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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

   This is me for forever...

Lots of stuff has been going on in my crazy wacky life I don't even know where to begin. I am sure TheMouse will post about our adventures the past week. I will leave it up to him to tell you guys about it. My RA is flaring up so it hurts to type. Meh. I hate RA. I'm going to update even though my fingers hurt. RA can't stop me! Bwahahahaha! Oh, kudos for those of you who know that my post title is the first line to "Nemo" by Nightwish. If you couldn't guess I am listening to that right now.

I have been in a FMA mood today so I made a few wallpapers. Go check them out when you get a chance. I think they are pretty spiffy. Go, download, enjoy.

Since it was so popular I am going to add a few more items to my list of useless Panda Trivia. Read, learn, enjoy.

I am allergic to Penicillin. I am suppose to wear a medic alert bracelet but the one I bought which is made out of sterling silver...well, I am allergic to it too. Is that funny or what?! Who in the world is allergic to their medical alert bracelet? Apparently me. Anywho, I had a severe reaction to Penicillin when I was 14. Ended up in the hospital and missed 2 months of school. It really sucked. The worst thing, the Reverend from church came to visit me to talk about Heaven. I swear, I thought I was going to die at that point. >_<;;

The strangest food I've eaten is Jellyfish. It was at my cousin's wedding and we had this massive huge meal and one of the dishes was Jellyfish. It's salty, squishy on the outside and crunchy on the inside. Not really bad but if you don't like salty food then don't try it. It's super salty.

I am a Mac user. Now no flames kids. My computer is a Titanium Powerbook G4. It's what I do all my work on including my art work. I don't use a mouse for my art, only the touch pad. I love my computer and don't have any major complaints. ^_^

I had braces for many years. I got braces when I was in the 2nd grade and had them taken off when I was in the 7th grade. That is a very long time. I had a under-bite. My dad told me it was from pouting too much as a kid. Meh.

I cook using chopsticks. Honest truth. For instance, scrambled eggs and bacon are easier in my opinion to make with chopsticks than with a spatula. I think spatulas are what other people use? I have no idea since I always use chopsticks.

I love to travel. I have traveled all around the US and been to Canada and the Bahamas. I really want to go to Australia, all over Europe and of course Japan. Now if only I had a bunch of money I could actually do all this traveling. Someday...

Random Favorite Songs. Ask me again tomorrow and the list will change, guaranteed.

Nemo by Nightwish: As I mentioned this is the song I am listening to right now. I love the lyrics and the overall mood of the piece. Dark, moody and passionate. Just a great song.

Invincible by Pat Benatar: I just love Pat's voice and this song is one that I absolutely love to sing along too. She is such a strong vocalist I can't help but sing along. I wish I had that kind of power in my voice.

Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls: I have loved the Goo Goo Dolls since their album Super Star Carwash came out in the early 90's. Lyrics are solid and this song always gets stuck in my head.

Well, that is about all I can think of right now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and life is treating you all well. I love you all and I'll be floating around the site so if you need me just shoot me an email or PM. I'll get back to you ASAP. Later everyone!

Comments on comments:

Mew Wem: All the bunnies I know love being outside. They seem very happy and content to be out of a rabbit hutch and on some soft green grass. ^_^

celestialcharm: My dog Brynner is as tall as me if he stands on his hind legs. Yeah, he is a very big doggie. But I love him. As for Heston he is doing great after surgery. He is such a happy boy.

ShadowLight: I think Heston is doing better than I am right now. As I type this he is sleeping at my feet. I am really a lucky bear to have such a sweet dog.

BankOfKev: You can't hide your true nature from me. I know you are a furry. Just admit it. LOL Thanks for the well wishes for both you and Shadow. ::huggles both Kev and Shadow::

SunfallE:I am leaving it to Shawn to post about his visit here. Let's just say we tried unsuccessfully to hop a plane to Japan, watched anime and analyzed ink blots.

JessIsQueen: No matter what the pet it is always tough when they pass away. So sad. It makes me all teary eyed when I think about any of my pets dying. Sad, just too sad.

