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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Mood: Meh...
Music: The Proclaimers "500 Miles"

I'm just writing to say that I won't be posting on here much anymore. Maybe once a week, at most. If you'd like to read my posts, please go HERE! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!~~¤

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Monday, September 15, 2008

   The Cold Light of Morning...

Mood: Hungry!
Music: DHT "Listen To Your Heart"

Well, I had a fun weekend. We went to Daku's house Friday night. Actually, as soon as we left the college, we went to Ft. Smith. I finally found a locket! I've been looking for one ever since my old one broke, which was back when I was in elementary school. Now I actually have someone to put in my locket. Unfortunately, I have to put the locket on a chain, and put a clasp on the chain. The locket came in a pack of three, so I'm keeping one, making one for my mom for Christmas, and I don't know what to do with the third. Anyways, after we got done in Ft. Smith, we went to his house and sat up all night talking. He even stayed in the guest room with me to sleep!

Saturday, we went back to Ft. Smith with his mom and little sisters. We went to a restaraunt called El Zarape for Ceara's birthday. She's a friend of the family. Anyways, we headed back to the college after that because Hurricane Ike was sending bad weather our way, and we wanted to beat it to the school. We got stopped by a cop because several people called in and reported Daku for weaving. It was windy and he drives a '93 van, so you do the math! The cop let us go. We finally got back to the college, and I wasn't staying in my room alone during the bad weather, so I stayed in his room all night. Tobi goes home every weekend. Anyways, it was nice. We watched 13 Going On 30.

Sunday, I pretty much hung out with Daku again. I made a stamp for ceramics. It has this tribal phoenix on it, and on the other end is my little symbol that I usually put after my name. So happy that's done! We went to free movie weekend and watched Babylon A.D. Most Kick-ass Movie EVER!! The ending was weird, though. Not bad, just randomly weird.

Oh! The drama mentioned in my last post is pretty much blown over. Ugh! I hate drama! You think that once you graduate from high school, all the drama's over, but no! Some people just can't grow the hell up! Stupid people. *kicks people*

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~I'm going to form an army of puppets! And then, I'm going to take over the entirety of humanity and make MORE puppets! And then I'm going to have some yellow cake with chocolate frosting.~~¤

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Mood: RANT TIME!!!
Music: Rammstein "Feuer Frei"

So, as my mood proclaims, I'm going to rant. Bare with me, please...

First of all, there has been someone on my floor messing with what I write on my door. I wrote that I kissed a blond and liked it, because Daku is blond. Well, whoever keeps messing with it will replace the o in blond with an i, they will simply erase the o, they will write "Who cares?", and they will erase the entire message. Frankly, I'm pissed. The next time they mess with it, I'm writing: "If what I write on my board offends you, GET OVER IT!! This is college, so either grow the hell up or go back to kindergarten."

Secondly, one of my friends put up a status message today on Facebook that said he wished his wife (or whatever she is) would act right, and that she had given up their daughter for drugs and sex. I commented and told him I was sorry to hear about it. She commented and told me I "don't know shit...stay out of it...k." So I commented again and told her, "I may not know everything, but I do know that if you have a daughter, you should take care of her, not give her up for drugs and sex." Then another of my friends commented and basically agreed with me. I mean, come on, do you know what I would give to have a kid? I want a child of my own so badly! Unfortunately, Daku and I aren't married yet (not even really engaged!), and we're still in college...

Thirdly, I sent out a mass email on the U of O campus email server trying to sell this universal converter/adapter set. I send out this email once a week. Well, this one girl who's pretty much a HUUUUUUGE bitch replies, "asking" me to stop sending her the email. She also said that I was "spamming" everyone trying to sell this thing, and that I needed to try selling it somewhere else. Ok, it's not like I'm sending this out 50 times a day! I know people who send out emails way more frequently than I do that are quite a bit more annoying. Daku also told me that people have been attacking HIM about my email. Come on, people, if you're going to attack someone, attack the offender, not a third party!

Fourth, and this really isn't much of a rant, I accidentally broke the handle off of one of my mugs. I went in there a few minutes ago to check on it, and when I set it back down, I accidentally bumped the handle against another of my mugs, and the handle just fell to pieces. I wanted to just sit down and cry!! I had to spend an extra couple of minutes breaking up that mug and putting it into a giant bucket of water so it could be recycled...I still want to cry, mainly because I have to make a whole new mug....

The stupidity of humanity sometimes astounds me...

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Coin-operated boy, sitting on a shelf, I put in a coin, and watch him come to life~~¤

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

   Strip My Mind...

