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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

   To All My Friends...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

   In the steel cage of death...

Animal Cookies versus Animal Crackers!!!

In our day and age you think we would have an answer for this ever perplexing question! Which is better: The pink and white frosted sprinkle coated cookie blobs or the more animally shaped golden brown crackers?!?!

Ok! I'll Comment Already!!

MiasmaMoon: The contest game thing I haven't gone to check it out but from the description of the game seems a bit strange to me too. Flying around starting up discos...of course I say this is weird but have no issues with rolling up sumo wrestlers in a giant katamari. Oh well, to each their own.

Lytjuh: I use to have a kite too...where it has gone...no one knows. I actually haven't flown a kite in at least 20 years! Heck, most of the members here on theO aren't even 20! Now I feel old. LOL

samuraigirl122: Thanks, I think the new theme is cute too. Hanatarou isn't as popular as the other characters but he is one of my personal favorites. ^_^

Mamma "Team Phone Tag" Vash: What is my favorite coffee drink. Oh that is one of those "Who is your favorite child" kind of questions. I really love iced mochas in the summer, carmel macchiato (hot or cold), white chocolate lattes...oh and there are those odds and ends of special request coffees like "Snickers" or "Milky Way" flavor combos that are really good. Oh I don't know. But I do know that right now I am going to brew a fresh pot of coffee!

My favorite coffee house: Hometown little coffee dessert bar called "Noon Moon". they have these little private booths, comfy couches and overstuffed chairs...a very bohemian vibe. They even have a little stage for local musicians to perform. Mostly folk and some jazz. Very cool place to be.

donewiththegames: I have no idea why yesterday was Kite Flying Day. It was probably founded by someone who either lives in a part of the country where it is warm and breezy or someone who loves to fly kites so much they can't wait til spring. LOL

Lady K: ::glomps:: Another person who understands the coolness of Hanatarou!!

Kawaii Seth: Yes, feel free to stop by my site anytime! Most of the time my posts are pretty, well, random. LOL

GentleEyes777: Thanks, I'm diggin' my new layout too. ^_^

Dark Spirit 21: Cappuccinos are very tasty...I so very much love coffee drinks.

Summoner Rekka: LOL I hear ya about the meds. The only problem is I am already on all the "ideal" meds. I swear, the meds I have to take everyday would take down a horse!

KitsuneTsuki: Hockey fan huh. You need to talk to TheMouse, he's one of those "hockey otaku".

Dragon Booster Happy Meal! From the stuff FUNi sent me those should be available until February 27th. I haven't had a Happy Meal in years...I should go get one for the heck of it. LOL

SunfallE: Last year's Nifty Fifty I actually made the cut. I was "Nifty" last year but I think that was my "15 minutes of fame" and now I shall disappear into obscurity on the boards. :P There are some great nominations this year, it's going to be interesting to see how it pans out.

CosmicSailor: I have to agree with you on Mountain Dew. It's my drink of choice when I want something that is going to quench my thirst. I'll have to check out their energy drink. As if a regular Mountain Dew doesn't jump start the majority of people already! LOL

Aaryanna: All my panda pictures. Oh let me tell you where I get them....scans from books I have, calendars, pictures friends send me and the joys of all joys "Google". For some strange reason, I'm not sure why, but people see a picture of a panda and they instantly think of me.....I wonder why? :P

BankofKev: I hope when you say that you mean you'll be seeing me soon. ~_^

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


I'm glad you guys, even the ones who don't know who Hanatarou is, like the new layout. I had so many screen caps of Hanatarou I made another little gif to use before my comments. I just had to make that one since it was just asking to be made into an avatar. The best think about the new avi with Ichigo and Hanatarou is that it is only a two frame animation!

Speaking of animation the UPS just delivered a DVD from FUNimation for me to screen. Talk about cutting it close to release date. It just showed up tonight at 6:45pm and the release date is tomorrow per the info they sent with it. It's for a series called Dragon Booster. It's not anime, just anime-styled. But since it's for FUNimation I figured I would go ahead and publish the review. I just hope they send me Trinity Blood before it is released here. I really, REALLY want to see...wait, I mean hear the series in English. I really enjoyed the Japanese version and look forward to the dub. I wonder who they will cast for each of the roles....

