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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Pills, Pills and More Pills!


I'm sure you guys have all noticed that the soft wintery angel panda theme is gone and it has been replaced by a bolder Hanatarou theme. If you don't recognize the character I used his name is Hanatarou Yamada from Bleach. I really like timid little Hanatarou. I think it's hilarious when he takes the "energy pill". His reaction, or lack thereof, is priceless. I knew once I saw him I would have to do an update dealing with him.

This is the very first time I actually got motivated enough to do an animated gif for my avatar here and banner for theOB. The one here is still really glitchy and I need to clean it up...but I'm too lazy right now to deal with it. Meh.

I suppose you can say that Hanatarou inspired me. I was going to do a Katamari Damacy theme and had it all ready to go but as I was re-watching some Bleach episodes I changed my mind. I'll still use the KD theme but Hanatarou gets to be posted first. I figured since I am in constant need of medical attention having a 4th Division guy here on my site would help my wacky health. lol

Other than my usual duties here on theO I haven't been up to much except for working on this new layout. It's just been one of those lazy days. The kind that you just want to take a nap. I love napping. There is just something really special about snoozing in the middle of the day. Afternoons have always been rough on me. I remember back in college I would have to drag myself to my afternoon labs. At least the labs forced you to be up and moving. If I had lectures in the afternoon I would be snoring away in my seat!

Well, I suppose that is about it for now. Hope your week is going well and I'll catch you around the site! Laters all!

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