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Tuesday, November 25, 2003



so now i accaully have free time! w00t! ... bored ... but it's better be bored than do homework... i guess... o well

anywayz you'd think i'd beable to play FFX-2 but.... i only play that with my sister and she has homework T_T tommorow for sure

in other news... nope not yet, haven't said a thing, but i really need time to think this over ... ok? don't kill me... please...

ummmmmmmmmm not much i say... HAHAHAHAH! I'VE CONQUERD POLAND, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! yeah i've been playing way to much blizkreig T_T

well talk to ya all later!

ok sorry no anime piccy today, instead: North africa! Jerries blood broken our bloom'in defense line! (wow, sorry)

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Monday, November 24, 2003

stress off the scale

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! this is going to kill me! *softy cries*

*stress, stress* all these projects are going to kill me... *cries* i just got assigned another project for spanish, and it counts mayorly on my final grade this time *sobs* are they tring to to kill me!?

AHHaH! i have to finish my science and spanish projects this after-noon, and prepare for my oral presentation... in spanish! *pulls out colt 45.* *places against forhead* -click- O_O *sobs* i can't even kill myself! *sobs*

wow i had a gooood dream ^_^ i wish i had never woken'in up ^_^ hehe, the polt of the dream was weird, i moved into a new house (dream) and my crush was in my room O_o and then we talked and stuff for a long time, went for a walk... and then ended back in my room, althought the end was weird, randomly a amazon tribe preist jumped in through my window and chased me away... O_o confused...

anyways sorry i didn't come to any sites yesterday but i've beeeeen very busy *sobs talk to ya later... if i can...

FLCL, confused...

oh ya, i also got final fantasy X-2, well acaully my sister (snowfox) got but we share it soo... anyway just have to say THANK YOU ALL! w00t!

ok off to do hw *sobs*

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Sunday, November 23, 2003


i really need sleep...

wow, sorry i didn't update yesterday i was runing around going to DC and working on tooo many projects >_< i have to work on my spanish for most of today so i mostly won't be able to go to many sites, sorry!

i've been drawing alot recently, but the submitting thingie is down T_T so keep an eye out, the pics are of FLCL (manga)

i go another manga yesterday: DI GI CHARAT, it's very cute, although it lost me when they had laser eye beams...

anyway i have to go work on my projects now! sorry T_T ...

talk to ya when i can!

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Friday, November 21, 2003


ok i'm not going to beat myself up or anything, so don't worry... *stress stress*

anywayz today was ok, spanish and math tests went well, i hope... and i had a science pop quiz which turned out to be a bench mark >_< but i got a 100% on it, ya look i'm a nerd T_T... ok nothing of interest has happened... T_T so bored... but i still have a few more anime dvd's to watch ^_^

O_O *twitch, twitch* i'm .... almost out of Pocky!!!!! *twitch, twitch* ... *idea* hmmm... i'll go get some over the weekend... i hope...

ok not mush else to say...

well heres the curent crush situation: well mised another chance but it won't do me any good to beat myself up, soooooooo maybe next week, i hope, because i really really should try... you know?

so not much else... projects sooooo many projects, i have to finish my spanish (which i just got!) and science project over the weekend, the science project is on elements i have Nickel (not the coin) and we need an invention. Mine is the *drom role* THE TANK! w00t! nickel is used in steel and renforces the steel armor! w00t! ... well i guess nobody really needed or wanted to learn that, sorry!

*glomps* wow i've been in a glomping mood all week ... *glomps* just ask mole or red tigress even anime girl67 they'd all tell you i've been in a glomping mood all WEEK!!! w00t! YAY GLOMPS!

ok is there somthing i can rant about... hmmmmmmmmm i don't know?

wow this might as well have been the longest post i've written lets follow it up with a slide show! w00t!

ok here we go!

sooo cute weee, ok that had nothing to do with the side show... ok next slide

ok theres average me, siting around... doing noth'in much...

although sometimes i may look cold and distant, i really do care about alot of things...

i do have a few friends that are girls but i don't talk to them that much, but them again i don't talk to anyone that much...

don't i wish...

maybe... *sigh*

hehe... ... ... ... ...

ok one more pic to end the slide show:

-sorry my comp gets messed up because of this pic-

wow this has been a long post, congrats if you have completed reading this, have a cookie! *glomps* ... ok so it wasn't that long.....

this has been a iggy production

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Thursday, November 20, 2003


not today... but it WILL happen i can promise that!

ok i really have to study more. No joke i have terrible study habbits, i just look at the review and day dream... ya thats not good... i got like a C+ on my latest spanish quiz, but that was because i slept in... which was bad because i didn't have time to review... i really need more sleep...