So now that I have just sort of spent this thread rambling about this and that I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I just now remembered about the Nifty Fifty over on the OB. Voting closed on the 31 of January. LOL Ooops, I missed it this year! I am so lame. When it was first posted I thought I would give some thought to my nominations and then...well...procrastination. I never got a round to it. 'Til now that is. I love community events and this one is no exception. I can't wait for Shy to post the results. ^_^

Be sure to check out the front page. There is a new contest up for all you gamers. Check it out, there are some cool prizes.

Oh, today is Kite Flying Day. I have no idea why this holiday is in the middle of winter and not in the breezy spring weather. So tell those around you to "Go fly a kite!" If they get offended remind them that you are just reminding them to celebrate the holiday. :P

I guess that is about it. I'll open up the comment box to questions so feel free to ask me anything. Take care and I hope you have a very groovy day. Laters!

Ok! I'll Comment Already!!

Solo: Hey stranger! ::glomps:: I like the bolder colors too. Seeing how the last layout was so light I needed a change. ^_^ Oh, and I really love your avi. Totally glompable furry-ness. I really like that style of art.

CosmicSailor: Honest truth, I have never had an energy drink. I guess you can say that is because when I am looking for a pick me up my poison of choice is coffee. Coffee....yummy.

Lytjuh: I swear, they really need to have a nap time in school. I know pre-schoolers and some kindergardeners get nap time...I think they should extend it to high school and college. In fact I could really use a nap right now. zzzzzz

YueMoon: I figured the change would be a bit of a confuser to everyone. Especially if you are expecting to see that light blue/white color scheme and then this page loads and it's all bright. I loved the old theme but I needed a change. Change sometimes is a good thing.

ShadowLight: Hooray! Someone who has seen that scene with Hanatarou!! I just love how Hanatarou tells Ichigo and Ganju the pill worked since his face shows how he is bursting with health! Hanatarou is bursting with health like I am bursting with health!!

MangoChan: I'm glad you like the theme. ^_^ Hanatarou is not a main character but he is one of my favorites.

Mamma Vash: Bleach is one of my favorite animes. I think it has a nice blend of action, drama and comedy. As for the avatar I used a program called "Gif Builder Carbon" to make the animation. It's pretty easy to use. Just take your gif formated images, plug them into the program and then save it. Taada! Animated gif made! I know there are a bunch of different freeware programs you can get to make animated gifs. Just do a Google search and you can find one that works with your computer.

Now don't get blown away in the wind! We do get some crazy winds around here too. One day when John and I came home from the grocery store the neighbors roof had one of those big patio umbrellas on top of it! John ran over to their house and the owner said he was wondering where it went! LOL

Mamma: Go fly a kite!! lol

TheMouse: It seems like it is always time for my meds. Speaking of which, it is time for my evening pills. You've seen my big basket 'o medication. I swear, I have more drugs than a pharmacy. I should hire Monkey Orange just to keep track of them for me!

Summoner Rekka: Congrats on getting into nursing school! I have many, many friends who are in the medical field. I wish you the best of luck and many, many kudos for going into such a wonderful profession. It really is a wonderful feeling knowing your work has made a difference in someone's life. Congratulations once again!

Aaryanna: Of course my theme is weird! It's from the mind of a Panda! I just had to do a Hanatarou theme. He just seems like a sweet timid little puppy. I guess he kinda reminds me of my dog Heston. Scared to death someone is going to be mad at him, doesn't like raised voices yet is super sweet and lovable. Maybe I'll start calling Heston Hanatarou...

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Pills, Pills and More Pills!


I'm sure you guys have all noticed that the soft wintery angel panda theme is gone and it has been replaced by a bolder Hanatarou theme. If you don't recognize the character I used his name is Hanatarou Yamada from Bleach. I really like timid little Hanatarou. I think it's hilarious when he takes the "energy pill". His reaction, or lack thereof, is priceless. I knew once I saw him I would have to do an update dealing with him.

This is the very first time I actually got motivated enough to do an animated gif for my avatar here and banner for theOB. The one here is still really glitchy and I need to clean it up...but I'm too lazy right now to deal with it. Meh.

