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Friday, January 12, 2007

So...not much happening but I thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing. I know Shanny had a rough day and that wasn't cool. But how is everyone else?

I had a busy day, got up at 7:45 a.m. and didn't get home until 9:15 p.m. and my check engine light came on in my car so I swung by the garage to have them see what was going on (because they'd told me they'd fixed it)...found out my EGR or whatever needs to be replaced soon...something to do with the exhaust and reburning the carbon or something...anyways that's going to cost another 125...and I just spent an assload on it last week..so that's not cool.

But other than that everything is going well. My mouth is doing much better, went to the dentist to make sure everything was fine from them taking out my wisdom teeth and he told me everything looked good, so that's welcome news.

Now I'm going to e-mail another stupid question to my uncle (he's a state trooper and I love asking stupid questions about the law...I mean I want to be a lawyer and what better way to learn the inside stuff, right? Of course he would probably appreciate it if I didn't try to argue with him about the answers and whether or not it should be that way...it's not like it's going to change just because I don't like it....all well, I guess the world doesn't revolve around me ^.~) But he's a really good sport about everything. He gets huffy and tells me not to ask stupid questions, but it's all a show, he doesn't actually mind. It's great. Family bonding right there ^.~ which, if you know my family (which no one here actually does), then you know bonding is not really what we do best so this is a good thing!

Then I'm off to bed because I have to get up at 7:45 again...so that's like what 6 or so hours from now? Not bad but I'm tired.

So I will talk to everyone later!

Thank you and good night!


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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ugh!! Well, on Friday I had four teeth removed...gotta love wisdom teeth, I tell you what. I'm glad it's over. They put me to sleep though, so that was good...except I woke up half-way through..that part wasn't so cool.

But, on a good note, I got my car back. I had to take it in on Tuesday to get the steering pump repaired and it took them until Friday to get it finished. But it's back and I'm happy that I can turn my car without having to use my entire upper body to get it to go in the direction I needed it to...can't tell you how many accidents I almost got into because of that stupid thing. But it's all good now.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!

I know so many people had a rough year in 2006, but let's all hope for a better 2007, yeah?

I've gotta go to sleep now but I will try to post again soon!

Talk to you all later!!

Again, Happy New Years!

Thank you and good night!


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Story time...the story begins about half way down if you want to skip the boring parts ^.^
Wow...it's been a month since I was last here!

How is everyone? Right now I'm listening to Hinder's Lips of An Angel...I really like this song! Next is Modest Mouse's Float On...another great song by a great band.

Well, life is starting to move back on. Summer and my brother are doing better. My brother is angry and upset and hurting but he is doing better. Summer is...I don't know, it's hard to explain. They're both doing better though. They're taking a break from each other right now....I guess that's for the good of both of them, they're not quite sure how to deal with things right now.

Thank you to everyone who wished them well. They really needed it, still do. But we have a close family and we will survive.

Is everyone ready for christmas? My family is kind of by-passing christmas this year, we'll pick it up again next year. This year we're just going to hang out and maybe go to a movie or something.

I have to tell you what happened at my cousin's wedding! It was so funny and so wrong, it was great!

Ok, my family is Irish on both sides, we have the family shield and all that great stuff that comes with a family like mine. We're very proud of our heritage and all generally are very quick to tell people of our lineage. Well my cousin was going to marry this man who was...Greek...that's right. Have you all seen that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yeah, I was soooooo surprised to see that the Greeks are REALLY like that!!

The first time I met her fiancee he said, "So, you're Irish? Well that's too bad. There are Greeks and those who want to be Greeks. I'm sorry you're not a Greek." and I was like, "You're right, I'm not Greek, I'm Irish and quite proud to be Irish." and he went on again about how unfortunate I was to not be Greek. HE WAS SERIOUS WHEN HE SAID ALL OF THIS!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love him to death, he is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

His family is horrible to my cousin. She had their baby and none of his family would go to the hospital to see her or the baby.

We get to the wedding, and his family stayed away from my family and would only speak in greek. The only time they spoke in English was to call my family half-breeds, which we're not but even if we were that was very rude. Even the little kids were saying it. His mom starts an argument with him at the wedding, his brother shows up 2 hours late and that's not the kicker. Ok, his family owns a few restaurants and he runs one of them with his step-father. Well, his step-father was supposed to open the restaurant the next day so he could have a wedding night. The night of the wedding, his step-father said that he wasn't opening it the next day and that my cousin's new husband had to get up at 6:30 the next morning to go open it.

