shed load of chocolate to eat and also I got a cuddly white bunny toy aswell, which I called bakura...lol, my sister got one aswell and I think shes called it Ryou..lol.

^^ Anyway I can't stay long ive got to help cook the easter meal and .yayness..lol.

Only 3 more episodes of yugioh..T_T NO! oh wells..hehe

I hope you all have a great day and thank you everyone who has commented and voted on my art, here's a funny thing, If i get one more vote on my Fullmeta alchemist picture, it becomes my number 1 piece of art. ^^ Its joint equal with the Dark Magician Girl. ^^ Thankies everyone

well gotta go *shoves on a pair of rabbit ears and tail*..Happy easter ^^


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Friday, April 14, 2006


Hello everyone and happy good Friday 2 you all!

(Sadly im not a christian and Im not in any religion) ^^;

0_0 Whoa I didn't expect the fanart I put up on wednesday to be that populaur. Lol, thank you to everyone who voted and commented. ^^ heh strangely thought I got all good votes 4 the Silent Magician picture which I agree with Reno the Turk, wasn't as good as the other one. lol

Sadly, the Roy and Hughes ones got 3 no votes. T_T I worked so hard on that, oh well. But if your wondering how i did the skin colour.. heh I'll let you a secret. I couldnt mix the right colour together and so I went to the bathroom and grabbed my pot of foundation and put that on instead.. LOL, so Roy and Hughes actually have make up on.. xP lol, so u cant deny its not skin colour. ^^; Cheap but it helped a lot. Thanks again to everyone and well I see people liked that picture in particulaur and as Im a Roy Mustang fangirl I was thinking I could draw some more pictures of him. I've started work on one which is from a screen shot from the FullMetal Alchemist movie were he is wearing the Eyepatch and also somehow has got downgraded 4 he has only 1 star in that film..0.o..how weird.

Lol, Thank you once again. ^^

Well I don't know what else to say..0.o, heh i wasnt actually planning on using watercolours for fanart again but i guess those comments kind of made me re think that. Damn you people, LOL i was only going to have one FMA fanart. xP Guess you guys and girls win.

Oh sorry I can't stop going on about my fanart but wahh, IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THE PICTURE I WANT TO...er.. i have no idea. ^^; Lol but i know other people who draw better then me, only cos they can draw people in their own poses... i can i have to look at images. Damn you people...damn damn damn. ^^;

Nothing much happened yesterday, well i got the colours i wanted for my hair and so now I actually have got the pink that yami and yugi have so yes im a fangirl. Heh i just need the black and then.. hmm but yami looks good. Sorry I dont.. ^^; guess that plans out of the window. Damn. But then I did have to phone the vets because your cat is getting the snip next week. Hehehe poor thing but then he shoudl be fully allowed outside into the wilderness..T_T Baa bye ginger but unlike our sexually frustrated dog, Henry who seriously has a grudge against me. ¬¬ He really hates me I think, i have the bite marks to prove it but when it comes to well mating time he always tends to go for my legs first. -_- stupid animal.. hehe..hope youve had a better day then i had.

Woopsie sorry, hhmmm *listening to Mp3* I swear the dnangel opening has played several times now, opps its on repeat. lol Majority of my mp3 is anime openings, endings and like backing songs. Oppsie im not obsessed..lol. Oh well Im gonna visit your sites now and i hope i didnt bore you 2 much.



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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hello everyone and I hope your day is going well so far. ^^

Heh well yesterday was fun, playing Sonic Riders and Kirby..lol. What a blast! ^^ hehe but it kind of all got worse when me and my sister got home becuase our parents went out and the front door is having slight problems opening and so we had to use the back gate. The only problem was that the gate hadnt been left unlocked so we couldnt get in that way either and our parents wouldn't be back until like 4 hours later. T_T So I had to climb up the wall cling to the neighbours low roof, climb dowm the other side, nearly slipping and getting impaled on a old bit of metal we had nearby. T_T WAHHH sadly im still alive and i put up my new fanart which I must say.. Thanks 2 all those who have voted so far ^^ Wooty!

If you haven't seen them yet then here's the links..

Roy & Hughes

Silent Magician Lv 4

(I hope those links work)
But yeah I like them pictures and I hope you do to. ^^ Heh I cant really say much as I've got to go and tidy my room.

Oh and guess what.. *sniff* we only have 4 more episodes of Yugioh left to be aired in the UK T_T No poor Yami and Yugi. WAHH! Oh wells I shall draw more fanart and I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays. ^^

Baa Bye


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well today I'm going around a friends house and I should be able to scan 2 of my finished fanart picture. ^^

So If you come on this site expect at some point a...