I suppose you can say that Hanatarou inspired me. I was going to do a Katamari Damacy theme and had it all ready to go but as I was re-watching some Bleach episodes I changed my mind. I'll still use the KD theme but Hanatarou gets to be posted first. I figured since I am in constant need of medical attention having a 4th Division guy here on my site would help my wacky health. lol

Other than my usual duties here on theO I haven't been up to much except for working on this new layout. It's just been one of those lazy days. The kind that you just want to take a nap. I love napping. There is just something really special about snoozing in the middle of the day. Afternoons have always been rough on me. I remember back in college I would have to drag myself to my afternoon labs. At least the labs forced you to be up and moving. If I had lectures in the afternoon I would be snoring away in my seat!

Well, I suppose that is about it for now. Hope your week is going well and I'll catch you around the site! Laters all!

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Monday, February 6, 2006


What, you got a problem with that?!

Sorry for my disappearance from the site again. The last couple of days have been an Adventure in Administration!! In other words I've been dealing with one particular member whom I am really not sure how to continue helping. Especially when all the advice has been for not. So I have pretty much given up and pawned it off on Adam. I know, I know. Adam is really busy but I really don't think I can deal with this member in an unbiased manner. It's either Adam deals with it or I go totally bonkers and become institutionalized from the insanity. Adam will then be REALLY busy with stuff around the site! LOL

Basically it was about one fan art being submitted 30+ times daily and the submitter's work being of dubious origin. After several PM's and one really weird entry in my guest book I pretty much threw in the towel. Feel free to check out my guest book if you want to test your deciphering skills on that unusual guest book entry. I am still at a loss as to what my gender has to do with anything?

Anywho, I decided I needed a little mental vacation from dealing with that so I made a few Trinity Blood wallpapers and greetings. Check them out when you have a chance. I really liked this anime and it looks like FUNimation has picked up the US license. Should be out later this year. I really like the character design (in other words there are tall, thin bishies for all you fan girls!) and the animation is done by Gonzo. Think Last Exile, Trigun, Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D mixed together and you have Trinity Blood.

I also have been devising a new layout for my site. Not that I don't love this layout but I am ready for a change. I actually got motivated enough to make an animated gif for my avatar! Still have a lot of work to do on it so maybe in the next day or two expect something different when you stop by this place.

I guess that is about it. Take care of yourselves and I'll be floating around the site. Love you all!

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Friday, February 3, 2006

   Is it spring yet?!

Bunnies in tea cups.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I am back and I am again trying to catch up on stuff. I know I have a plethora of PMs to reply to and lots of guest book signings. I promise I will get to it very soon. ^_^ I am still at the tail end of my flare up but now, at least, I am to the point where my fingers aren't so stiff that I can't type.

Not much really for me to report on since I have pretty much been spending my time unable to move. Since I don't have a bunch to talk about I thought I would ask you guys what your opinion is on the new front page "Featured" section. If you have not seen it go to the main Otaku page and check out the bottom of the page. Adam is still tweaking it but what do you think of it so far? Do you like this change?

The thing I would like to see is a uniform size for the thumbnails. I think it would give it more of a visually appealing layout that way versus the mismatched sizes. This is of course very easy for me to say since I have no idea of how to actually do the work to make that happen. >_<;;

That's it for now. Hopefully I will have an epiphany and come up with a brilliant post next time I update. Ok, maybe not...but it could happen. :P

On a side note, the bunny picture just makes me think of Mimmi. Too sweet. ^_^

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Rain, rain go away...

Um, yeah, update. I am still at a total loss of what to write about. That and my fingers hurt. I think it's from the rainy, low pressure weather going on here. Since it hurts to type I'm keepin' this short. I'll be back later. ^_^

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

   If Novapup and Panda had a baby...

I am really at a loss for what to write about so I just wanted to show you guys this little video clip of a dog I really want to adopt. Wouldn't this pup be perfect for John (Novapup) and I to have?! I mean it's a panda and a pup... it's a Panda Pup! Since I don't want to have kids and I love dogs it's like it was meant to be! Absolutely adorable!!

Comments on Comments: The Ultra Special Lack Of Sleep Edition! Version 5 AM!

Lytjuh: That darn time zone thing. I am closer to the tail end of the time change. I have a friend who lives in Australia and he teases me that I am just living in the past. Oh well. Plus I had to switch up my comments order to keep you on your toes! I'm wacky that way. :P

Yummy smells are always good to stimulate the appetite. Like when the entire family gets together and starts cooking. There is just something comforting about the wonderful smells that come out of a kitchen filled with family. As for random munchies....I wonder what causes them. I will just start to crave candy from one of those 25 cent machines. You know, like Mike and Ikes or those little sour candies. Oh great, now I want some of those sour candies...

