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Saturday, October 25, 2003

   I miss chie

*sniffe* chie hasn't come to the otaku in a while, well maybe a few days ago but... i miss her *sniffe* i hope she comes back soon...

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Friday, October 24, 2003

... i may have missed another chance ... but ... i just can't give up, ... i've got all the time in the world... just because i missed one chance doesn't mean i've given up... after all, no matter how many i miss i'll always have another chance ... because i know ... i know .... i can do this... i'll never give up..... forever...

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

   i'm such a coward

i'm upset ... because of my stupid self...

*sigh* today i had one of those days, where i have spanish fo 2 hours in the morning... in spanish someone took something from my crush... i was upset by this because i didn't lift a finger to help ... i felt like a complete coward... and after that, walking back to the school i felt even worse because i didn't even try to speak to her... every time i miss a chance it hurts me deep inside eating away at my self confidence... *sigh* i felt so upset i almosted cried in math class... *sigh*

my friends stoped chaseing though, but i was never concered about that...

*sigh* maybe tomorrow ... or maybe never...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

   Today's rant on whatever

i should be studying ... *not studying* YAY not studying... ok next topic

today was ... not good ... you know those "friends." well one off them now wants to kill me! i ran again though the masses to my locker. The chase didn't end there, i ran down the halls bolted over the sand traps fought of rapid bunnyies and grabed the all power-ful stone... a gaint boulder fell down and came crashing down the corroidors, i ran franticly to bus and jumped on at the very last second!

completely true... well maybe i expanded the truth just a little...

anyway i never had a chance to speak to my crush (not like i can) because i only saw her at the end of the day and if i stoped for a second i would be dead meat (really) my stupid ass-clown friend was franticly chasing me down the halls from the science department...

maybe tomorrow...... maybe...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

   rrrrrrrrrrrr.......... tuesday .... grim tuesday

i hate tuesdays and they hate me....

today was messed up, bad and boring, my teachers all said i would have a quiz today and only one was right... rrrrrrr.... i had a math test but it was easy, i'll have a tough civics test tomorrow and on thrusday ohhh boy a spanish thing thats just going to soooo much fun (rrrrr....)

well heres the news you all came here for... yep didn't say anything ... again.. *sigh* rrrrrrr.... i hate myself every time this happens! rrrrr... my stupid friends! the kid that keeps pulling my hood was chasing me i turn around and my messenger bag slams into my other friend (wrong move) so now they are both chasing me, one smacking me with his voilin case... he hit me right in the face! so now i 'm running faster than ever and passed by my crush and they continue to chase me until i get to the safety of the bus *sigh* .......... o well

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Monday, October 20, 2003


IT CAME IT CAME, MY LOVE HINA WALL SCROLL CAME I'M SO HAPPY! and i'll be leaveing in a little bit later for that game i'll leave at about 7:00 so i can visit sites ^_^

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   *sigh* ummmmm..... ya

well today wasn't bad but wasn't good either

hmmm... well i've finished my homework and i'm going to leave soon to see my sister's volleyball game, so i problay won't be able to get to may sites, if you want me to stop by tell me, and i will try my best... i have a big spanish thing thrusday and i need to start studying today...

in other news i still haven't said anything, although i was very tried today ZzZZzzzzz not much sleep... however i'm alot more confident in my self now so maybe it will be some time soon.... i hope

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

   bored and sleeply

today was remarkable for being totaly unremarkable...

nothing of intrest happened today, but i'm no longer broke, i'm going to order 2 dvd's Oh! My Goddess vol. 1 and vol. 2

in other news i got MOH (medal of honor) breakthough to work online! my name is ".//hack hug a penguin" interesting isn't it? oh and i'm no "noob" (newbie) i got 36 kills in under 10 mintues! oh ya! fear me!

today we're are going to an italin reteraunt and normaly when that happens my dad bribes me to eat calamarey (fried squied heads) of course that never works...

well thats all thats happend or going to happen, oh crap i still have science home work..... oh boy...

well see ya all!

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

   what a beatyful day for a war

i just got back from the renactment (civil war) it was so awesome! in the stores they were selling guns and swords and all other voilent stuff ^_^ it really cheered me up....

hmmmm..... i guess i never told you all, i'm trying to become a WWII renactor, i alrealdy have the basic supplys and stuff...

well thats all i have to say for now see ya all! ^_^

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Friday, October 17, 2003

   weekend ........... sad depressed and lonely

i haven't gotten a wink of sleep this week, today i thought my alarm clock was truck backing out... ya... i guess i haven't had any sleep because i'm constainly thinking of how i'm going to speak to my crush...

today was not fun at all, after a restless night i study some more for my spanish test which ironicly turned out to be a easy quiz, after that i went to shop (ggrrrr....) and PE, it turned out in PE we had a quiz but no worries it was completely easy. then i draged myself for civics (oh boy!) and then lunch, i had a easy civics and math quizs today also but they were easy, and on a good note i turned in those quiz corrections and rasied my grade.....

ok here's the bad news, before-warned i'm not at all happy about this:

well ok here we go, today after spanish and what not i didn't talk to my crush... but heres the shocking part... at the end of the day i saw her just standing in the middle of the locker commons... waiting watching... ok i go to my locker she glanced at me for a moment and then looked down another row... later while i was on the bus i saw her walking home... but here's the catch she was walking home with this ............ ......boy............... i couldn't beleave what i saw, i smashed my head into the seat in front of me until i finaly came to my senies...... this was to much of bad news for me......... i don't really feel like doing anything any more........ i just sit lening against my wall in a small ball...... i tried of this messed up crazy rat race

well i hope tomorrow will be better, i'm going to a Civil War renactment with one of my friends, and last week i order a wallscoll it should be here soon....

*sigh* fate has delt a crule hand...

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