Riceballs: Of course I will read your comment! It may take me a while to respond but I always read comments. I like the names you picked for your future pets. They are very original. Thumbs up!

P-chansacutie: Thanks for the concern for Heston. He is doing great and I am sure it is from all the positive energy everyone has sent his way. ^_^

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   A Mouse in the House!

Party with the Panda

So, after being abducted by aliens since my last update -- thus the lack of updates lately -- I've been having a bit of a roller coaster of a time. As many of you know Shawn, aka TheMouse is here visiting us from Texas. At this very moment we are watching Love Hina. I haven't been a very good hostess since I am not feeling so hot and Shawn has been taking care of me. John's been busy with work and when he's gone Shawn makes sure I get fed. What a great friend. Even when I am on my death bed he runs to the store to buy food and help with my pets.

Heston, one of my dogs, had to go into the clinic (the vet clinic I use to work at) and have a tumor removed. So he is healing up and doing fine. I was the typical over-protective "mom" and stressed out over him being in surgery. This was the very first time he has had a procedure done at the vet without me there monitoring the procedure. I really miss working in vet med. At least all my co-workers treated him like I would. After the procedure he wasn't put into a dog kennel. They left him in the large exam room so he could lay on the rug in comfort. My best friend Jen would peek in on him every now and again. I am so happy he is doing well.

So, besides being sick, stressed over Heston's surgery and hanging with Shawn I haven't had much time to update. Sorry about that guys. I am quite surprised at the response I got from the last update. I just thought some useless trivia about me would be interesting and apparently you guys thought it was too. Cooliness. I am happy you guys liked learning about me. I'll do it again sometime soon.

I guess that is about it for right now. I'll do an update about our adventures later. Love you all and hope all is going well with everyone. Laters!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

   Hello? Anyone here?

Woah, you guys are still here!

You guys really are the best friends any Panda could ask for. I really love all the support you guys give me when I am feeling icky. You all totally rock my socks. I really do love you guys. I love all the PMs and greetings you guys have been sending me. Love it, absolutely love it. It has been all grey and rainy here in my neck of the woods and you guys are the ray of sunshine brightening my day. Thank you. I would be lost without you. It's really hard not to get a bit depressed when I feel bad and even the weather has turned against me. You remind me that I am loved and not alone. I truly am blessed to know you and call you my friends. Thank you.

As a soul bearing thank you I will give you guys a list of random trivia about me. All the deep dark dirty secrets about Panda shall now come to light. You thought you knew me, until now!

-I have one sibling. I am the youngest of two kids in my family. My older brother is 2 years, well, actually 1 year 364 days older than me. My big bro Hiroshi was born January 4, 1974 and I was born right before his 2nd birthday on January 3, 1976. I am the best birthday gift he has ever received IMHO. Just kidding. It is kind of sad looking at his birthday "party" pictures since my mom and I were, of course, in the hospital on his birthday and dad was working/visiting the hospital...so he was at my grandparents house. He had a cake and stuff but all the pictures he has this pouty frown on his face. Yup, I put the frown on his face...I am a great little sister aren't I? I know, all you older siblings are ready to smack me. I actually feel bad about that, he looked so sad. Hey, at least I wasn't born ON his birthday.

- I have a bizarre fear of guinea pigs. When working in vet med I could deal with snakes, lizards and all the other critters...but guinea pigs bother me. Kweeeek! I cannot reach into a cage and grab a guinea pig. Give me an angry 25 lb python any day.

- I sing in the car. No, not just sing, I sing cheesy 80's power ballads. I sing like I am giving a concert. All out, no shame at all. I guess I should also mention I can't sing. I was in band, not choir in school. Current favorite song to sing: Pat Benatar's Invincible

- I have my ears double pierced and a tattoo. I had my first ear piercing when I was in grade school but let them close up. When I was 15 my best friend Karyn re-pierced them for me and gave me the second set of piercings. I always wear silver "sleeper" hoops. Those are the earrings that have a hinge in the bottom of the hoop and close completely into a sold circle. The post feeds into the other end of the hoop. Hope that makes some sense. As for my tattoo I got it when I was 18. It is on the inside my left ankle. It is a red rose with barbed wired wrapped around it. It's not a panda...shocking isn't it. I plan on getting a panda but first need spare money and next need to find a design I really love. I am thinking I will have John design a tat for me. He has done a couple tat designs...which is kinda cool thinking that his design is on someone body. Anywho, panda tat when I get around to it.

