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Friday, February 10, 2006

   In the steel cage of death...

Animal Cookies versus Animal Crackers!!!

In our day and age you think we would have an answer for this ever perplexing question! Which is better: The pink and white frosted sprinkle coated cookie blobs or the more animally shaped golden brown crackers?!?!

Ok! I'll Comment Already!!

MiasmaMoon: The contest game thing I haven't gone to check it out but from the description of the game seems a bit strange to me too. Flying around starting up discos...of course I say this is weird but have no issues with rolling up sumo wrestlers in a giant katamari. Oh well, to each their own.

Lytjuh: I use to have a kite too...where it has gone...no one knows. I actually haven't flown a kite in at least 20 years! Heck, most of the members here on theO aren't even 20! Now I feel old. LOL

samuraigirl122: Thanks, I think the new theme is cute too. Hanatarou isn't as popular as the other characters but he is one of my personal favorites. ^_^

Mamma "Team Phone Tag" Vash: What is my favorite coffee drink. Oh that is one of those "Who is your favorite child" kind of questions. I really love iced mochas in the summer, carmel macchiato (hot or cold), white chocolate lattes...oh and there are those odds and ends of special request coffees like "Snickers" or "Milky Way" flavor combos that are really good. Oh I don't know. But I do know that right now I am going to brew a fresh pot of coffee!

My favorite coffee house: Hometown little coffee dessert bar called "Noon Moon". they have these little private booths, comfy couches and overstuffed chairs...a very bohemian vibe. They even have a little stage for local musicians to perform. Mostly folk and some jazz. Very cool place to be.

donewiththegames: I have no idea why yesterday was Kite Flying Day. It was probably founded by someone who either lives in a part of the country where it is warm and breezy or someone who loves to fly kites so much they can't wait til spring. LOL

Lady K: ::glomps:: Another person who understands the coolness of Hanatarou!!

Kawaii Seth: Yes, feel free to stop by my site anytime! Most of the time my posts are pretty, well, random. LOL

GentleEyes777: Thanks, I'm diggin' my new layout too. ^_^

Dark Spirit 21: Cappuccinos are very tasty...I so very much love coffee drinks.

Summoner Rekka: LOL I hear ya about the meds. The only problem is I am already on all the "ideal" meds. I swear, the meds I have to take everyday would take down a horse!

KitsuneTsuki: Hockey fan huh. You need to talk to TheMouse, he's one of those "hockey otaku".

Dragon Booster Happy Meal! From the stuff FUNi sent me those should be available until February 27th. I haven't had a Happy Meal in years...I should go get one for the heck of it. LOL

SunfallE: Last year's Nifty Fifty I actually made the cut. I was "Nifty" last year but I think that was my "15 minutes of fame" and now I shall disappear into obscurity on the boards. :P There are some great nominations this year, it's going to be interesting to see how it pans out.

CosmicSailor: I have to agree with you on Mountain Dew. It's my drink of choice when I want something that is going to quench my thirst. I'll have to check out their energy drink. As if a regular Mountain Dew doesn't jump start the majority of people already! LOL

Aaryanna: All my panda pictures. Oh let me tell you where I get them....scans from books I have, calendars, pictures friends send me and the joys of all joys "Google". For some strange reason, I'm not sure why, but people see a picture of a panda and they instantly think of me.....I wonder why? :P

BankofKev: I hope when you say that you mean you'll be seeing me soon. ~_^

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