CosmicSailor: I am not a cook per se. I can cook, I am good at it, I enjoy it but when my arthritis flares up it is dangerous for me to be in the kitchen. I am already accident prone to begin with so I know better than to temp fate by using knives and such. Lucky for me John loves to cook so it's not like I have to twist his arm to make dinner. Needless to say I have fallen into the rut of just letting him cook. I told him that is where a man's place is...in front of the stove cookin' me supper! lol

Cooking is really an art form. It is a wonderful creative outlet. Being able to take the different ingredients and create something new and delicious is really a fun thing to watch. I love watching John cook. The only thing I hate is watching the massive amount of dishes pile up in the sink that need to be washed. >_<;;

Ah, the Pocky experience. There are so many different types of Pocky. I like the white chocolate ones. Now if you find yourself in an Asian grocery store or at an anime convention you need to look for an item called "Hello Panda".

It comes in several different flavors. It's a little cookie with a picture of a panda printed on them with a tasty filling. There is chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. You can usually find them in the same aisle as the Pocky and other snacks. Tasty and cute! ^_^

Oh, speaking of using pictures to tell how you feel - go for it. I have this "Angry Panda Rant Engine" picture I use when I am going to use myO to vent. This way if someone doesn't want to read the negativity they can skip that portion. I have one icon for the start and another for the end. Of course there are times when I think I should just leave the "start rant engine" icon up all the time! LOL

As for your vicious comments. You have remorse about it. That is a good thing. It shows that you do care. If you were just some heartless flamer you wouldn't care who your comments offended. You also are working on changing, that is excellent! You have acknowledged you have a problem and you are working to solve it. I am very proud of you for doing that. We all have off days and sometimes the tactfulness gets lost in the shuffle.

I understand the frustration with wanting to respond to something. You think...oh I'm gonna give 'em what they deserve. I've had things said to me online that have left me in tears. I just want to write something back to make them feel as bad as I do at this moment. This of course, as we all know, is a very bad thing. Just keep trying not to let you emotions take over. Which I know is much easier said than done. I'm rootin' for ya. Heck, when something like this happens, vent to me. I know if I can get things out in the open in some from it gives me time to cool down. If you feel like giving that a try feel free to write an email/PM to me.

Joking about the long winded thing. LOL Here is another example of how writing makes it more difficult to tell what someone's true meanings are. Like if I said: "Oh I just I Looooooove Guinea Pigs!". I am sure someone, somewhere would think I was being honest. Oh I would just loooove to get away from Guinea Pigs is more like it. :P I too type like I speak. I am probably more vocal when I write but this is pretty much my speech pattern. I just write what comes to mind. Very much like a conversation with a friend. I don't think anyone would have fun reading a dry, sterile text book sounding journal entry. Unless they really enjoy dry, sterile text book type writing....I am not sure who those people would be, but more than likely they wouldn't be reading my blog anyway. They would probably think I was totally insane. Wait, correction, they may be doing a case study on me. That would be a reason why someone boring like that would be on my site! LOL

Phobophobia! That is great! I bet someone somewhere has named my Guinea Pig phobia. I love all the other animals that would come into the vet clinic, just not the Guinea Pigs. I got to the point where if someone would hand it to me I could hold it. That was about it. And that took 7 years. o_O;;

You and my brother both. He is one of those guys that drove the grade school teacher crazy. He started off right handed, then switched to his left. In sports he switches between being a southpaw and a righty. I know his golf clubs are made for lefties. But I believe he prefers to bat right...I get confused about what he does. I think I heard somewhere that the majority of ambidextrous people are male.

I would very much like to see your handwriting. I think I will fire up the scanner and get some of my writing posted. I could use the tablet John uses for art but when I write on that thing it looks like my signature on those UPS digital clipboards. It looks like a drunk llama tried to sign it. I swear, my signature never looks normal on those digital things. >_<

ShadowLight: Noodles....::drools:: That sounds really good. Now I am craving noodles!!