My poor cousin was in tears and I felt so bad for her. It was horrible and everyone was so upset for them.

But, my entire family handled it like we do everything, we all went out and got drunk ^.~ No, not all of us, but you should have seen my grandmother! She was plastered! It was soooo funny. My grandmother is great, she is the favorite of the entire family, has a great sense of humor. She got up and started dancing on the dance floor and she was so drunk. It was great and she had a blast with all her grandchildren dancing around her(and there are quite a few of us as she had 6 children who all went out to have several children of their own).

In the end, my cousin was absolutely beautiful. It was a very pretty wedding and I love her husband, he is one of the coolest guys ever. His family though...*shakes head*...I don't even know them all that well and based off of what I have seen and been told, I don't think I would really like to get to know them...except for his daughter. His daughter was very cool and she and I had a good time at the wedding.

Well, that's the story. I hope you all have a really nice christmas and I will talk to you all later. This is a long post...make-up for being gone for a month!

Talk to you all later!

Thank you and good night!


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Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh my goodness..what a weekend...

well, as for Summer, the baby is still inside her, the doctors gave her medicine to help induce labor but it will still be a little bit, so she's walking around with a dead 7 month old in her...that sentence makes me want to cry...what a horrible sentence...but it's true..

anyways...we did some research, turns out the female's body will automatically go into spontaneous labor within 2 weeks or so after the death of the baby...so even though she's having problems with the medicine she'll still go into labor

on top of that, there are some people who are going around saying she purposefully killed the baby or did something to cause it to die...I want to go up to them and punch them...and they're trying to get my brother to believe it, which thankfully he doesn't...you should see this poor girl, she breaks my heart...friday she almost killed herself, and she was saying to Haley that she would soon be with her mommy...it was horrible and heartbreaking...thankfully my mom was able to talk to her and we're getting some help for her and my brother...

this is truly a horrible thing..I feel so sorry for people who have to go through this, especially the women...Summer had to go through Haley's clothes the other day as well...that in itself was ..I can't even find the words to tell you what it was like...

that said, I won't be on around Thanksgiving, or even for the next little while to be honest. I do wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday. I hope you all have a great time and be so thankful for your family...I've learned that through this experience...

Have a great holiday!


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah...so..today...well, Thursday, was not a cool day...not a cool day at all.

My brother's girlfriend, Summer, was 7 months pregnant...it was a little girl and her name was Haley....but his girlfriend miscarried today....the doctors don't know what happened...what really sucks is the doctors are going to have to induce labor, because Haley's body is still in Summer...so Summer has to go through all the pain and trouble of labor...but there won't be any baby to take home at the end...

We're all heartbroken...especially my brother and his girlfriend...we were all so looking forward to Haley...we had everything ready....

it just wasn't a cool day...

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well, that was cool. I just got home from a fashion show. It was actually really cool, though not nearly enough seating!! All well, it was cool. There were some great clothes.

My feet hurt!! And I am so tired, I'm going to bed right after I post this.

It was cool though, I actually dressed up!! o.O I know! Me, who hardly ever wears any makeup other than eyeliner, me who is mostly found wearing my comfortable black pants and a tank top...that's right, I actually dressed up!! Makeup and clothes...it was actually kind of cool! I have found that it's a nice surprise to both myself and to other people when I only dress up on the rare occasion.

Anyways, so yes, that was my night. It was cool.

Saw some people I went to high school with...that was not cool, but that's another story.

On a sad note, one of my friends had to put down his dog earlier today. His dog, Lucy, had something wrong with her liver, the vet isn't sure yet what it is, we'll find out monday. But apparently, instead of the liver being reddish/pink, which is should be, it was yellow. And, sadly, there was nothing they could do to save her and the vet recommended that she be put down because she was slowly dying in pain anyways. So he is completely crushed. He just lost another dog two years ago and it was horrible. So, because his dog had frequent access to my family's dogs, we have to have them checked out just to make certain what Lucy had wasn't contagious.

But yes, that put a damper on the day. I feel so bad for him, it's hard losing an animal, especially when that animal is basically all the family you have.

Well, I am so tired so I will see you all later! I hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you and good night!


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Well, I have decided that for holloween I'm going to wear a really cool pair of vampire fangs to school. That's right, to school, to classes. I'm going to smile at people and see how they react. I'm just going to dress normally and wear the fangs, it'll be great, I'll tell you how it goes.

