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Monday, October 22, 2007


Mood: Thouroughly distrought...
Music: Creed "Are You Ready?"

Well, not much time to post. I have a HUGE essay due tomorrow for my Comp 1 class. Well, rough draft, anyways. It must be 5 paragraphs and anywhere between 750 to 1000 words....And it's to contrast the levels of privacy we have in our homes and in public...I strongly dislike our Comp 1 teacher at the moment...

I also strongly dislike Game Stop. They are not hiring at the moment. After I waited around on them for a flippin WEEK!! I missed getting a good job at Murphy USA, the gas station by WalMart, which offered MORE HOURS and BETTER PAY!!! Oh, yes, my friends, I'm steamed....But alas, Game Stop is my source of digital gaming bliss, therefore, I shall not be staging a boycott...'Tis my fault for wasting time...

On the plus, my secret sister gave me a huge platter of Halloween cookies! "Secret Sister" is where the girls on our floor (and other Smith Hall floors) draw the name of another girl on the same floor, and leave her anonymous messages, and occasionally little gifts such as candy, and then at Christmas, we will exchange presents! My secret sister is awesome...She left me cookies! I wonder how she knew I had a sweet tooth..? I drew the name of a girl in my CI class, and it's hard not to expose myself....I'm gonna make her up a really good treat bag. She's from El Salvador, I think...

Well, I'm off to finish that stupid essay...Grrr....If I didn't visit your site today, gomenasai. *bows* I will visit tomorrow! I swear upon my grandfather's grave, and if I fail to visit you, I shall commit sepokku!
Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Gonna lead the revival with simple survival~~¤

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

   Even Flow....

Mood: Sqiggidy squee!
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Gravemakers & Gunslingers"

Well, tonight's going to be oh-so fun! Me and Mantha went to Wally World for a bit of edibles of very little nutritional value, and we went back to electronics. They had some cheap movies. I found two of the BEST movies ever! I got Labyrinth, and I got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Movie! I'm gonna watch one of them tonight...I wonder which one...I'm so indecisive!

Nothing of importance has happened to me all weekend...I have a fever blister on my bottom lip, and it really hurts...I hate fever blisters...I've gotta do laundry....I hate doing laundry....

Oh! Fall Break is this coming Thursday and Friday! Mantha doesn't have to work again until Saturday, so we're leaving out Wednesday afternoon and heading home. I'm gonna go to church that night and visit with Dimension Youth (my old youth group), and then Thursday, I'm going back to my old high school to visit everybody there. So all of you at CCHS who read this, BE WARNED: I'M GLOMPING ALL OF YOU!!!!

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to hear back from Levi, the Game Stop manager...I REALLY hope I get hired! I want that job so bad...I'm even willing to work with King Prickface! And, no, I'm not one of those girls whose ideal boyfriend would be a jerkwad...I prefer my guy to be a TRUE rocker, and to actually be nice to me...

Well, I'm off to do laundry, consume of unnutritional pastries filled with pizza toppings, and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~All we need is some ice cream and a hug~~¤

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   Here's To the Night....

Mood: ......
Music: Coheed and Cambria "A Favor House Atlantic"

Yes! I finally got that song! I found it last night on some site I'd never heard of. I was so happy. XD

Well, last night I went to Game Stop to check on my possible future job. The manager said his district manager hadn't been able to do the conference call yesterday due to a family emergency. So, me and Luna (Sierra) saw Guitar Hero 2 on the X-Box, and we decided to play. I picked "Killing In the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine, and when I started, this guy that works there was like, "Oh a girl's playing!" I ignored him as best I could. He then proceeded to keep insulting me: "Don't you think Rage is too hard for you? Why don't you try the Donnas?" Then he mentioned some girly crybaby song I don't remember. I was thinking, "STFU, fag!" He looks like a fag....Then he was like, "I'll take back all the crap I gave you if you tell me what the chorus to this song really says." Stupid me, I couldn't remember the chorus! Then he saw my necklace that Jyu gave me, which is a nail that has "John 3:16" on it. He was like, "Is that necklace a religious symbol?" I said yes, and he was like, "Or it could be that you're emo. Emos cut themselves, and that's why you're wearing that nail on a necklace." I got so pissed! I was like, "Call me 'emo' again, and I'll kill you!" He said, "Well, that's very emo." Finally, I finished the song. I beat the high score on the "easy" mode. He was all like, "You're pretty good, for a girl." I told him, "You look pretty good, for a girl." He retalliated with, "Yeah, that's what your mom said." Me and Luna left...I've decided he is the king of all pricks....And, if he gives me any more crap, he will die a horrible death!

