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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


I'm glad you guys, even the ones who don't know who Hanatarou is, like the new layout. I had so many screen caps of Hanatarou I made another little gif to use before my comments. I just had to make that one since it was just asking to be made into an avatar. The best think about the new avi with Ichigo and Hanatarou is that it is only a two frame animation!

Speaking of animation the UPS just delivered a DVD from FUNimation for me to screen. Talk about cutting it close to release date. It just showed up tonight at 6:45pm and the release date is tomorrow per the info they sent with it. It's for a series called Dragon Booster. It's not anime, just anime-styled. But since it's for FUNimation I figured I would go ahead and publish the review. I just hope they send me Trinity Blood before it is released here. I really, REALLY want to see...wait, I mean hear the series in English. I really enjoyed the Japanese version and look forward to the dub. I wonder who they will cast for each of the roles....

So now that I have just sort of spent this thread rambling about this and that I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I just now remembered about the Nifty Fifty over on the OB. Voting closed on the 31 of January. LOL Ooops, I missed it this year! I am so lame. When it was first posted I thought I would give some thought to my nominations and then...well...procrastination. I never got a round to it. 'Til now that is. I love community events and this one is no exception. I can't wait for Shy to post the results. ^_^

Be sure to check out the front page. There is a new contest up for all you gamers. Check it out, there are some cool prizes.

Oh, today is Kite Flying Day. I have no idea why this holiday is in the middle of winter and not in the breezy spring weather. So tell those around you to "Go fly a kite!" If they get offended remind them that you are just reminding them to celebrate the holiday. :P

I guess that is about it. I'll open up the comment box to questions so feel free to ask me anything. Take care and I hope you have a very groovy day. Laters!

Ok! I'll Comment Already!!

Solo: Hey stranger! ::glomps:: I like the bolder colors too. Seeing how the last layout was so light I needed a change. ^_^ Oh, and I really love your avi. Totally glompable furry-ness. I really like that style of art.

CosmicSailor: Honest truth, I have never had an energy drink. I guess you can say that is because when I am looking for a pick me up my poison of choice is coffee. Coffee....yummy.

Lytjuh: I swear, they really need to have a nap time in school. I know pre-schoolers and some kindergardeners get nap time...I think they should extend it to high school and college. In fact I could really use a nap right now. zzzzzz

YueMoon: I figured the change would be a bit of a confuser to everyone. Especially if you are expecting to see that light blue/white color scheme and then this page loads and it's all bright. I loved the old theme but I needed a change. Change sometimes is a good thing.

ShadowLight: Hooray! Someone who has seen that scene with Hanatarou!! I just love how Hanatarou tells Ichigo and Ganju the pill worked since his face shows how he is bursting with health! Hanatarou is bursting with health like I am bursting with health!!

MangoChan: I'm glad you like the theme. ^_^ Hanatarou is not a main character but he is one of my favorites.

Mamma Vash: Bleach is one of my favorite animes. I think it has a nice blend of action, drama and comedy. As for the avatar I used a program called "Gif Builder Carbon" to make the animation. It's pretty easy to use. Just take your gif formated images, plug them into the program and then save it. Taada! Animated gif made! I know there are a bunch of different freeware programs you can get to make animated gifs. Just do a Google search and you can find one that works with your computer.

Now don't get blown away in the wind! We do get some crazy winds around here too. One day when John and I came home from the grocery store the neighbors roof had one of those big patio umbrellas on top of it! John ran over to their house and the owner said he was wondering where it went! LOL

Mamma: Go fly a kite!! lol

TheMouse: It seems like it is always time for my meds. Speaking of which, it is time for my evening pills. You've seen my big basket 'o medication. I swear, I have more drugs than a pharmacy. I should hire Monkey Orange just to keep track of them for me!

Summoner Rekka: Congrats on getting into nursing school! I have many, many friends who are in the medical field. I wish you the best of luck and many, many kudos for going into such a wonderful profession. It really is a wonderful feeling knowing your work has made a difference in someone's life. Congratulations once again!

Aaryanna: Of course my theme is weird! It's from the mind of a Panda! I just had to do a Hanatarou theme. He just seems like a sweet timid little puppy. I guess he kinda reminds me of my dog Heston. Scared to death someone is going to be mad at him, doesn't like raised voices yet is super sweet and lovable. Maybe I'll start calling Heston Hanatarou...

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