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Thursday, November 13, 2003

well... hmmm

i'm ok, ok ... i guess

well today was ok, who am i kidding today sucked. I had my spanish project thingie, it went fine i most likly got an A. Although i still have the english and science *groan*

the world was against me today, in lunch i was kicked really hard in the knee, and in PE i was peged with a basket ball in my [ahem...] no need to mention that. and finaly at the end of the day one of my "friends" was making fun of me, say "your a b----! go f--- your-self!" and so on. I was so pissed i turned around pined him to his locker and told him to shut up and leave me alone.

i've decided i should speak to her, at the end of the day i thought there was no hope at all, but then some how i thought differenty like some voice told me not to give up...

or maybe i've just lost it... oh well

awww isn't that kawaii?... hee hee

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

hhhmmm wednesday

well as we all know it's wednesday... errr...

anywayz today was today nothing really happened... except i'm stressed very stressed i have three projects going on, i still have to present my civics and my spanish oral is tomorrow, and a science project is due the 25, and ... wait i also have that english ... awww i'm way in over my head... *stress, stress*

well tomorrow is thursday, the only day i truely have a chance of speaking to her... but should i, is my question today... please tell me what you think...

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

i'm late!

sorry i didn't come here sooner but i had so much homework! T_T

wow today i made a fool of my self (again) and of course it just had to happen in spanish! ok the teacher was passing out the tests and what not, and she said DO NOT START THE TEST, being my intellgent self i started (*smack*) and she (teacher) yelled at me (T_T) so then i started to smack my head against the desk *smack, smack, smack* ... *sigh*

also it's completely imposable to speak to my crush on any day except thursday, because that day i don't have shop. Now i have to run to shop to be on time, i mean like sprint and jump over people... oooohhh this is going to suck...

CIVICS IS EVIL!!!! i hate civics the teacher gave us a stupid assignment... a comic strip on the articles of confederation! blah!!!! blah blah blah!!!!

hhmmmm... looks like i'm done with my home work... so Piccy time hee hee hee hee

in other news today is vertans day, i'd like to show all this peom...

The Hills Of Bastogne

-by Bernard J. McKearny,

The crops should be full in Belguim this year,
The soil should be fertile, but the price has been dear,
The wheat should be red on the hills of Bastogne
For the roots have been drenched by the blood of our own.

Battered and reeling we stand in their way,
It's here we are, and here we will stay.
Embittered, wrathful, we watch our pals fall,
God, where's the end, the end of it all?

Confident and powerful, they strike at our lines,
but we beat them back, fighting for time.
Berserk with fury, they hitting us now,
Flesh against steel-we'll hold-but how?

For each day that we stay, more mothers must grieve.
For each hill we hold more men must leave.
Yes, honor the men who will someday come home,
But pray for the men 'neath the hills of Bastogne.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

   sleepy monday

ooohhhh my head hurts!

today sucked, i was so tried this morning yet i got up at the normal time 5:45, i hate getting up early *groan* anyways had a team picture today, i'm on team "X" of my school. I don't understand the system of that. i also had to run from spanish to shop but i was late anyway but he didn't count the "tardy" because two others came form that class also(being late of cours). I never had a chance to speak to her becuase i ran from spanish and stuff.

although i did see her at the team picture thingie, yep shes on my team, she looked sad. *sigh* i wanted to talk to her but i knew i wouldn't, not on a monday.

well i did all my homework... except... dang that stupid project! and i have two tests tomorrow... well better get studying.. oh boy... <_> (?)

oh ya red tigress, i do go to langston hughes... thats almost scary... that you knew *twilight zone music*

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Saturday, November 8, 2003

   hee hee...

i got CALL of DUTY for the PC, and it acaully works (thank goodness)

in other news, i have a spanish project (ahahahahahahahahahaaaahahahaaaaahaa) and it's a fashin(wow i can't spell) show (ahahaha), yep eppp! soo i'll work on that some time...

also, chie came back w00t! it may be temoperaily but it made my day! hee hee, i hope she gets her comp./internet to work soon!

hmmmm... not much else to say... oh ya i'm broke again >.< well at least it was a good day...

yep... out'a money... o well, good day though, see ya all later!

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Friday, November 7, 2003

friday... ok i guess

well i'm a bit better...

i didn't have spanish today so i had some time to think things over, i've decided that i really should speak to her. Because you never know what will happen and if i don't speak to her then i don't think i'll ever beable to live with my self. so it may take a while but i promise i will.

