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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

   I Got the Melon Bread!!

Really, I did. I will elaborate more at the end of my post.

As you all know, or if you didn't know now you do know and we all know that knowing is half the battle, that my eating habits are heavily (meaning both me and my choices) influenced by anime. When watching Naruto or Ranma 1/2 I crave ramen... Fruits Basket makes me want to eat rice balls...GTO makes me want to eat sushi...you get the idea. It's pretty much what is featured in the anime that I want to eat.

John and I have been watching Yakitate (read my response to Mamma Vash below in the comments to learn more about Yakitate) and I have been on a major carb overload. We had french bread yesterday AND the day before. Today John made Melon bread. I told him he has the "solar hands" so that is why his bread tastes so good. I just need him to make the bread that tastes so good it sends you to heaven! Anywho, the melon bread was delicious. It was sweet on the outside with a lightly browned crust and soft on the inside. Mmmm, the entire house smells like fresh baked bread.

I'm going to have to start watching some sports based animes so I will start to exercise more...these carbs are going to kill me!

I am leaving you guys with a question today about food cravings!!

Is there anything that tweaks your tastes buds into craving a certain food? Is it seeing the food? Smelling the food? Talking about it? Perhaps it came to you in a dream? What is it that makes you crave a food?

To answer my own question: Sight for me is a major player. I am the person those ad agencies are targeting. Make the food look yummy and I will buy it! The only time I can think of in recent history that I was turned off by seeing the food in an ad was the Burger King ad with the giant Kong sized burger that lands on that guy's car...and he takes a bite out of the burger. It just really grossed me out. Just thinking about eating that much beef made me feel all icky.

I guess that is about it. Hope everyone is having a groovy time and I will see you all around. Later kids!

Comments on Comments: but this time in exciting reverse order! (Last comment first, first comment last)

KimmehWolfwood: Yeah, we seem to have a bunch of wacky holidays floating around out there. Did you know that today is Opposite Day? I guess in order to celebrate that one you don't celebrate. How confusing.

donewiththegames: Yup, Patrick Duffy played Bobby on Dallas. I am surprised anyone still remembers that night time soap opera from the 80's. LOL

Mamma Vash: Oh all my wacky holidays. I have a calendar that tells me what wacky/bizarre holidays are celebrated on each day. I am still on that weird sleep schedule. I didn't get to bed until around 6 am then got up at 10 am. It is now closing in on 1 am and I am not sleepy. Oh how I need a regular sleep schedule!

Anime I think you should keep your eye on in no particular order:

-Yakitate: (comedy) An anime about bread baking. Sounds weird but it is great!! I love it. It is very punny so I am not sure how it is going to translate over to an English language dub but I know the Japanese version is totally hilarious and fun to watch. Lots of reference to pop culture things like Gamera, Bruce Lee and many Japanese cultural things. The main character Azuma Kuzuma reminds me of a boy version of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Sweet but a bit spacy.

-Blood+: (drama/horror) This one just recently got licensed. I have only seen about 13 episodes but I am enjoying it. It is a bit on the violent side but not over the top. If you have seen Blood: The Last Vampire then you kinda have an idea what Blood+ is all about. The main character Saya is carried over into this series. Animation style is a bit different which is totally expected since the work in the movie was very labor intensive. Solid story and good animation. You don't have to see the movie in order to know what is going on with the series.

-Loveless: (shonen-ai) I am questioning if this will be released in the US. I can see it coming up against some opposition. Not because there is some homosexual themes but the main "couple" has an age range that is, well, not legal in the US. Even though it is fiction and the younger characters have cat ears and tails I think the idea of a college aged man kissing and telling an elementary school aged boy that he loves him may be a bit much. The violence in the series is easily over-shadowed by this relationship. Sheesh, I didn't even give a summary and my recommendation is already this long.

Oh there are a ton but if I keep writing about each I'll be here for ever! Quick list: Bleach, Paradise Kiss, Prince of Tennis, Suzuka and Beck. I am not sure if any of these have been licensed yet but all are good.

Densha no Otoko translates to The Train Man. It is a very good Japanese television show that my dear BankOfKev told me about. It's about this otaku guy who meets up with a beautiful woman on a train and saves her from a drunk man. If you want to go on a whirlwind of emotions - watch this show. It will have you laughing and crying. It is really funny and really sad at the same time. Like I said to Kev, I have only seen episode one but it was great. A must see.

Please do take panda pictures for me. You can never have too many panda pictures! Oh, and my phone is still roaming. lol

Akari Kazuki: Good to see you back. I am doing fairly well thanks! Watch, I've probably jinxed myself now. lol

CosmicSailor: Pictures say much more than words do. Thus, I use lots of pictures. lol

Vicious comments are bad...centered Chi is good. I understand though. Sometimes our emotions override our good sense and tact and we, especially online, come out sounding evil. When someone posts something I totally disagree with and find offensive I want to do this:

Burn Baby Burn!!

But really I need to step away from the situation and take a look at the big picture. Are my comments going to be constructive? Will they even get through to the person I am responding too? Why does this upset me so?

Think before responding.

In the end I usually find some way to respond in a level headed, tactful manner. Either that or I just say screw it and leave it be. With some people, no matter what you say they aren't going to change their ways. Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity is permanent.

Do I think you write too much in your comments? No. I rather enjoy your comments. It's conversation. You have taken the time to respond to what I have written and I appreciate that. Visiting each other sites (which I am very, very, very bad about doing) and comments help us strengthen friendship bonds and learn from one another about this, that and the other thing. I love long responses!

Phobias are bad and finding that person who can help you through it is the key. I wish you the best with it. If only there was some magical way to make the anxieties and fears disappear. I've mentioned it before on myO that I have a bizarre fear of Guinea Pigs.

Yes, Guinea Pigs.

Even though I worked in a vet clinic I never liked to work with G.P's. All other rodents are fine but the piggies...nope. They freak me out. 25 pound angry python who put it's owner in the hospital for 3 days...that I can handle. One tame Guinea Pig owned by a 10 year old girl...no way. It's like you and the driving. I've never been hurt by one, but they scare me. Who knows. I wonder if there is a name for the fear of Guinea Pigs?

Ambidextrous!! Darn you. My left hand is just a "support hand" I am so clumsy with my left I am dangerous. Typing is the only thing my left hand is on par with my right. I'm jealous. I really should put a sample of my writing on my site so you guys can seem my very large, round writing. Yeah, I write like a girl. I have girly handwriting. LOL

Silvereagle: Random randomness is very fulfilling isn't it. LOL

Lythjuh: LOL That made me laugh. When I told John about it he said he would appreciate a couple of beer cans to celebrate. :P Woo hoo! a Nabiki/Kuno fan!! You so totally rock. I just love how those to play off of each other and they really do need to be together. ^_^

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