Roy & Hughes Watercolour picture (Fullmetal Alchemist)

and also a

Silent Magician Lv 4 (Yugioh)

Both of these should be up at soem point today and I hope you like them, now this may sound weird but Im going to be very strict on the Roy and Hughes one as I think its the best fanart picture I've done so far! It took aroun 10-20 minutes to draw and 2 days to paint! So yeah I worked my butt off on it and so im very proud and clingy to it. ^^; I just hope my hard effort payed off.

Also you know that poster that i brought on saturday, lol it came just a few minutes ago in the post! LOl the time is now 11:07 in the morning and it came at around 10:50 lol. ^^ And its awesome and its MINE! ^^ YAY!

Oh I dyed my hair yesterday and so far it looks awesome, Ive still got to do some bits to it but it looks really cool and heh I was doing this whilst watching the D.N.Angel volume 4 dvd that I brought on saturday aswell, and I can't wait for the next volume that comes out on the 17th of April. w00t! Dark Mousy! *drools* lol

Meep got to get ready to leave in a sec so I hope you all have a good day and i'll try and get round to your sites later okays. ^^


p.s: Lol I found the perfect background music 4 my site, do u agree! LOL

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

I'm Gonna Hit You, Sonic Speed

^^; Heh yep im a big sonic the hedgehog fangirl, i've been a fan of the little critter since I was 3. Heh and now I am 17 so that's 14 years..XD hehe and I might be lucky enough to buy the game 2day, only if my sister co-oparates with me, ^^; heh yeah she has a lot of money on her! She has nearly like over Ł100 (Don't ask me how much that is in dollars, xP All I know is that our currency is double the americian dollar) Hmm so that would probably mean that she has like $200 0_0

I only have Ł12 / $24

*cries* damn, HEY NO FAIR! ¬¬ In america that means you get anime dvds cheeper, WAHHH AND YOU GET THE DVDS QUICKER! hmph i was still annoyed about the yugioh dvds 4 I really want to get the Uncut dvds but they havent relised them in the UK and I couldnt buy them online for they are Region 1, whilst our dvds players only play Region 2 dvds *cries more* but my laptop plays multi-region.. hehe but still I would want to lend them 2 my friends so i've got to wait, it's almost the same for I believe that in America the Waking the Dragon series has just come out right??

WAHH! The furthest dvd that has been relised here is vol 13, WE DON'T EVEN HAVE THE BATTLE CITY EPISODES ON DVD YET! *cries more*... and I would really like them 2, oh looks like I'll still be buying the dvds in my late 20's at this rate and heh I'll be 20 in 3 years, whoa that feels weird..0.o. Me 20? And I'll still love yugioh..hehe ^^;;;

Anyway enough of the dvd rant..

Yesterday I didn't really get much time to go on everyones sites as I meet up with my friends as it was the Easter Holidays. Heh we ended up watching 2 of my anime dvds (FullMetal Alchemist vol 4 and Chrno Crusade vol 2) that I had leant one of my mates, and so that was fun and after watching that I kind of noticed I like both Ed and Roy but I was kind of sqeeling more over Roy,so I guess I'm more of a Roy fangirl, not sure why but it's just something about him. Well we also went to the park and walked around town were I brought D.N.Angel vol 9 (Manga) which I must say was really good, especally Satoshi saying to Daisuke 'I love you'. W00t 4 the Tamershipping!
But whats weird is that now i have all the volumes of dnangel manga apart from vol 7, 10 and i believe 11. Volume 7 we haven't seen anywere! ITS LIKE THE YUGIOH DVD VOLUMES 8, 9, 10! Apart from you can order the manga off amazon but these dvds no site like amazon or ebay.co.uk have had any record that they were ever relised. 0.o. weird. What's weirder is that the DVD cover for volume 13 is different in the UK then the USA, honest. It's weird..xP

I also got through the post yesterday my sponser form for Race for Life. It's like a race that only females do and all the money goes to Breast Cancer Research, and I'm really looking forward to taking part in it. ^^ W00t! Runnings fun and it's for a good cause too, i should know..

So yep I'm kind of training for that and I'm dressing up for the race 2, hehe and then today I'm going to Bluewater (Haven't been there 4 ages now) and I'm buying some hair colour for at the moment my hair is Light Brown and it like fades to a gingerish-brown at the bottom but I'm going 4 a wild change here becuase Im going to dye my hair Blonde and put in Pink highlights. ^^ W00T PINK AND BLONDE HAIR! hehe Can't wait but that'sall really I've got to go and get ready 4 my day out with my Parents and sister. Anyway I've been finishing and starting some fanart and here's the lost and their status..


