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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Well, all's well that ends well. I got myself another car. It's a Saturn, which is actually quite funny as now everyone in my family owns a Saturn. It's white, which I've never been that fond of (I've always been into Black cars) but the color is starting to grow on me...at least for right now. I can have the color changed later on, when I actually have money again.

So yes, I'm loving my cute little Saturn and am quite happy. I still miss my old car (I actually keep compairing my new car to it, but that's just because I was so used to my old car...the new one is tons better in reality) but I'm sure as time goes by I won't even remember the complete details of my old one.

So yes, that's the end of this story...hopefully...I think I'll cry if anything else happens around my car. I'm kinda paranoid about having an accident...and the fact that my neighbors are less than considerate with other people's cars has me concerned just a little (did I ever tell you guys that one of my neighbors or their friend-it was one of them but I don't really know who all lives next to me as the people keep changing- actually hit my old car with a baseball bat...and left a nice dent in the front of my car, on the tire well or whatever it's called...so they make me nervous). But soon I will have an alarm system in place on my car and that should make it a little more comfortable.

That's all for now. Thank you all for listening to my car problems.

The next vehicle, however, is going to be a Tank. I really like that idea, Someguy. I think I'll have to do that ^.~

Talk to you all later!


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