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Thursday, October 16, 2003

   get me off this marry-go-round called life

today absolutly sucked! it just plain out sucked! i hate me!!!!!

i'm the biggist idot on the face of the earth. i can not beleave what happened!

ok, here's the deal in spanish today we were to study with a partner, but she (teacher) gave us numbers...... guess who was in my group..... thats right my crush! i was sitting next to her....... so we studied, but we never really talked... well in spanish but that doesn't count... *sigh* there was another in my group though, my friend, he said she was wrong (question) and i told him she was right (because she was)... next thing i know he wanks the back of my sweat shirt and ya, i fall over back words........... *sigh* i hate my self that was the perfict chance but i blew it, i can't beleave it!

the un-happy-ness doesn't end there...

when i had math, i got a bad mark on my test i got a (beep)% on my quiz, how could I! i'm so ashamed of my self! but i did corrections and i can retake it and get a better grade... not a total loss... i guess

i hated today, i just want to put my head down and cry....

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

   teachers=minons of evil

well well, half my week is gone....... two more chances.......

ok heres the thing about the title, in shop class there was one heck of a fight(words) i didn't know that he could yell so loud >.<

and in science today i had a subsatute teacher, she sent a kid to "AIA" for just saying "hi" in the first 10 minutes over half the class was sent to "AIA" 0.0

crush situation:well it's not like i really had a chance, i didn't have spanish so ya.... i only saw her twice for only a few seconds.... went i was runing to english i saw her in the correr of my eye, and once more while on the bus..... she looked sad, but looks are not always every thing... but still 0.0 ...............

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

   i've made a fool of my self

well today sucked i made a fool of my self in spanish! The teacher asked me a question and i had to define a vocab term and use it in a sentence.... well the defining part was good but i said "the man's name is the girl's"... *sigh*

the rest of the day was fine until after math

*sobs* i can't beleave it no! (BEEP) that (name withdrawn) RRRRRR....

ok heres what happened! In math class one of my friends and i were talking... you see normaly we make fun of each other not to hurt the other but just for fun... and he call me a yello dart (go figure) so in return i said he was a janitor.... i kept saying that all through out the class...

so i left class and then he grabs my hood and pulls it back, i started spasing out and fell over backwords and the worse part is it was all in front of my crush! SHE SAW EVERY THING!

*tears run down face*

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Monday, October 13, 2003

   Monday......... captain's log

well it's monday, no school for me, *dream mode* i can't help but think of my crush, i mean i can't think of anything else, *sigh*

well yesterday i went on that walk thing, and after that i went to border's books and old navy.

i got Full Metal Panic vol. 1 at borders and some baggy pants and a messenger back at old navy (i've always wanted a messenger back, but i'm always broke) luckly the messenger bag was on sale and i got it for only $6.99, so i'm not completely broke...

hmmmmm... not much to do .... i could do my spanish ....... spanish *brusts into tears*

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

   What happened to DES!

People! most of you know this already but for the few who don't DES is MIA (Miss In Action) and is maybe KIA, but let us hope not! does any one know what happened to are pocky addicted freind?

in other news i have to go on a communtiy service walk i a few mintues, i just came to see whats up, but then i saw DES is missing! *sobs* what are we going to do!

I know! i'll form a resuce mission volunteers step up! the rest up you ........ stay and enjoy my site, this is now the HQ for locating DES "Smeper Fi" carry on troops!

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

   weekend YAY! ................. i'm bored

hey everyone! Yesterday i had an quote end quote "anime spasim" so i went seaching for Oh! My Goddess! but no one had it *sobs* so i got the Oh! My Goddess! THE MOVIE, i watched it with my sister(snowfox) it was good, now i want to get the series, although i'm broke, i only have one dollar *sweatdrop* ........ i also picked up .hack//LEDEND OF THE TWILIGHT (manga), i'm about half way thought it, it's funny all i can say is Love hina meets .hack// anywayz hope ya'all have a great weekend!

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Friday, October 10, 2003

   three day weekend

it's friday and i have a three day weekend! YAY now i can try to get back up to speed in sleeping.... nan......

well today was ok, i had an english test but it was easy and got back a paper i wrote: 95 "A", went to spanish got an "A" on the chapter test, took a test in civics "B" took notes in math bla bla bla!

well heres the main news, thats right my day to day up-date on the crush situation. Well in spanish today the teacher moved her desk to the dack of the room so some elise could use it to take a test they missed, well heres the cool part: there were many emtiy desks around except she sat in the one right next to me.... heheh [ahem..] and when i was walking down the path to school i turned and saw her, she was looking derictly at me... and later a saw her again and we glanced at each other....

Hmmmmm... i'm still confused on the bandange theory, because is this just me but i've always been known to do both and both hurt....

so anywayz thats mainly whats been happening lately, looks like i can get started on that three day weekend! oh wait i've got home work ..... "look a plane!"....... huh what was i doing ..............

so ya thats about it, thanks everyone for the advice! see ya!

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Thursday, October 9, 2003

   feelings re-newed

yep today wasn't to bad, i haven't finished my homework yet but i thought i'd come here anyway. Well toady i had a spansih chapter test, it wasn't to hard. My long period today seemed to last forever! i'm not kidding, i was sitting really and i mean REALLY close to my crush, my heart was racing the hole class, at one point she turned and looked at me for a few moments at that point my heart nearly exploed (sp) under pressure.... although a managed to turn and face her. well, i guess i'll have to apply the "bandage" theogy here... i guess.... well at least i know how i feel now... i think....

o on an interesting fact, when i'm riding the bus i can see her walking home, she must live near by. i mean i could walk to my house from school but i'd rather take the bus so i can get a jump on my piles oof of home work.

so any ways today was ok in general

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Wednesday, October 8, 2003

   is there hope?

*sigh* i'm not completely sure, but i know at least a part of me still likes her. I guess that i fear rejection or looking like an idot, and all those times i put my self down didn't help. It may be that i have lost all confidence in the matter... i don't know..... *looks off into the clouds* ... hmmmmm... i....... just .......... ju-st don't know ....... well i'm still confused with my emotions so lets move on to some new news

i got my progress report to day: mostly "A"'s and one "B+" and one "B", ya look i'm an offical nerd.......

Medal Of Honor: i've almost beaten breaktough, this game is historicly inacuarte but who cares (yeah i'm terrible at spelling)

Spanish: yeah thats right i got an "A" in spanish, but i have a chapter test tomarrow, and on top of that it's a extra long period day so i'll be spending 2 to 3 hours next ot the girl i have mixed emotions for......

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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

   mixed emotions

?????? i'm very confused with my self... i mean i'm not sure about my crush, what i'm trying to say is .... i don't know any more, i really don't know how I feel. o i be so confused! well i don't have spanish tomarrow, and i don't have any other classes with her. i'm so confused, i'm not acting how i normaly do, for exampe: normaly i'd be beating my self up for not saying anything, i still "like her" and all but .... you know .... i guess you don't. i just don't get it, i mean ..... i just don't understand any more.......

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