Fear of cows huh. I can understand that. They are really big. The only fear I have of cows is that they will smash me against a wall or fence or they will stand on my foot. When you are small it is best not to get into large animal veterinary medicine. LOL

SomeGuy: I am not on the Monaco Cup arc yet. Oh I can't wait to get there! A punny clown...for some reason that just doesn't surprise me. LOL

Online meanies, I just really don't know what to think about them. Do they have such sad lives that this is all they can do to assert themselves? Kinda like bullies in school...what made them this way? Who knows. All I do know is no matter what people like that are always going to be around to annoy the rest of us. Meh.

Shanny: We must eat bread together my dear! There is just something wonderful about fresh baked bread...the smell, the taste...the entire experience is just lovely. Now I want some more bread!

I am feeling pretty good...minus the lack of sleep. I wish you well too. Love you much. ::huggles::

abc kid: I love warm bread so your warm biscuit sandwich sounds devine! I just love warm bread.

Smell is a trigger for me too now that I think about how I react in malls. You know, you are walking around and you get a wiff of something from the food court. What usually does me in is the smell coming from Cinnabon. Darn them and their fresh baked cinnamon rolls! Mmmm, cinnamon roll and coffee....

donewiththegames: Step by Step! Oh my! I completely forgot about that show! Talk about a walk down memory lane! LOL

BankofKev: I had that Styx song stuck in my head for days. Now that I am thinking about it again it's back again! Darn you Kev. You are going to have to treat me to some Baked Alaska now!

celestialcharm: Spiders. I don't like them since they seem to seek me out. I hate it when you climb into the shower and one is hanging out in the tub...of course most of the time you don't notice it there until you have climbed into the shower! One of my former co-workers is terrified of spiders. She once had one in her house and she first sprayed it with a massive amount of bug killer then when it fell on the floor she used a upside down garbage can to cover it. After placing some heavy objects on top of the can she left it there until her husband came home from work. I am pretty sure she got it. I am just surprised she didn't get one of her husband's guns out to shoot the darn thing too! >_<;;

I have heard of people eating Guinea Pigs, they are suppose to be pretty tasty BBQ'd. I get this funny visual of me in a safari outfit hunting down wild Guinea Pigs. I wonder what they taste like...

TheMouse: Now I have a question for you...when don't you feel like drinking tea?! LOL

KitsuneTsuki: It's funny how some commercials will just make you instantly want that food. I only wish that I could enjoy my food like the people in commercials do. Like eating chocolate and it's like you are transported to some chocolately wonderland with waterfalls of creamy goodness all around you. Either that or those old 80's commercials for the "Land of Dairy Queen" with the river of chocolate and toppings. Mmm...river of chocolate....

Mamma "the eternal game of phone tag" Vash: We really must go out to eat again. Food tastes so much better when surrounded by friends.

Going to the windy city huh. It's been about a year and a half since I was there. I was lucky since I had gone in June. None of that cold weather stuff for me! It was lots of fun. We stayed at this quaint little B & B which was just a few blocks away from a Polish restaurant. Oh tasty tasty food! Of course we had to also have some pizza while we were there too. I really do love eating.

MiasmaMoon: You are so right about food cravings haunting you. It is just awful. I read somewhere when you are on a diet (kinda like how I say I am but never really am) that if you get a craving for something "bad" you should have some since it will continue to get worse and when you finally do give in to the dark side that you will over-eat that item thus, making it worse. With that in mind I think I need a little bit of cinnamon roll right now. Hmm, I wonder if John will get mad if I wake him up right now in the wee hours of the morning to make me cinnamon rolls....I better not chance it. LOL

The Burger King. Yeah. Creepy. I find it creepy yet interesting. It's like he is just so charismatic I can't take my eyes of those commercials. I think the King is brain washing me. @_@

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   I Got the Melon Bread!!

Really, I did. I will elaborate more at the end of my post.

As you all know, or if you didn't know now you do know and we all know that knowing is half the battle, that my eating habits are heavily (meaning both me and my choices) influenced by anime. When watching Naruto or Ranma 1/2 I crave ramen... Fruits Basket makes me want to eat rice balls...GTO makes me want to eat sushi...you get the idea. It's pretty much what is featured in the anime that I want to eat.

John and I have been watching Yakitate (read my response to Mamma Vash below in the comments to learn more about Yakitate) and I have been on a major carb overload. We had french bread yesterday AND the day before. Today John made Melon bread. I told him he has the "solar hands" so that is why his bread tastes so good. I just need him to make the bread that tastes so good it sends you to heaven! Anywho, the melon bread was delicious. It was sweet on the outside with a lightly browned crust and soft on the inside. Mmmm, the entire house smells like fresh baked bread.