- I do not have a fear of needles. I know many of you already knew this. I have no problem with needles. I get chemo injections weekly and get lab work done on my blood every couple of weeks so I am totally used to getting stabbed with needles. Not to mention stabbing myself with needles at the vet clinic accidently. >_<;;

- I have never done illegal drugs. I know many people who have and do, but I myself have never done drugs other than my medication. No shrooms, weed, meth...nothing. Heck, I rarely drink and I am of legal drinking age. I don't smoke either.

- I know people who know people. I really don't know many celebrities outside of the anime world. I do know people who know people. For instance: The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening's cousin Chris. She gave us a frying pan for a wedding gift. I convinced Actor/Musician Jack Black's little sister to open up a myO account. My uncle (who has past away) was best friends with US Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta. My aunt who is a nurse works for Dr. Levy, the dad of former Washington intern Chandra Levy who went missing, found dead and was linked with the U.S. Representative Gary Condit. I am sure there is more, but those are the people I know who know people.

- My dad was interned in a Relocation Camp during WW2. Yeah, my dad's family was moved from Washington state to Wyoming. I am not sure why the government thought they were a risk to national safety. My grandpa was a farmer with 3 kids. My dad's older brother died in the camp. This makes me mad since I will never know my uncle. I have a few family pictures but that is it. I wonder what he was like. Would he have kids now? What would my cousins be like? I will never know and it makes me sad.

- Due to a farming accident I am missing my right index finger! True, when I was 3 years old I got it caught in a piece of farm equipment, the gears to a seed planter, and it got mangled. I won't go into the nasty details but it had to be amputated. I write right handed and just modified my typing style to do what needed to be done. One of my biggest disappointments came when a music teacher told me I could never play the piano. Not to worry, I am teaching myself how to play and so far I haven't had any trouble. IN YOUR FACE LAME MUSIC TEACHER!

- I find pilots, firemen, musicians, paramedics and artists very sexy. Pilots, I am 100% convinced it is because of being totally in love with Robotech. Yes, anime really influenced me. I wished I was Lisa. I wanted my dashing Veritech pilot to swoop in and rescue me from danger. Thus firemen and paramedics too. The idea that they put their safety after someone else is very heroic to me. Helping others, that is just cool. Musicians and artists, well, the creative nature of those pursuits. A guy who plays the piano melts my heart. I truly am lucky, John is a Certified Flight Instructor, ex-Department of Natural Resources firefighter, can play piano by ear (BTW the first piece he ever played me was "November Rain" by GNR that he just taught himself by hearing the song!), EMT and graphic designer. Phew! Somehow he seemed to fit my strange collection of likes. He's also a cook. Eat your hearts out girls, I got the perfect guy.

- I cry easily. I grew up a tomboy so this is really weird for me. I was so rough and tumble I never understood why my mom would get all weepy over a movie. Now I understand: hormones. Damn them! I cried at the commercial for the Land Rover when the couple all dressed up to go to the ballet see a scruffy dog all wet from rain standing at the off ramp on the road. They stop and pick the pup up. That was so sweet! Love that commercial. I cried in Castaway when Tom Hanks looses "Wilson" in the ocean. It's a fricken volleyball!! It just broke my heart when he kept apologizing to the ball as it drifted away. Don't even get me started about Alicia during her dad's funeral in FMA. I read the manga before seeing it and just had me so upset! Oh, better stop, I'll start crying.

-I've struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Meh. I am one plump panda. Not much to really report here but now that I have RA it has become very hard for me to exercise. I hurt so it is easier to not move, but I need to move so I don't hurt, but moving hurts, so I don't. It's a vicious cycle and I am just...meh. Pleasantly plump pandas are much more fun to hug than rail thin ones. Plus, who ever heard of a panda being thin? That's just crazy!

