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Monday, October 6, 2003

   monday............... yeah it was monday

yep today was monday ... sad, lonely monday ... i wasn't in a very talkitive mood today, well not that many people were.... i mean it's monday every ones tried, yes every one. *sigh* hmmmmmm............. now down to busness ........... ahh yes, i'm completely broke! thats right, iggys loose with his money *sigh*

in other news, i didn't say anything to my crush, one reason was .............. ok i don't have reason *sigh* o well i guess i have to go back to my homework *grown*

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Saturday, October 4, 2003

   weekend!!!!! ..... what i'm i happy for?

yay it's the weekend, no more stress ... o wait theres that. no more home work ... o wait i have lots of home work. oh well i guess even on the weekend i'll be depressed *sigh*

today was ok, not great but ok... i had to go to some walk thingy, i went to the libaray, then best buy and barnes and noble. i went to best buy to get a anime dvd but they didn't have it! so instead i got Medal of Honor Breakthough, it's ok i beat the first few levels and so on, at barnes and noble i bought Darby's Rangers we lead the way, it looked ok it's not terribly long, couple hundred or so.

so ya thats what i did today........ no at all exciting..... o well

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Friday, October 3, 2003

   just shoot me now .......................

*sigh* well once again its friday another week has past and i still haven't done anything in the terms of talking to my crush *sigh* don't get me wrong i love the weekends but i hate the fact i haven't said anything. Today i had mixed feelings i wanted to say something but i always had that "what if" in the back of my head, when i think of it, it sounds easy but when it comes time to say something i can't i just can't no matter how much i incourage my self i can't...... ooooo what am i going to do, lately i've felt depressed and disencouraged. Every time i look or hear a spanish word i think of her, weird huh? but whats a shy guy going to do, as my english teacher would say: i've built a wall around my self... meaning i'm shy and don't really want to talk to others or unwilling to talk. *sigh* ..... *looks around but no matter what he sees it makes him think of her*
well all, sorry there was no happy news i know you all don't want to come here and feel depressed, so sorry...

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Thursday, October 2, 2003

   time to dust off the old 2 by 4

fate has dealt a cruel hand once again, somebody shoot me......... *bang* No i didn't speak to my crush to day either *sobs uncontrolbly* ..... *sniffe* i hate my self every time i don't speak to her *holds gun to forhead* 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. *click* ooh well *throws gun out window* .... *BANG* iggy: &%&*&@^@#$%!*@^!! gun %@(*%@(*38 *** fired ahhh %(@&%@(*@#( man! all that confidince i had is gone ....... *single tear*

in other news that girl with the newtype mag was runing by my locker and had a dvd i couldn't tell what series but it was but it was certenly anime.......

*thinks of crush* ..... *slumps over in tears*

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Wednesday, October 1, 2003

   the balloon is floating again...

not much in the way of news today, i don't have much hw left just some study sheet. Any'hoo i didn't get the chance to speak to my crush because i didn't see her today, well i saw her at her locker at the end of the day, she turned and looked at me for a monement... but other than that it was a boring day. I thought i was going to die in shop class! I have long periods on wednesday so i was in there for about 2-3 hours. Hey you all know that mag. "newtype" someone was reading it in my english class, she was covering it up with her literature book. I guess anime fans are every where

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

   new avatar or not?

thats right i have been wanting to change my avatar but i've been wondering what you all would think.... i was thinking something along the lines of keitaro (picture in love hina quiz top of page) so what do ya all think?

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   you see that poped balloon on the floor... thats my hopes and dreams

tuesdays are always problematic and todays was no differnt, i had a TON of home work (i'm not finished yet) went to the orthodomtist to get my braces tightened. I can't stand shop much longer, it's not fun to get yelled at for an hour of your day just after not speaking to some one you REALLY want to speak to (crush). *sigh* dreams are fun but reality is hard. Yeah as you guess it i haven't said anything BUT when i was walking down the pass she came up along side me, she was less than 5" away from me *blushes* i then opened the door for her and we went to our lockers, then i saw her in the hall way again while i was walking to shop (shop aka: hell on earth) I think i've seen her glance over at me during spanish more than just a few times... But being my shy self i didn't say a word *smacks self on forhead* ...... *sigh*

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Monday, September 29, 2003

   shop teacher from hell

i hate shop! I HATE SHOP CLASS! today my spanish teacher let us out of class a minute late which is very bad for me because i have 3 minutes to get from the trailer to the other side of the school but not only that but i have to stop at my locker to put away my sweat shirt and get my civics book! And the shop teacher isn't to fun to spend an hour with!!!! This prevented me from talking to my crush which i acually felt i could do but i realised i would be late so i had to run to my locker! O you know that guy that i thought was with her, he is acaully a 7th grader 0.o! yeah and he just lives near her so no real worries.... o i wasn't late for shop class, sorry i didn't update yesterday i was busy and today i had a huge load of homework to do..... but i managed to get here....

i hate shop!

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

   hey otakus!

hey i just got back from this community service thing, i was diging up stuff... i have do this for my school i have to have 25 hours of this kind of thing *sigh*

I'm haveing a ok day i've been playing halo alot and watching anime now and then and don't have too much homework... so it's a pretty good day so far....

i'm kind of tired i couldn't sleep my brain deweled on thoughts of my crush, so i went down stairs and watched tv until i fell a sleep, of course that was yesterday....

but any'hoo it's a pretty good day

hmmmm any one know where to get music for my site i'm looking for love hina music but i haven't found any thing

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Friday, September 26, 2003

   happyness is mine

yes you heard it, i'm HAPPY! no i didn't talk to my crush BUT after spainsh i opened the door for her and later i saw her in the hall (later as in 2 mintues) and i looked back at her and she...... she ........ simled at me *blush* i was so happy with my self i smiled not only back at her but all throughout 3rd period! And that it's friday makes me even happyer, i'm just SO HAPPY!

o yeah i want to thank all of you who have given me advice if no one had done that then i'd be in my room laying on the floor feeling depressed about myself so THANKS YOU GUYS!!!

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