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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I hope everyone had a great new years eve!

Mine was rather uneventful. I stayed home with my dog and cat, surfed the internet and played my DS. Other than that not much, lol. I'm getting old I realize.

I was looking up more information about adoption and I stumbled across the most horrible site. It had pictures of children and underneath it had little snippets that sounds like you were getting a pet. It had phrases like "Looking for their forever home" and "will make a wonderful addition to any family" and I was just astounded and appalled. Who the hell would do something like that? Did it escape their minds that these are CHILDREN?!?! no pets! and that site brought you to a site that said, Adoption Sale page.

I was so pissed I had to take a break from my computer. Maybe I'm overreacting but I was just so pissed that they would treat these children like animals. I actually wonder if people actually adopt children from there.

There are more appropriate place for adoption, like Children's Hope International and the like who are actually looking out for the children..thankfully.

But yeah, that's my little snippet for today. Here's to a great 2008, may it be better than it's predecessor.


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