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Friday, November 9, 2007

   Taiyou no Midori...

Mood: Meh...
Music: Nothing...

I realize I haven't updated in a couple of days...Gomenasai!! *bows*

So, the past few days have been pretty uneventful. I've been hanging out with Daku-kun a lot. Yes, for anyone who is wondering, I like him...He's really sweet. And he's cool. AND I STOLE HIS KAKASHI-SENSEI PHONE CHARM!!!! Kawaii no Jutsu!! *holds up peace sign* I also borrowed the first four volumes of Naruto from him. I had only been watching occasionally on Saturdays, and I wanted to get the story straight.

Hm...Oh! Today I went to Syndicate alone. MJ and Eddy were there. They're the two weirdo freaky druggy men that scare me and Mantha. They were spray-painting on the mini ramp. Nothing much happened. Just hung out and read the first volume of Naruto....

I went to a special speaker thing with Sarah-chan and Daku-kun. Some guy named John Bul Dau. He was a Lost Boy of Sudan. He was TAAAAALLL!!! Of course, when you're 5' even, everyone seems tall. But this guy was 6'8"! Daku-kun asked him at the end...

After the thing was over, me and Daku-kun got into one of our many poke wars, and I said I would win. He picked me up in a fireman's carry....I was not amused. Then we stayed in the plaza between our dorm buildings and kept up with our poke war, which involved more than just poking somehow....I told him he would never get Kakashi back. Hehe! I clipped it to the necklace Jyushin gave me, which I always wear. What can I say? I'm a flirt...

Oh! I get to go home tomorrow!! And in J-town, they're having something called Little Bit of Christmas on Saturday. Mom pretty much told me I had to come home for that when she found out Mantha didn't have to work this weekend. Little Bit of Christmas is where they take the convocation center, which is 2 or 3 stories, and fill it with all these booths selling decorations, neat contraptions, food, toys, and other interesting oddities. I can't wait!! I haven't been to one in so long!! XD

I decided to change my wire project for Basic Design. I'm just gonna make a book. If I had more time, I would make the chiisakatana, but it's due on the 12th, and making a book would be easier and leave me less frustrated.

Well, I gotta go. If I have not commented you, gomenasai...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~The Muffin Man is like a Ninja of the Night! He could undo your bra and you wouldn't know it!~~¤

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Monday, November 5, 2007


Mood: Wheeee!!
Music: None!! (I'm watching WWE Monday Night Raw...)

I got my hair cut!! I love it! When it's straight, anyways. I didn't get the streaks, though. Needed to watch my money. Here's a picture of my new haircut:

I'm so happy! Just oh-so-happy!! Me and Mantha went to Syndicate after we got done at the salon, and Jacob actually noticed! That surprised me. But it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Nothing else has happened today. I had a test in art, and I had forgotten about it. So I think I failed it....On the other hand, we started 3d wire projects, and the teacher's letting me make a chiisakatana! For those of you who don't know, that's a short sword. The blade and handle together are only 2 feet long. It's gonna be hard to do....

Well, stay classy, otakuites!!
¤~~I wait for you in the shadows~~¤

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

   Feuer Frei

Mood: Squee!
Music: Rammstein "Tier"

Well, today has been pretty uneventful. I woke up around 11 or so. I ate lunch in the caf (OMG!! On a SUNDAY?!) with Mantha and some of her friends. I only ate Lucky Charms though...Um, I went to WalMart to get wire pliers for my art class (we're starting 3d wire art) and ran into Daku-kun. I did some laundry. I took Mantha to work at 4. Then I met up with Daku-kun for dinner in the caf (AGAIN?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) and ran into Belinda, Niecey, Tiffany, and Joy-sempai. They actually had pizza at supper! Then, after supper, I went to Daku-kun's room. He showed me a couple videos on YouTube. We played a few songs on DDR Universe (the X-Box version) with his roommate Carlos. Then, the entire reason I went, we watched the Naruto movie where they go to the Land of Snow. It was really cheesy...But I did get to see a bit of the Nine-Tailed Fox in action, which was cool.

