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Sunday, September 30, 2007

   Sunday Bloody Sunday...

Yeah, so me and Mantha just got back from more job hunting. I think our search is over now. We went to Sonic and Mantha got hired on the spot because she's had fast-food experience. I hope they call me back this coming week, like they said they would. Anyways, she goes in at 5.

Hmmmm....I don't have much else to say. If I do get to wear the costume I want, I'll post a picture of it.

Last night, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt I was a boy in the American colony era, and I kept sneaking on to ships that were carrying rum and whiskey. I knew if I got caught, I'd be thrown overboard, but I snuck on anyways. People kept throwing bottles at me. I saw one guy get thrown overboard at a dock, and he got grabbed by an octopus, and then the crewmen threw a net over him so he would drown. Then the crewmen started singing a song about Dolly Parton. I was thinking, "Wait a minute. Dolly Parton doesn't exist yet!" It was freaky. I kept waking up and when I went back to sleep, the dream was waiting for me....

I'm gonna be so bored while Mantha's working. I'll probably do my math homework, catch up on some manga reading, start a new AMV, work more on some of my stories, and maybe meet new peeps on the O. That reminds me, I started a new story. It's called "Bloodlust". It's about a demon guy named Jacob, and he is a haimanetopyr, which is a word I made up from the root words of blood and to fly. Basically, he's a type of demon that exhibits vampiric actions. I don't know where the story is going yet. Jacob hasn't told me. Yes, my characters write the stories, not me. The funny thing is, this story stemmed from a random doodle I did while I was in the skate shop. I think I'll post that doodle in my portfolio. I did it on a sticky note. At any rate, I want to know more of Jacob's story.

I said yesterday that I was thinking of changing my theme. Well, I haven't yet, obviously. I'll probably do it soon, though. I need to find a background. I've got a picture for the post box, I've got a picture to make the avatar with, and I've made several AMVs for Naruto. The post box pic is an awesome one that I saw on 13 kazakage's site. It's Sasuke, and he looks evil. It's pretty cool.

Well, enough of my ramblings. That's all this is. There's really nothing going on right now. My life is boring.

Ok, seriously, I'm going now. I'm gonna go download some more Hellsing AMVs so I can get started on that. Yeah, I use other people's AMVs to make my own. I can't find where to download the actual anime series.

Oh! Right, I said I was going. Sorry about that. For real, I'm going now. But before I go, here's a little message from me to you:

Hehehe...Man I burned you good! Look at your head! It's horribly misshapen!

Oh, wait. That's just your face.
*falls out of chair laughing*

Man! I got you so good that I made Billy gasp!

Alright, enough roasting you. I'm gonna leave now. Sorry if the insults made anyone want to go emo or anything...

Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~My life is based on a true story~~¤

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

   All Around Me...

Mood: Pretty good.
Music: Flyleaf

So, today me and Mantha went to R-ville to get our passports. We ran around the town for half the day JUST to find where we get the pictures taken, and then we get to the courthouse, and it's CLOSED!!! We have to go back Monday afternoon. Before 4 pm. So we gotta leave right after I get out of Basic Design. Passports are such a pain....

I did get something good out of the trip. I got the Flyleaf cd. It's pretty good. As I mentioned before, I'm listening to it. I love it! I haven't listened to it all the way through yet...

I think I know what my Halloween costume it gonna be. I'm just gonna buy a black, full-length, hooded cape and wear my black skirt and a black top under it. And of course my black heels. I'm gonna be...um...I'm not sure what to call it. But anyways, I'm dressing up because our dorm hall is doing something called "Haunted Housing", where little kids come through and we pass out candy. And the cheapest costume I could come up with was the cape. I'm gonna speak with a funny accent and say I'm a vampire, I guess...

Let meh see....I've got no important news...Not really...I'm thinking about changing my theme to Naruto....I dunno....I'll keep Bleach up a little longer....

I took a quiz. It's cool. I guess....I found it on Akebaneamino's site. Here it is:
You scored as hardcore., you scored as hardcore. nothing more i can say. you're killer...awesome...your mom...lol





emo kid


















what label fits you best?
created with QuizFarm.com

So, what do you think? Well, I don't really have much else to say. I haven't been sick any more since yesterday afternoon. Me and Mantha watched "Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy" last night. Or rather this morning, as it was after midnight when we started it. And then tonight, I went over to the other residence hall and watched "Night At the Museum" with some people who lived over there.

Well, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~There were horses. And a man on fire. And I killed someone.~~¤

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Friday, September 28, 2007

   Pulse of the Maggots....

Yeah, so I didn't update yesterday. Sorry. I didn't visit very many people either. Please forgive me! I had a ton of homework, and me and Mantha went to Syndicate (a local skate shop) for about 3 hours...

Ok, so on to the main part of this post! I WILL NOT be working at Waffel House. I called that stupid manager, like he told me to, to find out when I would be trained, and he told me he already had all of his positions filled! That stupid jerk! Why the heck did he even tell me I had a job if he was gonna do this?! Oh well, I didn't even WANT the job...