Mood: Meh...
Music: REM "Drive"

Well, I had my interview yesterday. It went pretty good. The only mark against me is that I'm not 21 and I'm not CPR-certified. I can remedy the CPR thing. I won't know if I got the job until this afternoon or tomorrow. Gah, I really hope I get it! I kind of feel like God just dropped this job in my lap. I mean, besides the age and the CPR, I'm perfect for this job! Of course, there may have been someone who already met the age and CPR requirements and has experience with children.

Anyways, enough of that...I got bored with the background on my computer and on here, so I made a SasoDei wallpaper. Do you like it? Cause I love it! Man, I really have nothing to say right now...

Oh! I'm reading Benjamin Franklin's autobiography for my American History 1 class. I have 2 weeks to read it and write a 5-page paper. I read about 14 pages yesterday, and I plan to do the same today...I really have no life, do I?

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~A puppet master's skill is measured by the number of puppets he can use~~¤

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

   Figured Me Out...

Mood: hungry...
Music: Taking Back Sunday "MakeDamnSure"

Well, I've had an interesting time! I have a job interview tomorrow at 2 pm. I'm hopefully going to be working at an afterschool daycare program. I'll be working with kindergartners to second graders. Huzzah! I'd be working 10 hours a week (2 hours a day, Monday-Friday) for $7-$7.25 an hour. Please pray I get the job!! All my previous job experience is in babysitting, so I'd be a perfect candidate, really.

Yesterday, me, Daku, and Tobi had an anime marathon with Sako-nee and Sekai. They cooked rice with shrimp and beef, and we had chips and dip, and then cheesecake for dessert. We watched the last four episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Whisper of the Heart, Final Fantasy VII: Last Order, and My Neighbor Totoro. Much fun was had by all.

Today is a day of laundry and homework. I'm waiting on my clothes to dry, then I'm going to eat lunch. I've read the assignment for American History 1, and after lunch I'm going to the ceramics room to make 3 mugs. I've already made one, and I need a set of 4. They have a flame symbol on them, and their handles will be braided. Ah, the fun of clay. Oh! Speaking of art, I have new fan art and fanfiction up on theOtaku, if you care to take a look.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~To the praying mother, the worried father, let your children go, if they come back, they'll come on stronger, and if they don't, you'll know~~¤

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mood: Meh...
Music: "All Through the Night"

Gah! Stupid Hurricane Gustav! He just HAS to send his rain northward! >__< I've been attempting to dodge raindrops for the past two days. At least I'm making good use of my rainboots from London. I even jumped in a puddle on the way to supper! But really, I'm tired of getting soaked...

I left early to go to my 10 am class, and it was pouring, and I had jeans on, and the covered area in front of the art building was flooded, so my jeans got soaked up to my knees, and when I went to open the door, I saw a sign taped up that said the teacher wouldn't be here today, so that class was cancelled. I met Sekai on the way back to my room and told her class was cancelled, so she followed me and we hung out for an hour. Then, after my 1 pm class, I found her waiting in the lobby of Smith (my dorm hall). She came up to the room again. We made Irish Cream cappuccino. Then around 3, Tobi got out of class. We hung out until nearly 5 pm, when me and Tobi decided to go to the caf for dinner.

Oh! Sekai introduced me to a really cool Taiwanese drama called "Devil Beside You". If you're a hopeless romantic, you'll love it. There are 20 episodes, each an hour long. It's all subbed in English, but the dialogue is Taiwanese. I highly recommend it!

Other than that, I really haven't done much. Oh! I drew a pic of Sasori eating a muffin. It says, "No tucheh mai muffen! I wiwl turn joo into puppet slaev..." I'll upload it as soon as I have access to a scanner....

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles!~~¤

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Monday, September 1, 2008

   I Want You To Want Me...

Mood: Um...
Music: "Super Mario Bros. Theme (Orchestra Version)"

So, my weekend officially rocked! I went home with Daku. Let's see....Friday night we didn't really do anything.