Oh! I might get to go to an anime con in February!! I'd be going with Daku-kun and Luna-san and some of their friends. Daku-kun is gonna be Deidara, and Luna-san is gonna be Itachi. I suggested we all be members of Akatsuki, so Daku-kun said I should be Sasori, since my hair is naturally red. All I'd need to buy would be the cloak, which costs around $55...

I might get my hair cut tomorrow afternoon. I want it all different lengths, the longest being in the front...I also might opt for dark red streaks. Thin ones, mind you.

I finally got around to uploading a pic of my Halloween costume. Here it is:

I just called myself a Lady of the Night, since I didn't have any vampire fangs....

Well, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~It's our time to climb, nothing's gonna stop us now~~¤

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Nas Ne Dongonyat....

Mood: Meh...
Music: Dir En Grey "Saku"

So, last night I went to horror movie double feature night with Daku-kun, Mantha-chan, and Luna-san. We sat through the first Halloween, which was really gay. About midway through the movie we started making fun of it. When it got to the part where Mike was trying to kill the girl in the closet, we started rewriting the song "Trapped In the Closet" by R. Kelly. We would say stuff like, "He try to kill her in da claw-zet! Den she stab him in da eye!" It was fun. After that, they had 5 minute intermission, and Joy-san came over to us. None of us wanted to sit through the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so we went back to Luna-san's room to do our own dubbing of anime. We decided on Yu Yu Hakusho. I got to be Yusuke. Joy-san kept making her character say, "I sense a disturbance in the Force. It's right there. Do you see it?! Do you see it?!" So I made Yusuke say, "I sense a disturbance in your pants." We kept cracking up and everything. Then Joy-san got tired and went back to her room, and Mantha-chan went to find someone else. So, me and Daku-kun got into a poke war, and I made Luna-san video tape us with my camera. I ended up stealing Daku-kun's soul and devouring it. I'll post that video when I get it edited and stuff.

Today, I didn't do much of importance. I watched Cat Soup (Nekojiru). Then I went and kidnapped Luna-san and drug her down to Smith Hall's Game Night to play Guitar Hero 2. So much fun.

Oh! Daku-kun showed us a hilarious video on YouTube! It was the members of Akatsuki doing their own musical! Here's the link:

Well, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Bitch, I live in a trash can!~~¤

PS~I have new fanart up!!

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Friday, November 2, 2007

   Live and Let Die....

Mood: Squiggidy squee!!
Music: Marilyn Manson "This Is the New Shit"

So, I am in such a good mood! I met a guy last night and played pool with him. His name is Kyle. He's such a cutie! And I flirted the whole time we played. Then later I went to the bonfire/pep rally for our soccer team. Kyle is a male cheerleader, so he was there. But he's not preppy, nor is he gay. He's actually leaving at semester for military school. He's going into the army. I've been talking to him since last night on Facebook.

So, anyways, this afternoon me and Mantha went to Syndicate, and one of Jacob's friends had Guitar Hero 3. They asked if we knew how to play and I said, "Yeah, on easy." So Jacob, being the ass he is, told his friend to put me on a Dragonforce song on easy mode. They failed to tell me the song was very fast and 7 minutes long until the song got started...It raped me....

Tonight is horror movie night. Campus Activities Board is doing a double feature with "Halloween" and the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Me, Mantha, my new friend Dakota, and maybe Luna are going. Kyle said he would try to come.

'Kay, I'm gonna go practice piano now. Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~That which does not kill me gives me tons of experience~~¤

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   Jesus Ranch....

Mood: Squee!
Music: Smile Empty Soul "Bottom of a Bottle"

So, last night's venture turned fruitful! I'm going to be on somewhat of a sugar high for a week! I love Halloween! XD As you've noticed, I changed my theme. 'Tis now of the Jhonen Vasquez persuasion. Except the video...I didn't have a video related to JV, so I used one I made recently. I made the wallpaper, avatar, post box picture, and video! If you steal them, I will send my army of trained ninjas after you!

Oh! I finished my Comp 1 paper over privacy issues! It was supposed to be at least 700 words, and I got 1001 words! I was so proud of myself.

Okay, let's list my internet addictions:
1) MyOtaku
2) YouTube
3) Facebook
4) free mp3 sites
5) Mangavolume.com
6) Cyanide and Happiness

Yep, I'm addicted.....