Well, that's all I've got to say...Oh! Me and Luna ran around WalMart scaring little kids! I wore my cape, and she wore cat ears and a collar. As I was coming out of the costume aisle, this little girl was standing there laughin, and she saw me and immediately stopped. Then, back in electronics, these two little girls stared at us as we passed. I bought red felt so I could put the letters "FG" on the back of the cape. I also bought a red cat collar with a little bell on it. Kawaii!

Ah! I didn't post yesterday. Gomenasai. *bows*

Well, I'm off to consume edibles of very little nutritional value, and maybe watch Korn live at CBGB's...
Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Good eye, sniper, now I shoot, you run~~¤

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   Cut Me...

Mood: .......
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Everything Evil"

Well, I got my costume tonight! It's a simple, black, floor-length, hooded cape. I also bought black hair spray. I'm thinking about wearing a black skirt, black shirt with tiny purple flowers, and black heels with it. That, or I'll wear blue jeans and my t-shirt that says, "I do all my own stunts," and I'll run around calling myself Homosapien Man's faithful sidekick, Female Girl. Homosapien Man and Female Girl are my new original characters. I think I'm gonna be Female Girl! I'm so original...

Nothing much went on today. We went to Joco Java, which is the local coffe shop. We haven't been there in so long...I got a strawberry fruit smoothie, and it was delicious! Then, right after getting our orders, we went to Syndicate. It was the same as always. Jacob's little brothers were there, and they were being pains, so he chased them around the store with a broom and the little one's shoes...He even chased them upstairs, and we heard screams...It was funny. His friend Ramon was there, too. Ramon kept doing this stupid card trick where he told you to pick 2 specific cards and not look at them, and give them to him. Then, he picked a specific card, and every time, he had the exact cards he had asked for. None of us could really figure out what he was doing, but I didn't even try, and I've been thinking about it, and I think I know the secret...

Well, I've gotta revise the paper I wrote last night. Nothing major. Just gotta rearrange some words here, add a sentence there. Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Hold the hand of your best friend and watch them slip away~~¤

P.S.~Don't forget to partake of the fruits of my artistic endeavors by checking out my portfolio!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

   The Dream Is Over....

Mood: Meh...
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Willing Well 3; Apollo 2: The Telling Truth"

Well, I haven't gotten around to getting any pictures off of my camera. I've been busy. I stayed up until around 1 am working on that stupid collage for Basic Design. I hate collages....I had to cut out tiny strips of paper and glue them down with paper cement...The best part was the high I got from the fumes of the paper cement! They're much like the fumes of spray paint...

I got music last night from Wiggles. He emailed me some Mudvayne, Drowning Pool, and Mushroomhead. I was happy. He even sent me "Pulse of the Maggots" by Slipknot! I've been searchin for that song, and could never find it! It frustrates me when I can't find the song I want...Anyways, I also learned that Slipknot is a copy-cat band. They stole Mushroomhead's style. They then proceeded to make enemies with just about every other band they came in contact with...They must have been cheerleaders in previous lives or something, cause apparently they love drama...

Um...I don't have much to say. I need to stop procrastinating and get to work on my Comp 1 paper. It's due tomorrow, and has to be 5 paragraphs, and somewhere between 500 and 700 words...It's over some article about family structure...I've been putting it off because, put simply, I'm lazy and I don't wanna do it....