Saturday, he took me to Ft. Smith. We went by Dante's house so he could work on his Assassin's Creed costume, but he didn't get anything done on it. Instead, he argued with Julius for over an hour about evolution. It was quite funny to watch. Oh! Dante has this dog, Raven, who was abused by her previous owners, right? Well, I have a phobia of dogs. I actually could stand to be in the room with Raven! And I petted her quite a bit, as well! However, I couldn't stay on the couch when she jumped up next to me...She doesn't jump much. She's not hyper, and she's very nervous. Anyways, when we got done at Dante's, we went to a Chinese restaraunt, then to Shoe Carnival. We didn't find any shoes. We both needed new ones. So we went to the pet store next to Shoe Carnival so Daku could use the little boys' room. I looked at fish. I've decided I'm getting a fish! Possible two. I forgot what kind they were, but one was blue and the other was black. They were the same type of fish. Not sure what I'd name them, however. Then we went to the mall, where we each found new shoes! I got the same kind as I had...black, lowtop Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. My favorite!! Then we went back to his house and watched My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Sunday, we came back to the college. We watched a few episodes of Invader Zim while I did laundry, and Tobi came back as I was folding and putting away laundry. So we decided to watch Whisper of the Heart, the Cat Returns, and December Boys. Oh!! And you'll never guess what's on our ceiling and walls in glow-in-the-dark paint! We didn't know it until we were watching the Cat Returns, and the screen went dark for a bit, and I noticed something above my head...IT WAS A PART OF THE MALE ANATOMY!!!! There's also one above my desk! And there are four places on the walls we can't make out what they are. We think they're words. It's disturbing. We showed the RA and she said the best thing to do was cover it with posters.

Well, that's all I have! Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Do, or do not. There is no try.~~¤

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

   Let It Go...

Mood: Ugh...
Music: Blue October "Overweight"

I've had horrible cramps most of the day. They started this morning and almost made me cry. I couldn't eat lunch, so I took a nap at noon and it lasted 30 minutes...Then before I went to my 1 pm class, Tobi gave me Ibuprofen. It helped a lot and I'm pain free!

Speaking of my 1 pm class, it was my religion class. We pretty much spent most of the class time debating whether or not Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God. We came to the conclusion that they do, but they don't believe they do. You see, Jews call God Yaweh, Muslims call him Allah, and Chritians just call him God. The only differences between the religions is the way they worship and their positions on who Jesus Christ was.

I had fun in Ceramics this morning. We made pinch pots. I got 2 done, but we have to do 3. I might go back over later and do my last one before the hall meeting at 8:30 pm. My first one is oval and has the Akatsuki cloud in the bottom. The second one is actually 2 bowls, I guess. I also gave it a twisty handle. I don't know what I'm gonna do for the third one.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Sasori doesn't sleep--he waits~~¤

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

   A Place To Call Home...

Mood: Squee!
Music: Rammstein "Feuer Frei"

Well, I'm back in college! So glad to be back, too. I've been here since Sunday, the 24th. I started classes today. I had Ceramics 1 at 9:30, and I have Judaism, Chritianity, and Islam at 1. Yes, it's all one class. It's a religion class. Tomorrow I have Watercolor at 10 and American History 1 at 1. Ah, such a fun schedule.

I got to go see Tropic Thunder Sunday night. We had a free movie night, so me and Daku went to see that. It was worth going! It made me want to adopt a Vietnamese baby so that I can train it to attack people. Anyways, me and Daku have been able to hang out quite a bit. Mostly in his room, because the area where his bed is has a door. The rooms in MacLean Hall have a common room and 2 bedrooms. I'm stuck back in Smith. Tobi's my roommate. We decided to bunk our beds. Ah, the floor space! We're eventually going to hang posters...

Well, I gotta go. Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Do we know where we fly, where do we go when we die?~~¤

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

   Love Like Winter...

Mood: Um..?
Music: None

Well, hello, everyone! It's been so long since I was on! I'm at Daku's house right now. He went to work with his dad this morning, and his mom had a meeting to go to, so I'm watching his little sister. He set his computer up for me so I could play on it. I love him so much! I got this week off from babysitting my cousin. My aunt and uncle went to Georgia to visit my other aunt and uncle (my aunt's sister and uncle's brother...how strange, sisters marrying brothers). I've been having fun here lately. I believe I made an A in my Biology class and a B in my Western Civilization 1 class. Yay for getting good grades and getting classes out of the way!

Speaking of college, I'll be going back in 5 1/2 weeks. It's such a relief! I'm so ready to go back! My parents are driving me crazy with all their wanting to know what I'm doing every time I walk out the front door! Not that I leave the house much, but still it's annoying!

I've been working on some wallpapers and fan art to submit when I get back to college. I have a birthday gift for Magnus, a couple of original characters, and something for that new project called To Write Love On Her Arms. I've got several wallpapers: Sasori, Deidara, a couple Kingdom Hearts, a Final Fantasy X, and maybe a couple others. I've also started a new fanfiction about Hinata and Naruto. However, it won't be posted until I finish with the Akatsuki Commandments. Another fanfic I've been working on involves Sasori and Deidara. That one is gradually becoming yaoi. It most likely won't be posted, due to actions the characters perform. Don't blame me! I'm letting them take control of the story! The characters have minds of their own!!

Well, that's all I have for now. Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~In a perfect world, the geeks get the girls~~¤

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