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Thursday, September 25, 2003


today was thursday (no kidding) any way back on subject

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... well the following happened today.

Went to school, went to spainsh for 2 hours (hey i never told you guys/gals that i sit like right across from my crush) but on subject, i ran in PE got 7 laps on the track, dragged myself to Civics *sigh* and after that i picked myself up and went into math finally some where i feel smart

not much huh? o well

o yeah i don't need to be hit with a 2x4 any more i feel a bit better about my self....
...... i guess

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

   ok.... where did that 2 by 4 go?

*Sigh* ... *sigh*

well, well it's wednesday again *sigh* once again, nothing much happened today

thats right you guess it ... i didn't talk to my crush........... yet, not much a surprise, i know these things take time but .... and i know i can't expet to just walk up to her and start chatting but............. but .............

and i know i shouldn't obsess over her or anything

and i certainly shouldn't throw paper balls at her....

tomarrow i have spanish for 2 hours so.... ya, just thought i'd tell you ...... >.< big test tomarrow in spanish *tear*

yep...... yep ... not much

*thinks of crush* ... *breaks down crying*

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


i updated my intro and took a few more tests inculding two love hina ones it said i was like Keitaro! And the other said i liked Naru this is scaring me 0.0

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   Dreams...................and reality

well i had a good dream, in it i acaully talked to my crush but it was only a dream *sigh*

Please some one hit me with a 2 by 4 *sigh* I wish i could talk to her but i'm a spineless loser *sigh* i know i shouln't beat my self up but...... but ....... but............ = 0.0

sorry for being so sorry sounding and depressed lately...

*single tear runs down face*

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Monday, September 22, 2003

   monday...................not a fun day

monday ...... again ..... nothing really happened today just the norm., went to school didn't speak to crush (who didn't see that coming) got a lot of homework (but most of it is done) and then i loged online and so here i am....

like i said nothing happened today but please continue reading this post

any'hoo i STILL haven't said any thing to my crush, why you might ask (or not) well i ..... ummmm ... i don't know why ...

*sigh* why am i so nervous about this?

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Sunday, September 21, 2003


007 rushed towards the monstrousty of a mech,"damn you monster go down!"

He pulled his power sword and lunged at the mech.

the mech simplely side steped and sliced of 007's left arm

007"damn you!" 007 jumped back and pulled up a semie audomatic pistol
he fired seven consecutive shots, the spent shells fell to the mud caked ground and rolled down the mountain side

007 only had three shots left, he side steped and fired (miss) turned and fired (missed) then the mech appeared behind him he spun around and pulled the trigger, the round cut through air and logded it's self into the mechs monitor

the mech was thrown to the ground and slowly picked itself up

007 through aside his pistol and took out his dagger he jumped towards the mech and logged the dagger into the enemy cockpit

but the mech wasn't finsh it pulled the dagger from it's torso and escaped to the mountain side.

the End...?

well what did you think, bad ending huh? o well i did my best... i think

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

   ok,ok no more stories

i asume since no one commented on the story, no one liked it *sigh* o well writing isn't one of my strong points...

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   i'm bored so a story i write........

2781, Earth is a hellish battlefeild of death and destroction. Human Vs. (insert mecha here)

it's a dark deselant day on Earth a human mech recon team is sent to patrol the mountian side.

their mechs slowly walked through the mud caked ground, waiting watching for signs of the enemy.

unit 007:all units report...
001:here,all green
004:here,all green
-12:here,all.....wait i have movement...
shit there fast.... dawm!*static*

007:all units move to support -12!

007 unslung his 200mm cannon,"lock and load!"
they raced off towords the destress call. 007 sighted a mech,"all units open fire!"
all three fired their weapons they cattered alway sending spent shell casings in to the wind.

the mech jumped and sprinted while side steping towards 004's mech, "dawmit i can't hit'em, go down you SOb!"

the enemy mech did a dack filp over 004 and rammed a sword through the back straight into the cockpit. His mech expoled into a fire ball of of flames and metal.

007:"F***! Shoot,SHooT!, shoot at him untill your guns are over heating!

001 leveled his cannon and sent a volly of rounds towards the mech. He contuned fireing towards the mechs position,"theres no way he could live through this!"

007 "stop wasting ammo! do you really think he'd be defeated by a amature!"

001 "what!? i'm no amature"
he then ran towords the cloud of dust and leveled his cannon

the mech apeared and and riped the cannon from his arms, the mech lunged forward and slashed the cackpit with its saber.his life-less mech fell to the ground.

007 ran forword and threw his cannon at the mech "his is no mech it's a montser!"

too be conitued(maybe)

well what did you think, should i continue it or burn it? Please tell me what you think...

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Friday, September 19, 2003

   left in the dark..........

hey, my power was out for like ever, well ok its was a few hours but it felt like for ever! Yep there i was in a cold dark room writing SOS on the back of a shovel with a peice of coal and then the lights restored and life was a new. Ok i was exaggerating

Any way back to the topic at hand i see some new art of mine finaly showed up, so what did you think of it???...

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

   No school!.........no school *sigh*

yep you heard it no school for me, becuase of the hurricane coming my way. Mother nature and i have a score to setal. Well ok thats not ture but anyway i don't have school. Which means i miss another chance to speak to my crush
(more like not speak).

What can i say, i'm pretty bored right now i'm listening to a CD. I'm not sure what to do (sould i work on that project? nan).

so how are ya'all doing.....(still bored.....bored)

o and thank you all for giving me advice and such, any advice is good, yes even yours DES

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