Procrastination is your best friend...

Well, I'm gonna go get back to work on that stupid paper...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Due to lack of interest, today's quote has been cancelled~~¤

Please, partake in the fruits of my hard labor!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   Devil In New Jersey...

Mood: Crazy and insane!
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Everything Evil"

So, there's a Korn concert tonight in my vicinity, yet again...And yet again, I have the oppurtunity to obtain a ticket. And yet again, I CAN'T GOOOOO!!!!
*cries hysterically*
I WANNA SEE JONATHAN DAVIS ROCKING OUT!!! Oh well, I DO have a dvd of them in concert...Maybe I can just watch that...But alas, 'tis no consolation for seeing him live...

Um...Yeah, so I definitely get to go to London! Me and Mantha paid our money and turned in our registration today!

Let meh see...I got tagged...So, here is my stuff:

Name: Amy
Gender: female
Eyes: hazel
Hair: red with blonde streaks
Height: 5'
Weight: 100 lbs
Shoe Size: between 6 and 7
Skin: pale with freckles
Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, video games, annoying people
Grade: College (freshman)
Reads: Dark Fantasy/Romance novels, and manga (of course!)
Fears: dogs, dying without my loved ones knowing I love them (I love you all!)
Watches: WWE Monday Night Raw, random Adult Swim shows, anime (duh!)
Moods: depends on many things...
IQ: I dunno...
Nicknames: Excel, Awi
Dreams: To be a successful artist, to marry the love of my life, and to have a set of twins (1 boy, 1 girl) named Bradley Alphonse and Bethaney Abishai
Pet Peev: fake people, such as bleached blonde, preppy, skanky cheerleaders...
Funniest Thing I've Done: Climbed on top of the closet in last year's Journalism class...And let Smurfy spear me
Words That Describe Me: insane, crazy, weird, happy, hyper, awesome, and a crazy squiggly line

Those I Tag:
Head Explody
Magnus Lensherr

Alrighty then! Got that out of the way. Thanks to MorbidSmurf for the tag. If you tag me, I WILL NOT do this again! That's all for today. Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~I'll be just fine pretending I'm not, I'm far from lonely, and it's all that I've got~~¤

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Monday, October 15, 2007

   Once Upon Your Dead Body...

Mood: Meh...
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Wake Up"

So, Co&Ca is back...Yes! I loves me some Coheed and Cambria....And "Wake Up" is officially my favorite love song...So any guy out there who wants to get with me, serenading me with this song will definitely work! ~_'

Not much going on today. Last night, we decorated our door. Me and Mantha, that is...We put up that yellow caution tape, and it says, "Caution: Enter if you dare!" which is really corny...Then I drew Johnny the Homicidal Maniac on our white board. He's holding two bloody knives, and it says, "Johnny says: Happy Halloween, Noobs!" I took pictures, and I'll post them soon...

We went to Syndicate today...We had to drive, seeing as it was raining...It's been raining all day...Anyways, I got some funny videos...Jacob decided to lasso Mantha's foot, and then he and his friend Brock got the bright idea to tie the rope to Brock's foot, and then Brock proceeded to do an olly onto the ramp, as Jacob yanked the rope. Brock fell...Then they did the same thing, except they tied the rope to Brock's board....I'm surrounded by idiots...

I'm about halfway done with my current art project. We had to pick a song and do a picture for it. I chose System of a Down's "ATWA", and I have a guy on his knees playing guitar and rocking out. You may think, "Well, that doesn't sound complicated," but let me tell you: IT'S GIVING ME HECK!!! The picture has to be made ENTIRELY of paper!! No drawing! Just paper! And of course, paper cement, which smells just like spray paint...Yay for fumes and brain damage! I hate collages....I'll put a picture of this project up in my portfolio when I get it finished....

I got to talk to Jyushin a bunch over the weekend. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside to hear his voice...But it also made me miss him all the more...He told me that when I come home, we're gonna snuggle...I told him he has to take me car surfing, too...I miss him a lot...I miss all my friends back home!