I'm going to have to start watching some sports based animes so I will start to exercise more...these carbs are going to kill me!

I am leaving you guys with a question today about food cravings!!

Is there anything that tweaks your tastes buds into craving a certain food? Is it seeing the food? Smelling the food? Talking about it? Perhaps it came to you in a dream? What is it that makes you crave a food?

To answer my own question: Sight for me is a major player. I am the person those ad agencies are targeting. Make the food look yummy and I will buy it! The only time I can think of in recent history that I was turned off by seeing the food in an ad was the Burger King ad with the giant Kong sized burger that lands on that guy's car...and he takes a bite out of the burger. It just really grossed me out. Just thinking about eating that much beef made me feel all icky.

I guess that is about it. Hope everyone is having a groovy time and I will see you all around. Later kids!

Comments on Comments: but this time in exciting reverse order! (Last comment first, first comment last)

KimmehWolfwood: Yeah, we seem to have a bunch of wacky holidays floating around out there. Did you know that today is Opposite Day? I guess in order to celebrate that one you don't celebrate. How confusing.

donewiththegames: Yup, Patrick Duffy played Bobby on Dallas. I am surprised anyone still remembers that night time soap opera from the 80's. LOL

Mamma Vash: Oh all my wacky holidays. I have a calendar that tells me what wacky/bizarre holidays are celebrated on each day. I am still on that weird sleep schedule. I didn't get to bed until around 6 am then got up at 10 am. It is now closing in on 1 am and I am not sleepy. Oh how I need a regular sleep schedule!

Anime I think you should keep your eye on in no particular order:

-Yakitate: (comedy) An anime about bread baking. Sounds weird but it is great!! I love it. It is very punny so I am not sure how it is going to translate over to an English language dub but I know the Japanese version is totally hilarious and fun to watch. Lots of reference to pop culture things like Gamera, Bruce Lee and many Japanese cultural things. The main character Azuma Kuzuma reminds me of a boy version of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Sweet but a bit spacy.

-Blood+: (drama/horror) This one just recently got licensed. I have only seen about 13 episodes but I am enjoying it. It is a bit on the violent side but not over the top. If you have seen Blood: The Last Vampire then you kinda have an idea what Blood+ is all about. The main character Saya is carried over into this series. Animation style is a bit different which is totally expected since the work in the movie was very labor intensive. Solid story and good animation. You don't have to see the movie in order to know what is going on with the series.

-Loveless: (shonen-ai) I am questioning if this will be released in the US. I can see it coming up against some opposition. Not because there is some homosexual themes but the main "couple" has an age range that is, well, not legal in the US. Even though it is fiction and the younger characters have cat ears and tails I think the idea of a college aged man kissing and telling an elementary school aged boy that he loves him may be a bit much. The violence in the series is easily over-shadowed by this relationship. Sheesh, I didn't even give a summary and my recommendation is already this long.

Oh there are a ton but if I keep writing about each I'll be here for ever! Quick list: Bleach, Paradise Kiss, Prince of Tennis, Suzuka and Beck. I am not sure if any of these have been licensed yet but all are good.

Densha no Otoko translates to The Train Man. It is a very good Japanese television show that my dear BankOfKev told me about. It's about this otaku guy who meets up with a beautiful woman on a train and saves her from a drunk man. If you want to go on a whirlwind of emotions - watch this show. It will have you laughing and crying. It is really funny and really sad at the same time. Like I said to Kev, I have only seen episode one but it was great. A must see.

Please do take panda pictures for me. You can never have too many panda pictures! Oh, and my phone is still roaming. lol

Akari Kazuki: Good to see you back. I am doing fairly well thanks! Watch, I've probably jinxed myself now. lol

CosmicSailor: Pictures say much more than words do. Thus, I use lots of pictures. lol

Vicious comments are bad...centered Chi is good. I understand though. Sometimes our emotions override our good sense and tact and we, especially online, come out sounding evil. When someone posts something I totally disagree with and find offensive I want to do this:

Burn Baby Burn!!

But really I need to step away from the situation and take a look at the big picture. Are my comments going to be constructive? Will they even get through to the person I am responding too? Why does this upset me so?