Silent Magician Lv 4 *Complete*
Yami *Complete*
Yami and Bakura: Future, Past and Present *Got to colour in*

FullMetal Alchemist
Edward Elric: Never Look Back *Only a little bit of colouring to do*
Roy & Hughes *Got to colour in*

Hayate, Goh, Kei and Sasame *Got to colour in*

Dirty Pair Flash
Kei *roughly drawn out, just got to do some stuff*

Those are my current projects but I might draw some more Spellcaster monster and maybe if people like my Yami oil pastel I might draw mroe characters like that.. ^^; Anyways G2G

C yas


*glomps everyone*

Edit at 1:17 pm

I just got a new yugioh poster off ebay and this poster is Ultra, Ultra, Rare!! Hhehe YAY!

It's without the calender bit but it's Awesome! CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Baaaaaaad Pugi

Hello once again and as you know i'm in my Easter Holidays now, in the now sunny England. 0.o. strange huh..lol but what is weird is the fact that me and Luff have to go to school 2day! 0_0;; what we're on r holidays and 2day we've got to go to school..*cries* no fair...but as you know i've shown you 2 pictures I've drawn including the Silent Magician and Ed Elric, but well I was kind of bad and started another picture yesterday...>> Yes i have a weird thing were I can not finish a picture before starting another one.. ^^;;; hehehehe weird huh but by the end of this 2 weeks and 3 day holiday I should have 4 new images to put up including the 2 above and also a Roy & Hughes (FMA) one done in oil pastel and also a Yami one that's done in oil pastel, that image i drew 2 years ago as well..^^;;; hehe oppsie.
Infact I drew a lot of images 2 years ago and I've only just got round to colouring them in..^^; opps.

Hmm well nothing much else really happened apart from my sister dueled me the other day 0_0 she never hardly does because she's fed up of me beating her all the time, yes a sad 17yr old likes to duel.-__- meh, i dont care it's fun and it's kind of were our nicknames came from for my decks full of spellcasters including having 2 Dark Magician Girls, 2 Dark Magicians, Silent Magician Lv 4 and 8 and also the sorcerer of Dark Magic. Sadly I dont have the Magician of Black Chaos but,.... my sister does ¬¬ She managed to get it in a booster pack but sigh she never trades it and yet i giveher some of my cards for free..heh I was mainly at the time ona hun to get a Dark Magician Girl and I found it at like a little stool in town and they were selling it as a single card and i brought it, I was so happy ^^ Really i was.
I wasn't meant to end up with 2 but I went to Bluewater (The biggest Mall/Shopping centre in Europe) and they had like deck tins and one of them was the DMG and I brought that getting another one of my fav monster cards but in a different design. ^^ YAY!
Heh weird huh but anyway when i dueled her she has a like harpie deck (Hmm can you guess who we named her after) and she kind of got mad and threw my cards, and ra i got upset becuase yes..*holds hands up*.. i kind of do believe in the whole heartof the cards thing, >> it works honest, it works on me and i really do feel like they really mean something to me. ^^;;;; hehehe..okays im just waiting for the men in white jackets to come and tak me away now. ^^ HEHEHE!

Anyway I've sadly got to go to school now -__- so i'll be seeing you and your fanart around the site. ^^ byebye..


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Monday, April 3, 2006


Wow I'm glad you people actually liked the song, lol I do too! ^^ It's awesome and yeah I love Rewrite just as much, then it has to be Melissa, Im not very fond of the 3rd one (Is that motherland?) but that doesnt matter much but I only have the 1st 4 volumes on DVD and the rest I have to watch on youtube becuase I don't have any more money to buy more..XP Damn that sucks! heh but as I am still in a FMA obsession (Yep im obsessed with it as much as yugioh but im not gonna change my them! NO WAY!) that I started to draw a picture of Ed and ra, i thought drawing yami or yugi was hard..^^;

Thats all ive done so far and the shading, thats only like rough so it's not meant to be there..^^;; oppsie..but anyway ages ago I put a list of what anime or manga I have, well as im at home I'll think I'll put it up again but this time it will be correct..^^;

