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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yay! It's snowing! It looks sooooo pretty. For those of you who look at me like I'm insane because snow is a common thing for you, let me quickly say it only happens here about once a year. And even then, it's really just ice. So to sum it, lol, we get an ice storm once a year. But this year it's SNOWING!!! It makes me smile!

I can't wait till I move somewhere that has snow more than once a year. That's my goal. Yep, indeed.

It's really funny because here, when we have our yearly ice storm, you go to the store and there is no milk, no bread and no eggs. I laugh to see it. Now, you must understand, my family didn't always live here, in fact, where we used to live we had quite a bit of snow. But, ever since we moved here well, you get the rest. We always figured, hey, if you're going to be snowed/iced in, why not get something good to hold you over.

And people totally don't know how to drive, quite sad really.

But, all I can say for now is, I'm smiling because theres SNOW!! and hoping class will be canceled tomorrow due to ice (because that's really the only good thing about the once a year ice storm...people panic and businesses and schools close). So here's hoping.


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I hope everyone had a great new years eve!

Mine was rather uneventful. I stayed home with my dog and cat, surfed the internet and played my DS. Other than that not much, lol. I'm getting old I realize.

I was looking up more information about adoption and I stumbled across the most horrible site. It had pictures of children and underneath it had little snippets that sounds like you were getting a pet. It had phrases like "Looking for their forever home" and "will make a wonderful addition to any family" and I was just astounded and appalled. Who the hell would do something like that? Did it escape their minds that these are CHILDREN?!?! no pets! and that site brought you to a site that said, Adoption Sale page.

I was so pissed I had to take a break from my computer. Maybe I'm overreacting but I was just so pissed that they would treat these children like animals. I actually wonder if people actually adopt children from there.

There are more appropriate place for adoption, like Children's Hope International and the like who are actually looking out for the children..thankfully.

But yeah, that's my little snippet for today. Here's to a great 2008, may it be better than it's predecessor.


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm sick. It sucks. Two weeks I've had it now. Started in my nose, went to my throat, lost my voice for 4 days, and now have a nice cough. It's getting better though. I'm on the mend.

I hope you all have a great New Years just in case I don't get on tomorrow, though I certainly will try, but there you go.

So, Happy New Year!!! May 2008 bring you great joy and happiness!!!


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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wow has it been a while since my last post. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great and happy christmas!

Not much happening with me. My time is filled with school, animals, my jobs and other such stuff. Really quite time consuming, lol. I'm looking into adoption, something that has interested me for several years.

As I come to the end of my school time, preparing for my career I realize I'm finally about to live my life. Until now I was prohibited (in a manner of speaking) from beginning the journey I've dreamed of taking most of my life by the necessity of going to school in the state I lived in due to financial requirements (ie I couldn't afford out of state prices) and family difficulties. Now I can leave and begin my life where I want. Thankfully my job is hosted in another state, one that I really love. The future, for once, seems bright, no longer a scene from a horror show.

What makes this so great is not only the ability to move out of a state I hate and into a state I love, but that I can begin to build my family. I've been looking up information about adopting from Russia or Romania and look forward to completing the paperwork for an adoption. I can't explain how much I'm looking forward to it. This is what I've been waiting for since I was a teenager.

I hope you all are having a great break and that life is positive for you right now. If it's not no worries, it will turn. Trust me. It seems to finally be doing so for me and, with that knowledge in mind, it has to give hope to everyone else...

I'll try to update soon.

For now, have a great night!


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Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm sooooooo old!!!! I'm 21 today! Two decades and one year.. soon it will be a quarter of a century.

How is everyone doing? I've been occasionally checking into see how everyone is doing. Been enjoying Someguy's posts about his trip in Europe.

Here's a story for those of you who actually care and are up for reading a rather long post, though it wasn't intentional for it to be thing long. But, here it goes!

Hey, exciting news, I have a kitten, his name is Dash. Funny story really. I was driving down a highway between my apartment and my mom's house, I was actually supposed to be leaving for a trip that day. I was supposed to have left my apartment at 9:30 am but didn't get out until 11...yeah...I was running really late... but it was a good thing! So, I was driving down the highway and a little ways in front of me I saw something crawl on the road and I couldn't really see what it was but all these cars were trying to avoid it and driving over top of it and the poor thing was just frozen there right in the middle of the lane, crouched and hissing. As I got closer I saw it was a kitten...and no one was stopping for it. So I said, "Fuck that" and quickly pulled over. The car behind me drove right over him but thankfully the person behind him stopped and waited for me, not the smartest thing to do, but I was thankful anyways. So I get to him, and he's this cute little baby, like 5-6 weeks old, and I reach down to pick him up and he's hissing and spitting, but there were cars coming so I picked him up anyways. I had my dog, Cadence, in the car as well, and as I got into the car with the kitten she was like "Ooooh, what's this? Something to play with?" and I was like, "No, not for you, kindly sit back and leave him alone, he's had a hard day." She didn't like that idea, I mean there was something new that smelled good in my hands. So, I tried to drive home, almost getting into an accident because I had this lab who wanted to smell something in my hand, and let me tell you - she has no concept of personal space, this dog! She was in my face as I was trying to drive...*sighs* all that obedience school out the window the time I really needed it. Well, thankfully the cat didn't care that there was a dog trying to lick the daylights out of him, he just wanted to explore. Unfortunately, he wanted to explore down by my feet...and then inside my console. He ended up right next to my gear shifter thing. I pulled over because I had a freakin cat in my console and a dog who wanted to play with him. I strapped Cadence into a seat belt right as a cop pulled up behind me...I'm not a fan of cops, for those who didn't know, though my uncle's a state trooper...and he's cool, but other than him - no thank you!