- I can quote Monty Python skits/movies. I am a nerd. I can quote not only movies like Holy Grail but individual skits from the television series. I won't even open up this big ol' can of worms since I would "just go on and on about how they don't make it right here...." Hey, you just knew I had to put one quote in.

- I beat up a boy when I was in the 3rd grade. I told you earlier that I was a tomboy. Well, little boys being little boys...he and his gang of friends were picking on my friends. One of them, the biggest one made a racial comment about "slanty eyes" and I snapped. I pretty much just grabbed his hand and twisted it until he was on the playground lawn crying. The best part. When he went to tell the teacher she didn't do anything to me. I am not sure if she didn't believe a little girl beat up a bully or if she just didn't care he got beat up. Either way, I got away with it. Rawr, don't mess with a Panda!

I will close this out with some total randomness.

- Random useless favorite quotes: Why are these my favorites? Why not?! These are just quotes that caugh my fancy.

"Make it happen with the Cap'n" Ad slogan for Cap'n Crunch cereal. This just always struck me as being a bit, well, like pedophelia. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to make anything happen with the Cap'n.

"Bustin' heads and breakin' hearts" As seen on the cover of the Patrick Swayze movie Roadhouse. That movie is so cheesetasic the quote just added the extra slathering of Velveeta on top.

"Where is fancy bread, in the heart or in the head?" Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka quote. How can you not love everything he says.

"Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart" Ash from Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell is a god. He has some great lines. "Hail to the King baby."

"Two men enter, one man leaves!" Quote from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I love that movie. It is cheesetasic and filled with wonderful quotes. Remember: "Break a deal, spin the wheel."

"I don't want the world, I just want your half." From They Might Be Giants song Ana Ng. I named my Siamese cat Ana Ng and that just seems like something she would say. She is evil. Pure evil. I don't have to worry about ghosts or demons invading my home since the ultimate evil being already resides here, it just happens to be in the shape of my cat.

"If you want to master the technique you must bow to the Panda." Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. You know it. If you want to be taught my young padawan you must bow to the Panda! Pandas rock. Follow me my evil minions!

Hmm, I guess that is about it for right now. I really can't think of what else to tell you guys about. This post actually shaped up nicely. Nice solid long post. Hopefully entertaining and a fun read. If I think of something else I will write a note and use it in my next useless Panda trivia post. Hope you guys got a kick out of reading my ramblings.

If you get a chance check out my newest addition to theOtaku site, it's called "theOtaku.com Screening Room". I've done two so far and have a third in the works. The one on the front page right now (in the news section) is for Shadow Skill. Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks again for being such great friends. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Now just don't eat all the trick-or-treat candy before halloween. John's already polished off a bag so I have to go get more before Monday. Oh bother.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

   Um, yeah, update...

Why did I say I was getting better?!

Ok, you know I totally jinxed myself by saying I was starting to feel better. I had probably the worst past few days of my entire life! Meh! I should have knocked on wood or something since I totally jinxed myself. Oh why oh why did I have to say I was feeling better?! D'oh!

So, no need to really go into detail about my bad few days, I just want to move on. I am looking forward to Shawn's (TheMouse) visit very soon. It's going to be fun, we are going to watch anime and play video games! Woo Hoo! Anyone else who is in my neighborhood feel free to stop by for some anime fun. ^_^

Well, I guess this really isn't much of an update. Um, yeah, this update is pretty weak. I should just quit writing. Meh.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

   Ummm...yeah...update time.


I am back! My magical mythical medical tour of the state of Washington was ok. Poked and prodded. Run through the mill. Chewed up and spit back out...you get the idea. Things are fine and I just need to increase one of my meds. No worries. As soon as the higher dose kicks in I should be back in fighting form very soon. Yeah for me!