Well i'm gald its firday, now i can finaly play DoD... in other news i'm going to watch Finding Nemo. I've never seen the moive so YAY!

Random-ness statement of the day:
Well i'm off to east prussia (germany) to sell foreign exchange students ... err i mean to ummm oh dear... (yep iggy's turn to be random...)

see ya later all... oh almost forgot heres a piccy ^_^

Kawaii huh? yeepp! hee hee

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Thursday, November 6, 2003

what am i to do...


i still have to finish my project... i'm getting to it... or not... well i can't work on it now but i will so ya...

*sigh* i'm i true loser, i don't think i can or should speak to her(crush), i feel like an idot for thinking i could... but i know i can't... i'm a complete loser... whats the point... i don't even think i'd have a chance anyway...

i have to go work on my project... i guess i'll talk to ya all later...

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

whats the point...

oh well...

i'm not sure what to say today, went to school still didn't say something (*smack*) got a ton of homework T_T, and it turns out my project is due friday but i have to add captions and stuff, which my teacher failed to tell us! rrrr.... i hate civics and shop but mostly shop, but i also can't stand science... those three classes are the Axis of Evil!!!!!!!! (T_T)

ohhhhh well nothing to really say, although i have started to question why i even like my crush... it was seems hopeless... *sigh* not sure what to do, not even sure i really would want to do, ... i guess i just ... oh i don't know... this all just doesn't make sense... i'm not sure what i even want anymore...

ok ok heres the piccy...
*sigh* hopefully this won't happen... i hope

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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

   no school ... but i civics project

rrr.... i hate civics, it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have it every day... *sigh*

wow i've been playing way to much DoD for my own good, i also go another His & her Circumstances but i haven't finshed the first one... theres 6 or so episodes on each dvd... so it might take bit. FLCL vol. 2 is very confuseing, i still don't under stand it *confused* hmmmmmm... ummmm... ya...

oh i now have over 400 visites! WOOT! YAY! thanks too ya all!

hmmmm... i found this cool wallscroll what do you all think?

*everyone slaps iggy* ok ok, well i'm off to play DoD ... er i mean work on my project... hee hee that was close...

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Monday, November 3, 2003

no school... w00t

well i don't have school today... and i not tomorrow either...

i finaly got Day Of Defeat to work on my comp. and it's better than MOH, i play it online... Also i got FLCL (manga) vol. 1 and 2, it's very odd but i absoluty love it, the drawings are different but it's totaly awesome! and on saturday it got His & Her Circumstances vol. 1 (dvd, anime)... i'm still drawing a blank on what to right for the Origin, so ideas are whelcomed!

short story on WWII:

Pvt. Mike ran and ducked for cover, he landed hard against the cold earth. He chanced a glance over the bush line. two rangers stood up and ran down the hill, instantly a mg42 opened up and a-sorted small arms. The staff sergeant was hit in the lower leg, then the knee joint and the lower body instantly killing him. the private next to him threw his grenade, killing the mg gunner. a rife man then stortly there after fired three shots one missed the rest hit the man in (ranger, us) the chest. Pvt. Mike leveled his M1 and fired, the shot missed. He fired again, miss. He took careful aim. Time stoped as he pulled the trigger, the round cut through the air and smashed into the rifleman. It cut throught his helmet and logged into self into his skull. Blood misted out of the wound, pouring from the gap and runing down his face. Pvt. Mike stayed in his position until he got the courage to move, he turned around and slowing walked down the hill... "BAM" he was struk(sp?) by a shot, it hit him in the neck and run up into his skull chracking his cranuim(sp?) and savering(sp?) his creabroil(sp?) cortex(sp?) his dead body fell lifeless to the ground blood pouring down his neck and on to his feild uniform covering the ground and his equipment. Master Sergeant Baker ran and found his dead buddy "i'm sorry buddy" he said in a small voice... at that moment a german Unteroffizeir appeared over the crest of the hill (5 feet away) both brought their weapons to bare, Backers M1 carbine was unloaded and the germans Mp40 was jamed. The Unteroffizeir through his useless gun at baker, baker in return through his helmet. Both drew their pistols, the german fired first. Hiting baker in the knee and blatter. baker quikly shot the "kraut" in the chest, shoulder and head killing the the soldier... he picked up his fallen buddy and limped back to the aid station...

-so what did ya think, it's been a-while since i wrote a story...

(removed)-it took up to much space sorry...

cool pic, it's not anime but hey! so now i have to work on my project, so see ya later

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