Yu~Gi~Oh: Vol 1-6 *complete*
Yu~Gi~Oh Duelist: Vol 1,2,3,6
D.N.Angel: Vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
CardCaptor Sakura: Vol 1-5
Prétear: Vol 1
Pita-Ten: Vol 1,2,4
Eerie Queerie (Yes it has Yaoi!): Vol 1-4 *complete*
The Candidate for Goddess: Vol 1
Demon Diary: Vol 1,3
Digimon: Vol 3
Mahoromatic: Vol 1
Samurai Deeper Kyo: Vol 1,2
DearS: Vol 1
Battle Vixens: Vol 2
Maburaho: Vol 1

Yu~Gi~Oh: Vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12 & Movie
D.N.Angel: Vol 1-3
Prétear: Vol 1-4 *complete*
Chrono Crusade: Vol 1-6
Fullmetal Alchemist: Vol 1-4
Azumanga Daioh: Vol 1,2,5
CardCaptors: 1,2 & Movie
Excel Saga: Vol 1
Pokémon: Cronicles and 2nd Movie
Princess Mononoke

Heh a lot huh but now I shall give you the list of what my sister Mai Valkov has..

King of Bandits, Jing: Vol 1-7 *complete*
Love Hina: Vol 1
Tokyo Mew Mew: Vol 1-7 *complete*
Qwan: Vol 1-2
Shaman King: Vol 1-3
Beyblade: Vol 1-5
Fruits Basket: Vol 1,3,4,5
Chobits: Vol 1
Hack: Legend of the Twilight: Vol 1-3 *complete*

King of Bandits, Jing: Vol 1-4 *complete*
Fruits Basket: Vol 1-4 *complete*
Final Fantasy Unlimited: Vol 1-3
Hack Sign: Vol 2
Beyblade: Vol 1-10
Wolfs Rain: Vol 1 (So cool!)
Get Backers: Vol 1

Now you may think wah theve seen quite a bit, heh well heres what some of our friends have leant us..^^;

~ Haibane Renmei (Anime: Thanks Luff)
~ Vampire Hunter D (Anime: Thanks Lia)
~ Ghost in the Shell (Anime)
~ Princess AI (Manga)
~ Shutterbox (Manga)
~ Blood the Last Vampire (Anime: Thanks Lia)
~ Sky Blue (Anime: Lia again ^^;)
~ Dirty Pair Flas vol 1-3 (Anime: W00t 4 Luff)
~ Chobits vol 1-3 (Anime: Luff agains ^^)
~ Spirited Away
~ Gravitation (Manga: Luffy Kins)

That's all I can think of from the top of my head but you may now be thinking okay, thats enough.. wrong I also watched other programs on youtube or tv..^^

~ Samurai Deeper Kyo
~ Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch
~ Gravitation *Completed with OAV*
~ Sonic X
~ One Piece
~ Outlaw Star
~ Big O
~ Sailor Moon (Ra i regret that now! *shudders*)
~ Digimon
~ Pokémon
~ Shaman King
~ Inuyasha (Wasn't as good as everyone says ^^;)
~ Ryu Kenshin
~ Ultimate Muscle

Er now I can't remember but yeah i think that is all.. Whao thats a lot of anime and manga in a lifetime ^^;; lol but out of all them my favourite 4 still have to be..

1. Yu~Gi~Oh! (Will always b my fav!)
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. D.N.Angel
4. Gravitation

^^ heh well I wonder how much anime and manga you've watched out of them.. ^^;;; heh but our parents don't mind so its okay... but at school we do try and put some anime in our artwork but get told off for it..-__-* But whats really annoyed me about that is that the lower years below us have now been allowed to draw anime and when we were in those years, we got told off for it! STUPID TEACHERS! I like saw one of the year 10's (Er not sure what grade that is in america it's like from the age range of 14-15) drawing an image of Ryu Kenshin for their final exam piece and me and3 of my friends were like WTF! We were in that same year like 2 years ago and when we tried to put like yugioh or any other slight hints of anime, we just got told off. No fair..but still we always managed to slip it in somehow..^^ wether it be a symbol or something we always managed to. hehehe...

So nothing much more for me to say really apart from everyweek I'll be changing my like song on the site and so I might try and put Rewrite up or the Sonic Riders theme, lol I love that! So c ya alls later and i hope you have fun on holiday or school..^^


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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Advertising and my new FMA Mp3 for the site..

Ready Steady Can't Hold Me Back,
Ready Steady Give Me Good luck,
Ready Steady Never Look Back,
Let's Get Started, Ready, Steady, GO!

Lol *stops singing* Sorry but that song has got to be my favourite FMA Opening of all time with Rewrite a very very close 2nd. XP Anyway I'm on a mission to try and work out how to mkae music play on the site without having to press 'Click to Play' heh i'll work it out some day..

Anyway I said I was going to advertise and so here I go.