Think before responding.

In the end I usually find some way to respond in a level headed, tactful manner. Either that or I just say screw it and leave it be. With some people, no matter what you say they aren't going to change their ways. Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity is permanent.

Do I think you write too much in your comments? No. I rather enjoy your comments. It's conversation. You have taken the time to respond to what I have written and I appreciate that. Visiting each other sites (which I am very, very, very bad about doing) and comments help us strengthen friendship bonds and learn from one another about this, that and the other thing. I love long responses!

Phobias are bad and finding that person who can help you through it is the key. I wish you the best with it. If only there was some magical way to make the anxieties and fears disappear. I've mentioned it before on myO that I have a bizarre fear of Guinea Pigs.

Yes, Guinea Pigs.

Even though I worked in a vet clinic I never liked to work with G.P's. All other rodents are fine but the piggies...nope. They freak me out. 25 pound angry python who put it's owner in the hospital for 3 days...that I can handle. One tame Guinea Pig owned by a 10 year old girl...no way. It's like you and the driving. I've never been hurt by one, but they scare me. Who knows. I wonder if there is a name for the fear of Guinea Pigs?

Ambidextrous!! Darn you. My left hand is just a "support hand" I am so clumsy with my left I am dangerous. Typing is the only thing my left hand is on par with my right. I'm jealous. I really should put a sample of my writing on my site so you guys can seem my very large, round writing. Yeah, I write like a girl. I have girly handwriting. LOL

Silvereagle: Random randomness is very fulfilling isn't it. LOL

Lythjuh: LOL That made me laugh. When I told John about it he said he would appreciate a couple of beer cans to celebrate. :P Woo hoo! a Nabiki/Kuno fan!! You so totally rock. I just love how those to play off of each other and they really do need to be together. ^_^

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

   Random Randomness

You guys rock, the comments were great fun to read. I, of course, have left you all comments at the bottom of this post.

I was really at a loss as to what to write about today. That could be due to the fact my sleeping patterns have been all wacky. I have been dead tired in the early evening, go to bed around 10 then I am wide awake at 3 am and ready to start the day. I don't want to keep John awake with my tossing and turning so I get up and watch anime until I get sleepy which seems to be around 7 am. This of course is the time when John is leaving for work. I then take a quick nap 'til lunch time and I'm back up again. Meh. I just want to sleep through the night. For some strange reason tonight I am still wide awake.

This of course brings me back to my problem: What to write about. I guess more random randomness is fine for today's update.

Random Holiday-ness: January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day and Compliment Day. I guess you can compliment a beer can and take care of both holidays at once.

Random Panda Thought: "Pan" in Japanese means bread. The sentence: "Pan da" in Japanese means "It's Bread".

Random Restaurant Customer: On Friday night when John was working at the restaurant actor Patrick Duffy came into eat.

Random Quote: "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." - Chief Seattle American Indian Duwamish Tribe

Random Song iTunes Picked While I Was Typing This Sentence: "Tsuki No Curse" by Okina Reika

Random Word: Word.

Random Update About A Past Posting: My cell phone is still roaming.

Random Picture:

A panda with a bucket on it's head.

Well hope this truly random randomness was random enough for everyone. Hopefully I will be able to get a decent amount of sleep soon. Until later everyone!

Comments on Comments

CosmicSailor: ::glomps:: So much to respond too in your comment! Let's get started shall we!

I was very lucky when taking swimming lessons. It was the Red Cross and my beginner class was small. Only five of us and so we got lots of attention. The instructor I had treated us with so much kindness and made the water fun, not scary. If we ever needed a break we could climb out which was nice. No pressure. Hopefully you can get that same attention and overcome your phobia of water. As for the driving. I have noticed that my anxiety has increased now that I don't drive as much. I drive very little now so I feel like I am back to being a teenager again. I found the last time I had to drive myself to the doctor's office (5 minutes away) my palms were sweating. I live in a small town (approx 16,000 people) so it's not like there is lots of traffic. This was strange for me since I use to drive all the time. Even navigating in Seattle's traffic didn't bother me. Now it bumps my anxiety up. I really am a worry wart bear.

There are so many times online when I would love to say something sharp at people, especially flamers, but I keep myself in check. Or at least I think I do? LOL

Pet alarm clocks > electric alarm clocks. You can't get mad at something that gives you unconditional love. Not like those annoying alarm clocks that just screech at you until you get up or throw it against the wall!

