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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I want to cry. Ok, you know how I JUST got my car out of the garage and then I was going to have to bring it back to fix the exhaust thing? Well, that's all pretty much pointless now!

Heres the story: I was babysitting tonight and had my car parked out on the road (which is legal and I was actually partly on the curb so there's no blame about it being too far out) and someone came speeding down the road and hit it...Oh my goodness, you should see the damage. It's horrible. The left rear is completely torn up, the tail lights gone, there are holes everywhere, and the entire left side of my car is a mess. Some sort of liquid sprayed on my car and then hardened into this granite like shit and there are scratchs everywhere. AND there is a HUGE HUGE dent in the side!!! HUGE!!! It's like it took the back of my car and brought it forward! It's horrible. And my gas tank door is all dented up, thankfully it still opens. As for my rear tire...well that's not so cool either! The rim is messed up and the tire was tilted in slightly so that driving is a whole lot of fun.

On top of that, it's saturday night, so can't call the insurance company and tomorrow is sunday. Monday is MLK Jr. day and the company won't be open. Unless ALLSTATE has a 24/7/365 phone line to call...I don't know...but what really sucks is that I just got my car out of the garage!

Thankfully the lady came and told me she hit my car, and she was really nice. That would have sucked if she'd just droven off. And no one was injured but both of our cars are total messes. And it's also good that it shouldn't go on my record. Everything is on her insurance company so I don't have to find some way to pay for it.

And the lady who's son I was babysitting gave me a Care Bear (I love care bears...such great memories from when I was little) and I thought that was the sweetest thing in the world.

So there you are...my night...oh, and I love the response time for the cops where I live. I called them at 7:30 and no one got there until 9:15 so that was just not cool. Though, for anyone interested, the state trooper was really cute!

All well, there we are...*sighs* and school starts on tuesday so yeah...not cool since I have to take it to the garage and insurance company.

I'm sorry, I have a horrible headache and am tired so I will see everyone later!



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