Well, I've got nothing else to say...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~I've felt much better than this before~~¤

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten Speed of God's Blood and Burial...

Mood: ...
Music: Styx "Come Sail Away"

Yeah, I've taken a break from Coheed and Cambria. I just downloaded this song! I love it...But after Halloween, I think I'm gonna make my theme Coheed and Cambria. I've got a background and post box picture made...I just need an avatar and a video...Hmmmm...Better get to work on that, huh?

Well, today's been a lazy day. I didn't get up until 1 pm. I did wake up at 9 am, and I was gonna go to the chapel service on campus at 10, but when I awoke to my alarm, I was shaking and had a stomach ache. So, I laid back down and went back to Dreamland...

I took Mantha to work at 5. I washed my sheets. Jyushin's called me like 3 times, and he'll probably call again later. I'm gonna go down and do some more laundry, and I'll probably watch the second disk of Yami No Matsuei. I borrowed it from Sierra a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't watched the second disk yet. I think each disk has 9 episodes on it. I'm not sure...

Well, nothing else to say. Still haven't got those pictures on my compy...I'll do that soon...Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Come sail away with me~~¤

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

   Always and Never...

Mood: Squee!
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Willing Well 1: Fuel For the Feeding End"

Yep. Still on my C&C fix....

Okay, so Friday's interview....TOTALLY FRICKIN ROCKED!!!! The guy just asked me what systems I owned, what games I played, and what skills I had that I thought would help me at Game Stop. At the end of the interview, he said, "Monday I have a meeting with my district manager, and he'll tell me how many people to hire. I've done 3 interviews so far, and you and one other person will probably be the ones I hire." So, I'm practically a GS employee...

Hmmmm...Oh! The bed race was fun. I want to drive again next year! I'll post pics up later....I don't know when....I'm about to go change my theme to Nightmare Before Christmas, in honor of All Hallows' Eve....Anyways, our dorm got Best Decorated Lobby, and we get a free movie night at the local cinema.

My mom, dad, and brother came. My brother payed my way into the Sociology department's "Sideshow" booth. It was only $1. They had a 6 foot man eating chicken, which was a 6 foot tall guy eating KFC....There was a kissing booth, where I got a Hershey's Kiss....I got my palm red, as in the "reader" painted my palm red....And the bearded lady was a guy in drag....I went in because Pete was having trouble getting people to go in....So I bugged my mom, and my brother was like, "Here, go in!" So I said thanks, and went in!

Well, I'm off to change my theme! Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~You think you can tell me what to do?~~¤

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

   The Writing Writer...

Mood: Squee!
Music: Coheed and Cambria "Keeping the Blade"

Welp, it'd Day 4 of my C&C-ness....Yep, and I ain't tired of it yet!

Hmmmm...Oh! Thanks for all of the well-wishes on getting a job at Game Stop! Domo arigato! *bows* Remember, I go in for the interview at 3:00 pm, so all of you who pray, please pray it goes well, and that I get the job.

I finished Brian's head last night. In case anyone doesn't know, Brian is the elephant in our dorm's safari scene. It's Family Weekend, and the theme is "Safari". I was designated to make Brian. I actually did a pretty good job, and I'll post some pictures next week, probably. I'm gonna be a bit busy this weekend, seeing as my family is coming up, and I'm in the Bed Race of Doom....So anyways, Brian has ears, a trunk, and tusks! I also made Tarzan's head out of a balloon...That was nerve-wracking! O.o I had to PAINT on a balloon!

Me and Mantha went to Syndicate again. Jacob was still flirting...He pretended to say something to Mantha about me, holding a book in my view of his mouth, and they kept making me think he was talking bad about me. Before that, I kept telling him I was gonna follow him home and sleep over at his house, my reason being that Mantha is scary....She's not really THAT scary...

Um...I don't have anything else to say. So, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~You could've been all I wanted, but you weren't honest~~¤

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