So this cop takes like four or five minutes to get out of his car. Finally, when he does, he asks the most cliche question of all time ,"Is there a problem here?" I had all I could do not to roll my eyes. I said, "Yeah, I have a cat in my console. See, I was driving down the highway and I saw....and then my dog thought he was a new friend...." and told him all that had happened. I swear, this cop looked at me like I was insane. "You have a cat...stuck in your console?" he asked.
"Yes, and I have no idea how to get him out!" I replied.
The cop just looked at me for a couple of seconds then said, "He'll be fine until you get where you're going."
So, after calling my mom and telling her the situation, and she's rushing to meet me, I tell her I'll just meet her at her house.

So, at her house, we try everything to get this cat out of my console. I took the screws out and everything to try to get to him, but he wasn't having any of it. So we leave him for two hours (which was time we didn't really have - we were supposed to have left already) and when we came back we couldn't find him. We looked everywhere, knowing he couldn't have gotten out of the car because the doors were all closed and the windows were up. Suddenly we hear this *meow* from my dashboard...right behind my speedometer! We call animal rescue and this is how stupid where I live is - animal rescue doesn't have any units on weekends and we were not, under penalty of death or something, supposed to call the wild animal rescue!

So we call the Saturn dealership to see what we should do. In the end, we had to drive my car to the Saturn dealership where they took out my stereo, couldn't find him, put it back and took out my dashboard and sure enough, there he was, hissing and spitting. And that is why his name is Dash.

He's become a nice cat, though. Everyone in my family is in love with him and he fits right in. He and my dog get along really well, they both enjoy each other.

Well, here's the end of my long-ass post. I hope everyone is doing well.

For those of you who actually read all of that, I give you props!

Here's to a good birthday for a change, eh?

Thank you and good night!


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well, it's a new day. What's new here? Well, I'm almost done with school. Only a couple more weeks! I'm on the beginning of exam week number 1. That will be fun, gotta love finals.

On the positive side, I got a new laptop! It's great. The only problem I have with it is it's a Vista computer...my desktop is XP. Compatibility? Yeah, not so impressive. I send things from my laptop to my desktop, the exact same program on each computer, and it will crash. Like, I wrote this paper for one of my classes on my laptop using Corel. I sent it to my desktop and it crashed every time I opened it....that wasn't impressive I've got to tell you.

Other than that one problem though, I love it! I love the way it looks, totally different than XP. I'm quite impressed with it and gotta give it full marks on that note.

Other than that, not much going on. Work and school have been so hectic lately. I have a 20 page paper due on Tuesday and I'm only on page 11. Kinda stressing. I'll get it, it's just a matter of how much hair-pulling I have to go through to get there. I find the topic interesting though.

See, I wasn't very smart in my approach to this paper. My original hypothesis was that the economy in Russia led to the downfall of communism in Russia. I had all my research and everything ready and started. Then I changed my topic. The previous thesis was very interesting and would have made a great paper, but in order to make an excellent paper, I would have needed more time than I was given to write it. So, in comes the new thesis: examining whether or not the death penalty actually affects the crime rate, for the purpose of my paper the crime rate being the homicide rate. My standpoint is that it doesn't.

So, at any rate, that's what I'm working on right now.

I'm sorry I haven't been on much, but as I've said, my life has been rather stressful. I hope everyone is doing well...heh, if anyone even remembers me ^.~

I'll talk to you all later! Once school gets over!

Thank you and have a good night!


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Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow, finally I don't have that stupid page saying that it can't connect to myotaku! So I can finally tell you all the cool news!

I got a dog! A puppy rather. She's a black lab that I named Cadence. She is just the cutest thing! I've had her for two weeks now and we get on great! I'll have to post a picture of her soon ^.^ She does have a tendency to tip her water bowl though...that's a little bit frusterating... but never fear, I'm investing in one of those bowls that are too thick with no grips on it so she can't lift them...mwahahaha!

In other news, I got a promotion at my work (not the EB games, the second job...although now it's my first job and EB is the second) but at any rate, it's exciting. Not only that but I also got a dollar raise! So yes, I'm quite pleased. It's always nice to get raises. And I love what I do, so it's a plus since I will basically be working there a lot now. It's all good, I have fun!

Well, that's about it with me. I hope you all are doing well. I would have been here sooner but I couldn't get any part of this site to load.