heres an example of me study for spanish:

tiene trece anos... wait NO it's tango or maybe ... ah? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I'LL NEVER GET THIS!!!

yep thats me...

anywayz, no i didn't talk to her, but i WILL eventally, it may take awhile but i will, ok?

weird normaly i'd be ranting how stupid i am ... i guess all those threats... i mean nice comments got to me... *sweat drop*

anyway i have to go study for two tests and work on three projects... oh boy...

wish me luck!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

confused... and very pissed

ok theres something i have to say, don't worry i'll censor it.... :


ok, glad i got that out of my system, well good me is back! ^_^ *glomps*

ok well on with the news:

today was confusing, i'm still not sure of my feelings. But i've become less depressed... which is a little better... i guess... anywayz tomorrow is the spanish long day so ya... every thing seems to go back to square one when i see her... weird huh? anyway still confused~

also feel free to aim me, i'm IguanaMk2

thank you all for coming here and being so nice to me *sniffe* ya'll such great friends!!!

oh and if ya wondering what that outbust was, don't ask...

piccy time YAY!

hee hee

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i'm sinking

every day now i've reached a new low in depression...

what am i to do? Nothing, i haven't wanted to do much of anything lately. I just wanted to be me alone. I have asked the question many times: can i do it (talk to her) then i asked should i? Now i ask why should i? i don't know any of these answers, they've plauged my mind all day. I've been coming more and more depressed, sinking at a dangeous rate, for there is nothing holding me back. The turn of the past year has brought back painful memories of the past, things i had tired to forget... things i had forgoten... they all came flouding back. Memories of burtality and pure hatred, all towords me. what do people have against me... i never did anything to them... yet they hated me so... why i ask... why? As far as talking to her, i honestly don't think i'll ever... i know my self to well, i'd never... i'm a spine-less loser that has no courage, too afraid of my own fears... i see her happy walking down the path from school, happy with the person next to her... i'd never have a chance, i was stupid to think i did...

sorry, i know you'll hate me for saying all that, but it's whats been going on lately, sorry, i don't dserve such great freinds you all are...

sorry, i'll try to cheer up...

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Monday, November 17, 2003


school starts late today so i leave here at 10:15, i think?

anywayz just came here for ya'lls opinions, ok here it goes, I'm think for a new iggy the origin, and i was thinking late last night and thought of just posting a summary of everything K-7 grades

sound good?

ok heres a quiz result:

YOU ARE UBERGLOMPABLE! Congrats, for you have
reached the zenith of all glompability. You're
cuddly, loving, soft, and all those wonderful,
glompable characteristics. *glomp* ^__^

How Glompable Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*glomps* ^_^ Glomp Me! Glomp me! is it just me or am i in a huging mood? hee hee talk to ya'll later!

AIM, i encourage people to aim me, my aim is IguanaMk2

*sigh* i miss chie, i hope she gets her internet fixed soon... We miss you chie!

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

   Fall in

i just got back from fall in, the best wargaming convention on the east coast! in my opinion...

the convention was soooo awesome! they had a huge "operation market garden" it had over a 1000 figues! on each side!!!! it was completely awesome... wow i'm like sooo happy now... i never thought i'd be this happy again! (over dramaic *smacks*) anyway i'm almost broke again... i bought like oooh i'm not even sure how many... but i got alot of britsh commonweath troops and a german para-troops... and stuff...

i wasn't signed up for any games, but the Operation market garden you could just walk up and play, but you could only sid you could play was the germans! yuck! i wanted to be in the britsh 30th corp. or the britsh 1st airborne... *sigh* or even the 101st or 82...

anyways i had a great time and stuff, well talk to ya all later....

oh almost forgot i got a new anime AI YORI AOSHI! ok heres a piccy...

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Friday, November 14, 2003

sorry peoples

this is important:

ok over the weekend i may not beable to come here, i'm really sorry guys... i have busy weekend: tomorrow i'm going to baltamore or around there to a war gaming convention, i'll be there all day with my dad, then on sunday i have to work on my projects and study for tests. I'm really sorry guys!


today was... not good, people at school are really starting to piss me off. someone put something in my hood, i was so ticked i turned around and smashed him into a wall. and that other damn kid too... some people just piss me off!

i haven't said anything to her yet but that doesn't mean i've lost hope, i'll speak to her... i just don't know when...

ummmmm question: not as many people are coming to my site... *big teary eyes* have i said something stupid? have i pissed anyone off? *sobs* *sobs* *sobs* please don't leave me!.... *sobs* *sobs*

ummm... i guess thats it for this post... well talk to ya some time, maybe after "fall in" (convention) who knows...

well later

bye bye


Piccy! w00t! talk to ya all later!

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