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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


well it's wednesday, nothing much to tell you all but here it is:

i still haven't talked to my crush, for one good reason......i didn't have spanish today, wednesday is the only day that i don't have spanish. I saw her at the end of the day but i couldn't catch up to her, a tidle wave of other students kept me from catching up to her. It was like a deamon pocessed them all to stop me from reaching her, weird huh? Not like it matters to much i'll most likely see her tomarrow.

and if i seem obsessing please tell me

o and someguy, no i'm NOT going to throw paper balls at her

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

   Love....and hesatation

well today was... well i'm not sure how today was. After spanish i went walking down the path following that girl right, and by the time i got to the school she some how got behind me so i opened the door for her, i got no response but o well(*sniffe*), at that moment i descovered that she has nice blue eyes. All throught-out the day i shifted into dream mode and spaced out....... huh what was i doing..... o yeah, anyway.... today she seem to pop up every where i went, i saw her waiting out side
a class room next to mine, i saw her during the fire drill, at her locker (like three times), and at the end of the day, all were great chances to talk to her..... but didn't because well i don't know. It's like my head incourages me to talk to her but then when i see her my mind says shutup and don't say anything or you'll look like an idot in front of her! I wish my head would make up it's mind! I really want to talk to her but i hesatate very time i see her...


*walks down a street named lonely avinue*

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Monday, September 15, 2003

   another day another chance missed

as the title sugguested i missed another chance at talking to my crush, i wish i could talk to her but when i see her my stupid head has second thoughts, yeah i should just go for it, and beleave me i am trying. Well at least i have all year, but every chance i miss my confidence dies a bit.

o, i'm sorry for sounding so pathitic/stupid

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

   dreams and the internet...........

well once again i had this weird dream i don't remember it very well but i remember this one part of my dream (no it's not a love hina sciene), this is what i remember:

I was walking down the hall with a freind talking about somthing when you know who(crush) steps out of a door with her freind, her freind looks towards me and says:

o there you are, don't you have a crush on my freind here, huh?

Mr I:!!ummm..........well *fitals with hands* umm.......

Cursh:why can't you be a man and aidmit it!

Mr I:........

Cursh: *tears run down her face*

Mr I: I ummmm.... I didn't mean to......... i'm sorry...........

Crush: *smacks me and runs away*

Mr I: wait I have some thing to say! *runs after her*

And thats what i remember weird isn't it. I'm glad that it was only a dream but you can't help but wonder.

Any body know where to get music for "my otaku"? i what to put up either the theme song from war in the pocket or the theme song from Love Hina. Any idea's

come back soon, and it's ok if you call me Iggy or Mr Iggy i don't mind

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Saturday, September 13, 2003

   Dreams of uncertionty

well i had one weird dream, it wasn't very helpful, the dream went as follows:

it was a cold winter day, i was walking towards spanish class and out of no where my crush apeared and smiled at me

Mr Iguana:................Hi

crush: Hi there, how are you today?

Mr I:umm..............i'm f.f.fine...... how about you?

C:Great don't you just love the winter?

Mr I:ummmm....ya of course.....it's my...... favoriate... season

C: Really? That great!

about then i got to class, half way into class the exam reasults are posted

Day dream fanitcly:

Hey Mr I you got the highist score out of any one!

how do you do it

hand appears

Mr I: o you want'na shake my had... ok!

Day dream ends:

I run around shaking random peoples hand until i (still in lala land) take my crushies had and say:

Mr I: you want to shake my hand to!

C: Not really

Mr I: sorry

Freind: Hey Mr I you scored 27th from the bottem, you really think you should be flurting right now?

Mr I and crush: Failing again!

C: What if your stupidity is contagous, let go of me!

crush falls down
Mr I: i'm sorry!

C: it to late!

Crush stands up as punches me, i go slikding down the path near the school

Freind approchies,

F:some punch!

Mr I: so that's what its like....to hold a girls hand.

And that was my dream not to helpful huh i just thought i might as well post that.

in anime news i got love hina again, it could have been a lot better but o well,

come back soon.

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Friday, September 12, 2003

   well it's friday............

it's friday...... you'd think i'd be happy but..........i'm not really because you see today at school after spainish *screen burrers and flashback starts* i was walking along side that girl and i tried to say somthing and my tounge turned to dust! I couldn't say anything not even a "hi" or "hows it going", i was so upset with my self that i started kicking my self in shop class, which is after spainish. I wish that i could just say hi, it seems so easy in my head but when i see her all my confidence dies and i can't say the simplies words to her. *sigh* i can't believe that i walked along side her and I din't even say a thing!

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

   I'm so stupid! i'm such an idot!

i'm such an idot, i had the perfict chance to speak to that her (my crush) and being my shy lonly self i said nothing! i'm such a moron! Man, when i screw up it brows up in my face!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

   Wow today was great... i guess

Today was great for two reasons:

you know that girl i have a crush on she stoped hanging out with that other guy so i think i might beable to talk to her if i can muster the courage, which in my case is next to imposable but i guess i should just come out and just say "hi" or i'll reget it. although saying hi to someone radomly seems to imply that i like her, this is puzzling.

and a cd that i ordered in the summer finally said it shiped *does happy dance*!

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Monday, September 8, 2003

   The good news *sign* and The bad news

*sigh* school is a drag mainly because I have civics every day before and after lunch (i'm not sure how that works). Also on top of that after 1st period i have to walk out side down a path to the trailers which is where my spanish class is.

The Bad news: I honestly don't know if i ever will have the courage to speak to that girl mainly because I saw her and someone elise walking together, this could be a freind but i don't know.

The good news: i'm not broke any more! I now can afford Love Hina Again and a few others!

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Friday, September 5, 2003

   !!!...???/!/? um............ yeah

finally the frist week of school is over, I hate my teachers classes and some how I got shop again! Instied of calling it "shop" they dubed it "tech systems", how that works i don't know nor care!

The only class i can stand is spanish (at least for now) not because I'm obsesed with learning the languge (far from it) but because of a girl i like, she wears a sweat shirt with a hood every day (like me), wears glasses (like me), seems shy (like me), and has long brown hair (i have black hair but who realy cares). Unfortunely for me I'm the shyist person in the entire school distrect, the good news is that it's a year class so i have time to build up some curage or some thing any way.

In anime news I'm still broke so I can't affored Love Hina Again or any gundam movies,
soon I mite be able to affored 1 but other than that nothing. See ya come back soon.

Seig Zeon!

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