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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

   Fall Into Sleep...
Mood: Cold, but happy...
Music: Bush "Breathe In Breathe Out"

So, it seems the run of Coheed and Cambria has stopped...For now...I decided to listen through some more of my awesome musical bliss!

Good news! The essay of doom mentioned in yesterday's post? IT GOT POSTPONED AND SHORTENED!!! The teacher doesn't want to grade them over Fall Break. It's been shortened to 4 paragraphs, 700 words. She didn't announce the due date yet....

Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow! I get to go home after Basic Design! Wheeee! I'm gonna go back to my old high school on Thursday to visit all my friends...And I'll probably get to see Jyushin and my brother play football on Friday. We're gonna come back up to the college on Saturday morning.

Let meh see...Oh! I got my grades in! Here they are:
Basic Desing: B-
Compostition 1: B+
College Algebra: B
Critical Inquiry: A
And my GPA is aweomely alright! I got a 3.25! I'm doing much better than I imagined! I thought I'd have a C in at least one class....And next semester, I'll have the coolest class EVER!! I get to take London After Dark, and over spring break, we'll actually get to travel to London! And the time we'll be in London will count as class time! So, we won't have to meet every time we're scheduled to meet!

Hmmm...Nothing of importance has really happened today...Um...Yeah, so I'm gonna go...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~I'm locked inside your heart-shaped box~~¤

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