I have been busy trying to catch up on some writing. Got a few things done so be watching the front page in the next day or two for me to post them in the news section. I am feeling pretty good about my writing right now and it feels great to be able to sit down in front of the computer and type. My fingers aren't all swollen and that makes me one happy bear. I am guessing it is from the short break I took from being online the past few days while going to all those doctor appointments! Hey, even if I am on death's door I will never leave theO. The only way I would leave is if Adam kicked me off the site. (Don't get any bright ideas Adam! )

Besides going to multiple doctors I really don't have much to report. Feelin' fine and trying to survive. I hope you guys are all doing well and are having a great weekend. Love you all very much and I will chat with you guys soon. Now I gotta get caught up on all those emails, PMs and guest book signings. :;huggles::

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   I'm just mostly dead.

Sorry for the lack of visits and updates. Things haven't been so hot for me on the health front. I have been really nauseous from the chemo injection. I really hate feeling sick to my stomach. I would much rather have the joint pain than feel like I am going to be sick. Ugh. I have two doctor appointments (out of town to go see specialists) one tomorrow and the second the day after tomorrow. I swear, I am probably at the clinic more than the nurses are!

Anyway. I promise to respond to comments, PMs, phone calls (that means you Kev) and emails very soon. More than likely not until I get done with the Amazing Panda Medical Adventure! I love you all and hope you are all doing much better than I am. ::huggles::

I need some 7-up or something to settle my tummy. Poor Panda tummy.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005


"Does this look like a man who had all he could eat?"

Ok, so he isn't a "man" but he sure does love fish! Kudos for those of you who figured out the title of the post and the picture capture are quotes from The Simpsons. As you can see Brynner got a new toy. It's a fish. Yes, a beautiful 3 foot long stuffed salmon. We always get Bun Bun a stuffed fish. If you ask him to "Get the fish!" he will run around the house until he finds his toy fish. This is the first that is this big. Most of the other ones have been only about a third of the size of this new fishy. 3 feet of fishy goodness. Boo is a happy boy.

No worries, Heston got a new toy today too. He got a stuffed orca. It is really super cute and he has been using it for a pillow. I almost feel bad for the orca since it's become a dog toy. Heston is very sweet with it but it is only a matter of time before it gets destroyed. I need to get a picture of Heston with his new toy. The boys are so happy when they get gifts. It makes me happy to make them happy.

Fish heads fish heads eat them up yum!

Right now it is after 1am. I'm sleepy. I need to go to bed since Jen and I are going out of town for some shopping fun. I will comment on comments later. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I love you all. Time for this panda to be a bedtime bear.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   Panda Loves Alphonse

And Al loves pandas.

I have mentioned before that one of my favorite Full Metal Alchemist characters (next to Mei Chen and Xiao Mei) is Al. Very rarely does a character come along that I truly love. I don't mean love in a relationship way, but in a motherly way. When looking at the pictures of Ed and Al when they are younger makes me wish I could take care of them. I would totally adopt them! The only other characters I have felt this way about, in fact more so, are Seita and Setsuko, the brother and sister from "Grave of the Fireflies". That movie makes me want to reach through the screen and hug them both. I want to take care of them and protect them from the world. I have never had a story pull at my heartstrings as much as those kids did. Those two pairs of siblings totally turn on that maternal instinct in me. Which you should all know by now is pretty much non-existent otherwise.

I have never been one of those girls who wanted to have lots of kids, or even one kid to be honest. My best friend Jen always knew she wanted kids. My mom told me if she had been healthy enough she would have had at least 4 children. This to me is bizarre. I thought maybe after I got married that the "ticking of my clock" would kick in that drive to have kids. Been married almost 10 years now and so far it hasn't happened. I doubt it ever will since my health is so crappy. Woah, got off topic a bit, back to anime...

I have a question for you guys. What is it about certain characters that makes you like them so much? Their looks? Personality? What is it that hooked you to this character?

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist: How I love little Alphonse, even in that armor I think he is cute. I love his personality. So caring and loving. Always concerned for everyone...including all the stray animals he finds. When he found that kitten in the rain storm and wanted to take care of it I thought that was so sweet! When he picked up Xiao Mei after the fight with Scar that just moved him to the very top of my favorite character list. Al caring for a tiny lost panda...how much more cute can you get?!

Xiao Mei from Full Metal Alchemist: Cute and spunky panda. Need I say more?