Stay classy otakuites!
¤~~The dentist said my mom should've had an abortion~~¤

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

   This Is Halloween...

Mood: *crazy sqiggles*
Music: Adema "Promises"

Well, today so far has been flippin SWEET!!! I got to wear my costume. I'll post a picture later...Maybe tomorrow...I came out of my math class this morning and guess what I see standing in the hallway?! A MEMBER OF ITACHI'S GANG!!! I was all like, "SQUEEEEEEE!!!!" My friend Sarah dressed as a Slytherin witch. I've been calling myself a Lady of the Night all day. Me and Mantha just got back from Syndicate. Our friend Jacob was dressed in a clown suit that had a hula-hoop around the waist. It was so funny! The stomach was hanging out and it had a "happy trail". Jacob kept dancing around and making the suit jiggle, and Mantha would try to get him on her camera phone. Then, his friend Ramon put the suit on and went out on the sidewalk and did the Soulja Boy dance while scratching the stomach of the suit. It was really funny. You just had to be there. Well, sorry this is short. I've gotta go eat supper, take Mantha to WalMart, and then I'm going Trick-or-Treating at 7 with a group of friends!

Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red~~¤

P.S.~Sorry if I don't visit. Running short on time...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

   Tainted Love....

Mood: It's a mix...
Music: Muse "Starlight"

Okay, first I'll deliver the good news, and then further down, I'll begin my rant....Just a fair warning...

I finally got the guts to go to Syndicate alone! Mantha went walking with another girl on our floor, and I tagged along until we got to Main St. It was just me and Jacob, the cutie who works there. One girl did come in for a couple of minutes, but she was looking for some other guy. Anyways, me and Jacob just talked and listened to his music. He introduced me to a band called Trivium, and they weren't too bad. I found out we have so much in common it ain't even funny. He watches anime! And we read somewhat of the same types of books. And our love lives..wait, no those weren't too similar...But anyways, it was nice. I've been in such a good mood since then!

Alright, here's my rant....I'm ranting just because, even though my mood is good, there are things I'd like to say:
1) People who talk with the "Holier Than Thou" aura. WTF is your problem?! You don't have to use big words to impress people, especially if you have NO IDEA what those big words mean! And you don't need to try to take over someone else's project! God, I'd love to shoot those people in the eyeball...With a rubber band...
2) Girls whose boyfriends spoil them. You know the type. She tells him to do something, he doesn't hear because perhaps he's talking to his friend, and she gets mad and slaps him. Okay, just because he doesn't do it the SECOND you COMMAND him to do it doesn't give you the right to hit him! I swear, if I were a guy and my girlfriend hit me like that, I'd punch the little whore...
3) People who are overly childish. Yes, I'm childish at times, but I realize there is a time and place for it! Alright, people? There are just certain times that you have to be mature. This is not kindergarten.
4) Emo kids. I don't mean the people whose lives are actually bad enough that they want to die. I mean kids who get a brand-new frickin car every Christmas, and then go around saying stuff like, "My life sucks. I want to die." *cut cut* *cry* *emo hair flip* EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS!!! WELCOME TO REALITY!!!
5) Preppy people who try to be punk or goth. Do you even know the definition of "punk" or "goth"? Come on! "Oh, I love [insert rock band here]! They so rock!" *throws up rock hand* If you have only heard one song from the band, and refuse to listen to any other songs, you obviously DON'T love the band! So save yourself the cost of those tickets and waste it on more clothes from whatever whorey store you like to shop at. Also, save yourself the embarassment of looking like a total loser by attempting to head band when you don't even know what that is.

Okay, there are tons more things I could rant on, but I'll stop. I'll probably rant more tomorrow. No, wait, I can't ruin Nos Calan Gaeaf with my anger! 'Tis a day for mugging strangers of their sugary confections while dressed in ridiculus attire. By the way, Nos Calan Gaeaf is Gaelic for Hallowe'en, or All Hallows' Eve.

Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Come out, come out, wherever you are, and meet the young lady who fell from the stars~~¤

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Monday, October 29, 2007

   Spider Pig....