I say down with the cursive Q!!! I don't think I will ever use that thing. Kudos for you to figuring out a way to make it work!

Lythuh: Ah yes, the Panda Song. That song is weird. LOL

indifference: I have gone water walking for my arthritis but since I have been on "house arrest" by my doctor I stopped going. I really should start going back now that I am feeling better. Of course that means I have to be in a SWIMSUUUUUUUIT! ::faints::

Silvereagle: Thanks for the well wishes. I'll try to come up with some more interesting trivia in the future. ^_^

SomeGuy: I think I'm alot like Shanny. Good weather = Good health. I feel much better in the warmer weather than in winter. I love snow so it makes me kinda sad I can't go out and play in it like I use to. ::sigh::

Now my Japanese name, that is actually a funny story. I do not have a Japanese first name...or middle name. In fact, I have no middle name. For 30 years I have not been able to get a straight answer out of my parents as to why I don't have one. All my cousins have Japanese names, my brother has one (Hiroshi) and me...only one name. Gail. That's it. Weird huh.

So now that I've married I have no Japanese name at all. So sometimes I sign my name Shimura-Brightbill just so I can keep that part of my Japanese-ness.

Mimmi: Oh desserts with Mimmi!! Actually I need to come kidnap you and bring you back here. John is a wonderful cook and he made these really delicious cream puffs with a white chocolate pudding/cream inside sprinkled with powdered sugar. White chocolate....mmmmm.....

SunfallE: The house tour!! I actually forgot about it. Oops. I need to finish the house. I left off at the bathroom I think. I believe the laundry room is next. I promise to get back on the tour!

Team Yukari: Perfect pairing. I am going to keep it simple and stay within one anime: Ranma 1/2. I am of the camp that thinks that Nabiki and Kuno need to hook up. The perfect example of how well they are together is in the "Tunnel of Lost Loves" episode when they get paired up. They just need to be together. Nabiki loves money and using people....Kuno has money and doesn't seem to know when he is being played. A match made in...well, the mind of a Panda.

blackwings: Most annoying show....Hmmm..... ::thinks and thinks some more:: Oh it has to be "Studs". It was the 1980's version of the matchmaking show "Blind Date" but much more...sleezy. It was just annoying since the all the people on it were self-centered and only there for hooking up and being seen on tv. The only reason to watch the show is to laugh at these lame people who think they are all that.

obnoxious: Unfortunately it is all true. My memoirs are shaping up nicely. I swear, only crazy things happen to me. At least I live a boring life compared to my friend Jennifer's sister. Once she got run over by a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. She and all her purchases ended up under a car! She's fine, but still, to have been run over at Wal-mart! I'm suprised it wasn't me. LOL

Minako: ::glomps::

Aaryanna: You are lucky to have a bon-bon sized Bischon...I have dogs that are the size of, well, a person. You have a dog small enough to fit under a pillow. Mine are too big to fit under the bed!

Domon: BING CHERRIES!!! That is so totally gross! If people are soooooo hungry, pick something up at the deli counter and sit at the tables they provide. Not treat the produce department as their own personal buffet! Eeeeew!

Mamma Vash: Yes we do have Panda Express here in Washington. ^_^ The closest one to me is in Spokane at the Northtown Mall...about 2 hours away from my house.

Movies: Back in the day I lived at the movie theater. In other words I worked at the theater during high school. That is where I met John. He was that "older man" who was going to college and working part-time. Back then I got to watch all the movies (as well as get free passes for friends and family) for free along with free drinks and popcorn. Needless to say I have had my lifetime fill of popcorn.

Now we just wait for stuff to come out on DVD since I like to be comfy in my home with snacks, a pet or four sleeping at my feet with NO crying children, sticky floors or people kicking the back of my seat.

BankofKev: No, Kev. There will be NO Panda Swimsuit edition. Unless it is picked up by a classy magazine like Fangoria...but even then it may be too scary for their readers. :P

The best route to learn the way of the Panda: Step 1- "To learn the technique you must first bow to the Panda!" (words of wisdom from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

Oh, and I've been meaning to let you know I watched the first episode of Densha no Otoko. It was great! I love it and I'll watch more when I get some spare time. ^_^

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