I'm so excited! I'm spending Thanksgiving with my dad's family. I haven't seen them since I was 16...that was 4 years ago. I love my dad's family, they remind me of him. They are just the coolest people.

On top of that, one of my cousins is getting married the Monday following Thanksgiving so I'm going to cut school for a day and go to that!! It'll be great!

That's my good news for the day.

On a side note, it just amazes me how some people can just say the meanest things to people, knowing full well that what they're saying will cut that person deep....and they still say it!! That happened to me the other day. Someone, knowing I was vulnerable about something, took the opportunity to full on attack it. Let's just say I should invest in waterproof mascara ^.~ But all well. Such is life, right? What doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger (you'll have to impose the accent since that would be a little hard for me to do over the internet..)

But that's all!

Thank you and good night!


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Friday, October 6, 2006

Well, I've changed the layout a good bit! I really like it, though I am concerned that the lettering is too bright against the red. It was time for a change, however. I also have a new avatar...I love this one...have the next one picked out as well...for whenever..

Oh my goodness...what horrible luck I have! I'm so sick right now! My head is pounding, my throat is raw and killing me and I'm so tired...but can't sleep!...hence the new layout... I was also concerned about my ears earlier, there was so much pressure behind them I was concerned they would burst...not an uncommon thing in my family. *sighs* but I'm going to have to really try to sleep after I post this because sick or healthy I have classes tomorrow...oh joy O.O

Well, I hope you're all ok and have a great day and night!

Talk to you all later!

Thank you and good night!


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Sunday, October 1, 2006

My oh my...but it's been a while!

It's been really busy on my side. School is a major time stealer! I added another major, History, so now I am going for Political Science and History...I'm actually quite excited about that.

I'm loving all of my classes, though I am not quite as fond of one of them as the others. The one I'm not quite happy with is Early North America...ironically one of my favorite time periods and a class I specifically picked out for the heck of it because of my like of the time period. The reading required for that class is just astronomical...4 pretty hefty books...on top of readings for my other classes, one of which has 3 books. I know...I'm in college, I should be used to is...and to some extent I am, I just get frusterate because all my time is spent to those books...to that class really.

On the upside, I just about finished a research paper due on Friday..yes, that's right, I actually wrote a paper in advance, not the night before the paper is due, as per usual. Hehe, I'm quite proud, what can I say.

And I had a debate in my second history class! It was so much fun! It was a scheduled debate, we were given 2 weeks to get information about the side we chose, the debate being "Was the French Revolution a positive force for France?" and I said no. So those of us who chose this debate gathered info and then debated this past monday. There were 2 other people on my team and we were against 7 people..so 3 against 7...but it was great, we all did a good job and it went really well. I LOVE debates! I suppose it's a good thing that I do, as I want to go into law...

On a side note, I got another job. I work for an actual company now (though I still work one day every two weeks at EB just so I can get a discount at Barnes and Nobles ^.~). I love what I do at this company, I'm treated with respect and not looked down on for being a girl..which, trust me, is a new concept as compaired to working in game stores (and I've worked for 2 seperate gaming companies and found it to be the same attitude towards girls in both places...what can I say, some guys are just pigs). And the people at my new job are really nice. And it's great, were as before at EB while I didn't really put up with shit I was also careful as to what I did or said, now, when I work there, I don't care and people don't mess with me as much because it doesn't matter to me anymore...quite empowering I must say. Not only that but I'm paid a lot more than I was at EB (and let me just tell you, now this was before I got a new job, meaning I was working regularly at the store, bu when pay raise time came I was given less of a raise, making me paid less, than a boy who had less work experience then I did and was less qualified than I was...I took that to my manager and he said it wasn't his fault...O.O...ok...whatever.. ya see why I went looking for another job?)

At any rate, I'm sorry I haven't been on really but with school and a new job I'm not left with much time to do much else. I will try to be more frequent with my visits though.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Thank you and good night!


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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ok, so...this is not a very comprehensive compilation of pictures...and some of them are quite dark...but here are the pictures of my apartment. I have several bookcases (you're only seeing two) and a ton of pictures up on the wall (I love paintings) but I'm only showing my most fav...

Starry Night: (you can see the top of my art center..I took a picture of it but it didn't turn out well...)

Starry Night

My music Station:


My dining room:


My TV area:


My Johnny Depp poster in my closet!



My ANGELS!!!! My gaming systems:


well, I hope you enjoy them...they're not the best photos in the world but there you have them, at long last!

heh...once again...gotta love my cell phone!

thank you and goodnight!!


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