Mei Chen from Full Metal Alchemist: She looks like a younger version of me. She cares for Xiao Mei like a younger sister (I guess it really is all in a name.) and when Xiao Mei goes missing she really is upset. This just proves how much she loves her little panda companion...companda if you will.

Vivi from Final Fantasy IX: Innocent and sweet. All the Black Mages are, they are like children trying to understand the world. It is just so honest and child like I can't help loving them. The child-like wonder and excitement they have is just plain sweet. Like the two Mages that were going to raise "Bobby Corwin". Just the name they picked for that chocobo was like one a little kid would pick for a pet. How cute! Now I just have to do some chocobo fan art...yes, must draw "Bobby Corwin".

Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki: Oh how good girls love bad boys. Tall, thin, blonde with a bad attitude. Definitely not the guy to take home to meet the folks, but would definitely be some fun getting into trouble with. ~_^

Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic: Yet another one of my favorite blondes. A huge flirt but did you know he uses all the money he earns to help care for his ill girlfriend? Now you know that really hits close to home. Any guy who would care for a sick girlfriend is aces in my book. Kurz could care for me anytime.

I think that is a pretty good overview of some of my personal favorites. There are many more but we would be here for days if I did that. So, let me know a few characters on your list of favorites and why you love them so much.

Comments on Comments

ShadowLight: That's it, we need to go out to eat! I am so glad someone else feels the same way. I just crave that anime food. Ramen, Onigiri...it's all good. Just today I had an Iced Toffee Nut Coffee. If you are what you eat I guess I am a nut!

celestialcharm: Kimchi, John loves it. I am not really a huge fan of Kimchi but I do eat it on occassion. I think I have a jar in the fridge right now.

zel hoseki: Ramen is so tasty! I need to get to the store to buy more 'cause I am running out...I think I have been watching too much Naruto!

P-chansacutie: I would be terrible working at a chinese restaurant, I would just want to eat everything there!

Petie: I wonder if it is because in anime when the characters are eating their food it is, like in the case of Naruto, very exciting. They love the food and rave about how great it is. Perhaps that is what makes us want it. But this of course doesn't explain why we don't feel the same way about commercials...I don't know. We, I guess, are just wacky that way.

sweet hypocrisies: Oh heavens yes! Ramen is much like other foods. There is the cheap stuff and then there is the good stuff. Cheap stuff would be like Top Ramen, the good stuff Sapporo Ichiban. It's kind of like the difference between Velveeta versus Cheddar Cheese or a Geo Metro versus a BMW. They are in the same "family" but one is much better compared to the other. So in other words Maruchan would be the Kraft cheese slices/Camry of the ramen world.

SunfallE: I am very lucky not to be influenced by Italian food commercials. I swear, I see an Olive
Garden/Pasta commercial every commercial break. I would be so over loaded on carbs I would need to run a few dozen marathons just to break even in the calorie department!

sailor firestar: Very true, ramen tends to be on the salty side. But I love salt, probably more than I should. I love soy sauce. I love seaweed. Both of which are really salty. Maybe since I am Japanese I was made to eat salty foods. lol

naski: Yes! Cajun food. Yummy. Spicy. If you like cajun food curry isn't too far of a food leap.

indifference: Trigun and doughnuts! That's another series food that always gets me. Thank goodness we don't have a Krispy Creme in this town or I would be there after watching Trigun!

KimmehWolfwood: I think food was a very influential topic to discuss, it seems everyone has been craving curry since that post!

KitsuneTsuki: It's funny how we are influenced isn't it. Darn those advertisers!

Edit: I have added a couple of pieces of fan art. The first is a moogle and the second is the Bobby Corwin piece I mentioned in the above post that I would do. Hey, I didn't name the chocobo Bobby Corwin, it was those two Black Mages from Final Fantasy IX that did. I just did the fan art. Please vote and comment. I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Kupo!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

   More Random Thoughts

Today's subject: Food in Anime

I find myself craving certain foods when I see them in anime. Perhaps it is because I grew up on many of the foods that anime characters are shown eating. Let me give you a few examples via visual display of what I mean.

