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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yay! It's snowing! It looks sooooo pretty. For those of you who look at me like I'm insane because snow is a common thing for you, let me quickly say it only happens here about once a year. And even then, it's really just ice. So to sum it, lol, we get an ice storm once a year. But this year it's SNOWING!!! It makes me smile!

I can't wait till I move somewhere that has snow more than once a year. That's my goal. Yep, indeed.

It's really funny because here, when we have our yearly ice storm, you go to the store and there is no milk, no bread and no eggs. I laugh to see it. Now, you must understand, my family didn't always live here, in fact, where we used to live we had quite a bit of snow. But, ever since we moved here well, you get the rest. We always figured, hey, if you're going to be snowed/iced in, why not get something good to hold you over.

And people totally don't know how to drive, quite sad really.

But, all I can say for now is, I'm smiling because theres SNOW!! and hoping class will be canceled tomorrow due to ice (because that's really the only good thing about the once a year ice storm...people panic and businesses and schools close). So here's hoping.


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