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Monday, August 21, 2006

Freshly Cut Grass

believe or not thats the name of my friends band. Yes, freshly cut grass. They asked me to play bass so thats what i'm going to do. Play bass, the thing i'm going to do. playing of the bass. the thing i'm going to do. yeah. Bass.

OK, so i've been watching Battlestar Galatica recently, and no i'm not talking about the "nEw OnE oN sCi-Fi cHaNnEl" i'm talking about the originial. Cuz the old cylons are the shit. Whatever that means, they aren't shit but they are THE shit. Like uh, i mean they don't shit they're machines but they are "the shit" ... dawg? Yeah. Dawg. (spelled dog? no "dis" from the streets and is spelled/prononced "dawg")

lets see, alot of my friends at my school and what not deceided to make a day of defeat team, so we're playing a season of cal as team AWESOME.
Which is quite indeed awesome.

cal playoff match tonight, wish my team luck! #converge


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