I'll talk to you all later!


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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Well, all's well that ends well. I got myself another car. It's a Saturn, which is actually quite funny as now everyone in my family owns a Saturn. It's white, which I've never been that fond of (I've always been into Black cars) but the color is starting to grow on me...at least for right now. I can have the color changed later on, when I actually have money again.

So yes, I'm loving my cute little Saturn and am quite happy. I still miss my old car (I actually keep compairing my new car to it, but that's just because I was so used to my old car...the new one is tons better in reality) but I'm sure as time goes by I won't even remember the complete details of my old one.

So yes, that's the end of this story...hopefully...I think I'll cry if anything else happens around my car. I'm kinda paranoid about having an accident...and the fact that my neighbors are less than considerate with other people's cars has me concerned just a little (did I ever tell you guys that one of my neighbors or their friend-it was one of them but I don't really know who all lives next to me as the people keep changing- actually hit my old car with a baseball bat...and left a nice dent in the front of my car, on the tire well or whatever it's called...so they make me nervous). But soon I will have an alarm system in place on my car and that should make it a little more comfortable.

That's all for now. Thank you all for listening to my car problems.

The next vehicle, however, is going to be a Tank. I really like that idea, Someguy. I think I'll have to do that ^.~

Talk to you all later!


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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ok, well a lot has happened in the last week or so. School started, which is great, I really missed it...I know, I'm a nerd, and not only do I know this but I embrace it ^.~

Also, my car...yes...you know that left tire I said was bent? Yeah, apparently it was a lot more than bent...and I wasn't supposed to have been driving on it because it was close to falling off...my bad... but it was deemed, to use their phrase, "very unsafe to drive" so there we go. And, to top off the day, the car was deemed "totalled".

But, the good news, is that I get another car. I've been saving for a while now and have a pretty decent amount for a car and I could accept the money the insurance company would give me for my car or have them get me a replacement car. I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I think I'll wait and see what the replacement car looks like and everything before I decide because if they provide a car that I like then I can just keep saving my money and buy a really nice car later on (which is what I'd been doing with the car they just totalled).

Also, in good news, I get to drive around this wonderful Ford Taurus...I'm in love with this car (though it's not my dream car) but it's still really nice. It's a 2006 and has all the bells and whistles....something my old car never would have thought to have. And I get to drive it until everything is settled completely and I have another car. I'm not really in a hurry, I'd be happy driving this car indefinitly.

Oh, and funny story, so I went to the store the other day to get some Kahlua and earlier today I was going to have a Kahlua and cream. So I went to the store earlier today and bought some whipping cream and milk. I was making my drink, not really paying attention (I just got Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3!!!) and then took a sip...and spit it out...apparently, when I went to get the milk I grabbed Buttermilk...let me tell you, I wasn't impressed at all. So now I have a half-gallon of Buttermilk and I have to run to the store again later and get some regular milk...so there's my story. Don't mix Kahlua and Buttermilk...unless you like that type of stuff...didn't really float my boat though.

Alright, I'll talk to you all later!


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I want to cry. Ok, you know how I JUST got my car out of the garage and then I was going to have to bring it back to fix the exhaust thing? Well, that's all pretty much pointless now!

Heres the story: I was babysitting tonight and had my car parked out on the road (which is legal and I was actually partly on the curb so there's no blame about it being too far out) and someone came speeding down the road and hit it...Oh my goodness, you should see the damage. It's horrible. The left rear is completely torn up, the tail lights gone, there are holes everywhere, and the entire left side of my car is a mess. Some sort of liquid sprayed on my car and then hardened into this granite like shit and there are scratchs everywhere. AND there is a HUGE HUGE dent in the side!!! HUGE!!! It's like it took the back of my car and brought it forward! It's horrible. And my gas tank door is all dented up, thankfully it still opens. As for my rear tire...well that's not so cool either! The rim is messed up and the tire was tilted in slightly so that driving is a whole lot of fun.

On top of that, it's saturday night, so can't call the insurance company and tomorrow is sunday. Monday is MLK Jr. day and the company won't be open. Unless ALLSTATE has a 24/7/365 phone line to call...I don't know...but what really sucks is that I just got my car out of the garage!

Thankfully the lady came and told me she hit my car, and she was really nice. That would have sucked if she'd just droven off. And no one was injured but both of our cars are total messes. And it's also good that it shouldn't go on my record. Everything is on her insurance company so I don't have to find some way to pay for it.

And the lady who's son I was babysitting gave me a Care Bear (I love care bears...such great memories from when I was little) and I thought that was the sweetest thing in the world.

So there you are...my night...oh, and I love the response time for the cops where I live. I called them at 7:30 and no one got there until 9:15 so that was just not cool. Though, for anyone interested, the state trooper was really cute!

All well, there we are...*sighs* and school starts on tuesday so yeah...not cool since I have to take it to the garage and insurance company.

I'm sorry, I have a horrible headache and am tired so I will see everyone later!



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