Naruto and Ranma 1/2 = Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavor Ramen

Fruits Basket = Onigiri (Rice Balls)

FLCL = Curry

All these foods I start to crave when I see them in anime. I am not sure why, but I do. I can watch television commercials for restaurants and different food but I don't run out and buy them. I can watch movies and I don't feel this way about the food the actors are eating. Yet if I see it in anime I start wanting to eat that same food. Weird huh. Heck, look that the latest theme of my site. Can you tell I was watching Vincent in Last Exile drinking coffee when I changed my theme. I swear, I drink more coffee watching that anime than any other series.


I am guessing this may just be me. I am one who feels that food is for pleasure and not just for survival. I live to eat, not just eat to live. Many times when watching anime, like Naruto, it just seems that he really is enjoying that huge bowl of ramen. I wonder if it is because food always tastes better when you see someone else enjoying it too. Could that be why I seem to crave these foods? Perhaps...or maybe I am just easily influenced by what I see in anime. Whatever the reason delicious food always makes me feel happy. Wonderful anime and tasty food, two great things that go great together.

Comments on Comments

SomeGuy: Oh we so need to go on a road trip together. I am all about singing in the car. 80's cheesy hair band power ballads sound the best in the car. I also love to have someone in the car with me who loves to sing so we can do the different "parts" of songs...someone is on lead while the other does backup vocals. Or better yet: Duets! Start practicing "I Got You Babe" for I will be the Cher to your Sonny. We so rock.

BankofKev: I should have put a disclaimer on the bottom of my post for all the people who are now going to take their gassy dogs to different establishments. I am not responsible for giving people this idea!! LOL

Solo Tremaine: I don't watch many music videos either since they are never the way I pictured they should be. I like having the exclusive feeling that a song is mine. It just makes it more personal than a generic music video. ::huggles::

TheMouse: I know the truth about you. Your song really is "Stage Fright". Come on, admit it. You know deep down inside you are just a teen pop princess.

error: I like Smashing Pumpkins..the band, not actually going all Gallagher on pumpkins. I saw them in concert a few years back. Unfortunately they are definitely a band that is better recorded than live. Oh well. I still like their songs.

sailor firestar: TMBG fan! Woo Hoo! I love TMBG, they are one of my all time favorite bands. They give a great live concert. Hmm, I wonder if they are going to be in my neck of the woods anytime soon...

dposse: Music really is wonderful. It can convey so many emotions and touch so many people. ^_^

celestialcharm: You know, it is never too late to learn how to play an instrument. I didn't start trying to learn the piano until I was around 22 years old. Learning new things keeps the mind young.

KitsuneTsuki: Oh I so do love "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Needless to say it is from being a huge fan of the movie Say Anything. It just melts my heart thinking that someone could feel that way about me. ::sigh:: How totally romanic. Hope the compy isn't giving you too much grief today. I hate it when my computer does wacky stuff.

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   Random Thoughts

Today's subject: Music.

Currently Listening: The Mayor of Simpleton by XTC

Never been near a university,
Never took a paper or a learned degree,
And some of your friends think thatís stupid of me,
But itís nothing that I care about.

Well I donít know how to tell the weight of the sun,
And of mathematics well I want none,
And I may be the mayor of simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And thatís I love you.
When their logic grows cold and all thinking gets done,
Youíll be warm in the arms of the mayor of simpleton.

I canít have been there when brains were handed round
(please be upstanding for the mayor of simpleton),
Or get past the cover of your books profound,
(please be upstanding for the mayor of simpleton),
And some of your friends thinks itís really unsound,
That youíre ever seen talking to me.

Well I donít know how to write a big hit song,
And all crossword puzzles well I just shun,
And I may be the mayor of simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And thatís I love you.

Iím not proud of the fact that I never learned much,
Just feel I should say,
What you get is all real,
I canít put on an act,
It takes brains to do that anyway. (and anyway...)

And I canít unravel riddles, problems and puns,
How the home computer has me on the run,
And I may be the mayor of simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And thatís I love you (I love you).