Mood: Squee!
Music: None! (I'm watching WWE Monday Night Raw)

Well, I tried posting Saturday, but after I got it all typed up, the site freaked out and was down for a while....So, here's a recap of my past few days!

Wednesday: Me and Mantha left at 2 pm. I went to church that night and saw Jyushin, KitKat, and Sarah. After church, I watched Jyu pull a Dukes of Hazzard on KitKat's trunk. Then me and Sarah went to The Way Of The Sub to eat with some other kids from the youth group. Then I took her home. Then, at midnight, PETE CALLED ME!!! I was very pissed. He was like, "What are you doing? I'm outside your window with binoculars!" I said, "I'm in bed, at my house. Me and Mantha left at 2 pm. We're not in C=ville." He was like, "And you didn't tell me bye?" I was like, "No. We will next time. Can I go back to bed?" Then he let me go back to bed.

Thursday: I went to my old high school. I went to 1st period with Sniffles, 2nd with her and Kytten, 3rd & 4th with Nikki. I accompanied Nikki to 1st lunch shift, and saw Kayla, Sniffles, Eddy, and some other folks. Then I went to 5th period art to find Kytten, who didn't show up. I met the new art teacher. He was pretty cool. Then I went to 2nd lunch shift to find Jyu, and that's where I messed up. The new principal figured out I wasn't a student there, and told me to leave...So later I went to my grandparents and watched my grandpa feed a calf who's mom wouldn't take it. Then when I got back home, my parents took me to the new restaraunt in town.

Friday: I went to J-town with my mom. Then that night, me and Mantha went to the football game with my parents. We sat with the band. I got to play snare drum! My brother's team won 50-22! That's the highest score they've had all season, and the 3rd game they've played and won.

Saturday: We came back. We stopped in this one town to eat lunch, and we were gonna get the food to go. I had a moment and left my keys in the ignition and the car running and LOCKED MY DOORS!!! I had to call my parents, and it took them an hour to get there with the extra key. They were pissed....I only got a 5-minute lecture, though.

Sunday was of little importance...I did NOTHING!!!

Today: Well, after classes were over, me and Mantha walked to Syndicate. Jacob was actually nice to us today! He's usually really sarcastic, but today, he wasn't as sarcastic as usual. Then, we went to WalMart and did a little shopping. Then, at 6, I had to go to the chapel. I got to help Dr. G with her concert! I dressed up as a Lady of the Night. I wore a black skirt that came just below my knees, a low-cut black shirt with purple flowers on it, my black fishnet armwarmers, my black heels, and my black cape. I also put on makeup. I grabbed a black rose from the large vase at the front of the sanctuary. The concert was awesome! They sang "Spider Pig", the Hans Zimmer arrangement from the end credits of the movie. It was so cool! I've also decided to wear that as my costume for Wednesday, except I'm wearing black flats instead of heels....

Well, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble~~¤

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

   Fall Into Sleep...

Mood: Cold, but happy...
Music: Bush "Breathe In Breathe Out"

So, it seems the run of Coheed and Cambria has stopped...For now...I decided to listen through some more of my awesome musical bliss!

Good news! The essay of doom mentioned in yesterday's post? IT GOT POSTPONED AND SHORTENED!!! The teacher doesn't want to grade them over Fall Break. It's been shortened to 4 paragraphs, 700 words. She didn't announce the due date yet....

Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow! I get to go home after Basic Design! Wheeee! I'm gonna go back to my old high school on Thursday to visit all my friends...And I'll probably get to see Jyushin and my brother play football on Friday. We're gonna come back up to the college on Saturday morning.

Let meh see...Oh! I got my grades in! Here they are:
Basic Desing: B-
Compostition 1: B+
College Algebra: B
Critical Inquiry: A
And my GPA is aweomely alright! I got a 3.25! I'm doing much better than I imagined! I thought I'd have a C in at least one class....And next semester, I'll have the coolest class EVER!! I get to take London After Dark, and over spring break, we'll actually get to travel to London! And the time we'll be in London will count as class time! So, we won't have to meet every time we're scheduled to meet!

Hmmm...Nothing of importance has really happened today...Um...Yeah, so I'm gonna go...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~I'm locked inside your heart-shaped box~~¤

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