If you like the Blog Design I have then contact the following person Reno The Turk. All you have to do is pm him or check out his site (It's on my friendslist) and it has his email address you can contact him with and all you have to do is send him your design and then he will create these awesome blogs out of it. ^^ Trust me it's well worth it along with his awesome artwork 2! They are so cool! THEY R! so remember go check out..Reno The Turk 4 all your blogging needs..XP

There I did the advertising I wanted to and so now as I was very happy with the last bitof fanart I put up, The Magician of Black Chaos I'm currently working on the next Yugioh Magician which is.. Silent Magician Lv4 . I say after my fav monster, DMG his my 2nd fav one..SO KAWAII! but here's how its looking at the moment..

It's extremly hard trying to draw a monster in detail from the card image but I think it's turning out okay at the moment..XP Anyway I'm going to try and visit peoples sites now and sing along to Ready, Steady, Go! ITS AWESOME!! Heh ^^ Well c ya 2morow people


Ps: Check out Reno the Turk 4 all ur blogging needs..>>

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Look

Wah I finally have a new post layout and its all thanks to *drumroll* Reno the Turk * mega Glomps* Thankies so much it looks so awesome don't you thinkies.. and it looks very er..personal too. ^^ Baa anyway I don't have much more to say, I just wanted to spread and share my happiness with all of you.


But I can't wait for tomorrow we finally break up 4 Easter! YAY, and also at school me Luff, and Lia Xaragi (All of them r on this site!) are going to dress up as fairys and show everyone how fun sixth formers can be ^^ I can't wait and don't worry my next image will be up soon... and I am now working on a FullMetal Alchemist Fanart image of the 2 bishies Roy *Drool* and Ed *Squeels* they r so hot and cute! heh and also an image from Chrono Crusade for that is such an awesome anime! It makes religion seem more enjoyable then it is! Anyway must dash I've got to go and wash the dishes so see ya guys and girls later and Thanks once again to everyone who commented and also to Reno *bows*. ^^


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm back during another school free period and i have 2 more Yugioh videos for you. ^^ Lol you thought I had finished with the openings and endings but u were wrong.

The first one is the last ever episode *Sniff* ending with the song Eyes by Yuichi Ikuzawa

Aww I love that song and I hope in the English episode they do the same but do the full version of our openign for that 3-4 min long openign is better then the shortened version at the beginning. And the final video was used in Japan before an episode on New years and it was basically the yugioh cast saying happy new year to everyone..^^ How awesome is that!

Sadly that really is the last of all I can show you but heh I hope you enjoyed them and now back to me. ^^ Lol soz I am currently in a room full of strange people listening to Overlap. 0.o. whoa isnt that weird.. im not sure but meh.

Anyway i'm still working on my next fanart image and Ra it's harder then I thought. XP damn it but anyway I shall try my hardest even though at this current stage I am in fact doing an art and photography exma which i have got to do straight after easter, one means i have to draw pictures whilst I have to take pictures for the other one. -_- isnt that great but Im so glad the weather is nice 2day unlike others were its been pouring with rain. Even thought we are currently having a water shortage in our area, lol weird right. England having a water shortage but its happening here..Anyway im probably boring you now but I shall just reply to some comment and then i shall dissaper..^^ ks

Ree~Ree- Aww well it kind of is like me, I'll have to ask Luff (She's currently next to me XP)but im too tired 2. -_- zZz lol but I liked your Bleach fanart by the way. ^^ Was nice. Heh yeah it is a sweet flower and its really pretty but the gemstone rmeinds me of Yami's eyes. ^^ Yay Thanks again.

Luff- Heh as your currently watching FMA next to me i'll type a messgae out and thats such a cool flower for you and what do u mean about the colours..>> I dont wear black everyday..<< much. ^^; but oh red and blue.. I need blonde and then I have yami and yugi. YAY!

Reno the Turk- Wah please help me! ^^; heh but i really want 2 know how to make like scroll down posts or ones were u have an image and the text is in a box which u can still see through. ^^; lol just an idea but thank you for offering and I hope the results you got was a good one.

Yamis Pharaohess- Everytime I see your avatar I squeel out ED, ROY! LOl ^^; soz but i love FMA (2nd fav anime of all time) but anyway i thinnk mine sounded like em too but I did another quiz and trust me on this.. This really sounds like me! 0_0;;; LOL Thanks again

Your Birthdate: January 17

You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.

And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.

You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.

Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck

Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Half Moon

Your power month: August

Yep this sounds like me ^^;;; lol well c yas later peeps.


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