If depth of feeling is a currency,
(please be upstanding for the mayor of simpleton),
Then Iím the man who grew the money tree,
(no chain of office and no hope of getting one).
Some of your friends are too brainy to see,
That theyíre paupers and thatís how theyíll stay.

Well I donít know how many pounds make up a ton,
Of all the nobel prizes that Iíve never won,
And I may be the mayor of simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And thatís I love you.

When all logic grows cold and all thinking gets done,
Youíll be warm in the arms of the mayor of simpleton.
Youíll be warm in the arms of the mayor of simpleton.
Youíll be warm in the arms of the mayor.
(please be upstanding for the mayor of simpleton.)

Music has always been a major part of my life. I have loved music for as long as I can remember. I am really not tied down to one genre of music. If it is good, if it speaks to me, if I can connect to it...I will love it. I have some songs that are very special to me. Some are tied with a special person or an important event in my life, some good and some bad but all have meaning to me.

I have been sitting here listing to iTunes and thinking about why it is that I love the songs that I love. The song I am listening to right now for example, The Mayor of Simpleton. I love this song since it is very witty and at it's heart, very honest and sweet. That hooked me. Sometimes it may just be a verse or even a single line in a song that means something to me which makes me love a song. An example of this would be "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago. This song was dedicated to me after a fight with a close friend.

"After all that we've been through,
I will make it up to you. I promise to.
And after all that's been said and done,
You're just the part of me I can't let go."

We made up but it's very bittersweet for me since he passed away in a car accident a couple of years ago. He really is a part of me that I can't let go. Whenever I hear this song I think of him and he lives on in my heart. Good times, bad times...music can pull us back to a special time and remind us of people and events. I really love that music has that ability. I start listening to a song and it makes me think back to those times.

Music means so many things to so many people. How many times have you heard a song and thought, "Hey! That is exactly how I feel!" I love it. A song can express exactly how you feel in a way, with a passion, that many times I find I can do myself. Truly music is a gift from God.

"When everything is made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am."
Goo Goo Dolls: "Iris"

One last random thought related to music. My ringtone is "Ana Ng" by They Might Be Giants. One of my favorite songs. So much so that I named my Siamese cat Ana Ng. The song really does fit her well: "And her voice is a backwards record. It's like a whirlpool and it never ends." If you have heard a Siamese cat "talk" you know what I am talking about.They don't meow, they screech and scream. At times it really does sound like a backwards record. Another part of the song that fits her personality is: "I don't want the world, I just want your half". The world really does turn for her and this just seems like something she would feel.

Comments on Comments

Petie: Friends on the internet are one of the joys of the internet. They off set the flamers/trollers/baiters/jerks on the net. The support of friends really helps keep me going when dealing with message board moderating. I am sure you know what I mean. ::huggles::

CoLoR Me EviL: Another coffee lover, rock on. Coffee really is pure happiness. Pure happiness.

TheMouse: It's going to be great to see you again. It really has been far too long since you have been over here in Washington state. It's going to be so much fun.

MangoChan: I totally understand how it is hard to stay positive when one bad thing happens after another. Just remember that all this shall pass. Time really is your friend. You just need to keep moving forward and do your best. Eventually things will get better and it will all be worth the struggle you went though to get there.

dposse: ::huggles back::

error: WooooooooHoooooooo!

sailor firestar: Don't worry, you are not alone, there are many who haven't converted to the "Dark Side" of coffee-dom. One day, one day my dear...you shall fall victim to it's wicked ways and become a coffee addict like me. Oh yes, one day....

spirit gun2: It would be wonderful to meet someday. Someday I would like to do some traveling around the world, attend a bunch of different anime conventions and meet up with the friends I have made on line. It would be such fun to spend time with anime fans in an anime convention. It truly would be heavenly.

Aaryanna: Little dogs are so very deceiving. You don't think they could make a big stink but they can. It is amazing something so small can be so deadly. LOL

MiasmaMoon: Yes, you need to come over and eat olive loaf with me. We can spend time with my stinky bottomed dog. Hey, TheMouse is going to be here at the end of the month to hang out with my stinky dog. I think he should tell us all about how my dog took him for a walk the last time he was here. LOL

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