Um...Oh! I got really bad sick today! At the end of my CI class, I got REALLY dizzy. I couldn't see for a couple of seconds. Two of my friends helped me to a bathroom in the student center, and I threw up, which was really bad, considering the only food I had time for this morning was a mini KitKat. Then one went and got me a cup of Sprite, while the other got me a cold, wet paper towel for my forehead. Then they helped me down to the nurse's office. I told the nurse what was wrong, and she took me into her back room and gave me nasea medicine. I took two sips and threw up again. She gave me a hot pack and told me to go to my room and lay down with the hot pack on my stomach. She asked if I had a class after lunch, and I told her I had one and told her the teacher's name. I'm assuming she called that teacher. So then my friends helped me back to my room. I slept on and off until 5:15. Then me and Mantha went to supper. I didn't eat but a couple of bites. It was Thai rice, which is spicy. So now I'm sitting here eating Spaghetti-Os. This is the most food I've been able to eat all day....

Well, to make matters worse, I found out last night that one of my close friends has been told that he has about a year left to live. A disease he had came back, and if it doesn't go away, he'll die. That's all I'm going to say, because if I keep thinking about it, I'll get pissed at the government again. Or I'll start crying...

So here's to tomorrow, and hoping that I have a better day. I'll try and visit everybody tonight. See ya....

¤~~I fight for the ones who can't fight, and if I lose, at least I tried~~¤

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   London Bridge Is Falling Down....

Yes, I'm going to DESTROY London Bridge! I'm going over spring break. I know, I rule. Please, people, no pictures....Just cash....

Yeah, I've gotta scrimp and save for this trip whilst I waste my life away working at the crappy Waffle House job. Honestly, a discount on waffles isn't good enough. I really don't want to work there. I have to call Friday to find out when I get trained.

Well, the highlight of my day was.....I GOT A 96 ON MY MATH TEST!!!!! Yeah, I got that test paper back and almost fell out of my chair. I ran to my room after class and called my mommy. She was like, "I'm in the library! I can't talk!" So I was like, "But mommy, I just wanna tell you that I made a 96 on my math test!" She was like, "That's so good! I'm proud of you! But I have to go now. I'll call back later." So I hung up. But I was like SOOOOOO super happy.

I just got back from my CI teacher's house. She's awesome! We had a pizza party for winning the game day during orientation week. She let us listen to "LOTR: Return of the King" soundtrack. I asked if I could borrow her cds, and she said so long as I didn't tell her what I was going to do with them. >___< She had Darth Vader and Yoda sitting on her television. We had a ton of fun.

Um, not much else to say. Go check out my fan art! And leave comments!

¤~~Grrr, I am a tornado~~¤

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   Ice Cream And A Hug....

Well, in case you haven't noticed, my site is now themed in the Bleach persuasion. Byakuya is so hot...I made my avatar and the video in the introduction. If you attempt to steal them, you will be forever known as the ugly child who is too stupid to get his or her own site stuff.

Ok, on to the real matters. First of all, Jyushin posted today and asked forgiveness. I thought it was so sweet! But he was asking forgiveness for something that happened two years ago, and it's been about two years since I forgave him. I don't want to lose him. In truth, I'm still in love with him. Jyushin, if you read this, you'll probably think I'm stupid, but I still love you with all my heart. One never stops loving; one merely learns to live without.

Secondly, I am developing a major crush on the guy who runs the skate shop. His name is Jacob. He has a lip ring, a tongue ring, and one ear full of piercings. I think he's ever the cutie, but my parents would never allow me to date him. He's a senior in high school. His dad owns the skate shop and makes him run it. Another problem with me liking Jacob: my roommate, Mantha, who is like a sister to me, likes him too. But that's a minor problem. She likes about five other guys as well. Anyways, we have been going to Syndicate (the skate shop) every day, but then last Thursday, Jacob had to get his wisdom teeth cut out, so we haven't been back. We aren't going this afternoon because there's a meeting for a Spring Break trip.

The trip over Spring Break requires any student interested to take a class next semester. The class and trip are entitled "London After Dark". Those who take the class will be going to London, England, over Spring Break. We'll get to see some haunted places, some museums, and a reproduction of the Globe Theater! I really want to go...The cost is around $2500, so I'll be setting aside money as I work for the evil that is known to mortals as Waffle House.

Well, I'm gonna go now. No poem or video today. I don't really feel like it. I'm probably going to go over to the piano practice rooms in the Fine Arts building and continue to teach myself a song from Final Fantasy X. I'm learning "To Zanarkand"! I hope all the FFX fans know what I'm talking about, at least...Oh! I've got new art in my portfolio, so go check it out!

¤~~The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes~~¤

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Monday, September 24, 2007

   I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

Yeah, so I FINALLY figured out how to get a boxy thing for my posts! I went to MorbidSmurf's site, right clicked her boxy thing, and then went to "View Source" and stole the code! I AM THE ULTIMATE THEIF!!!

I changed the video in my intro. It's my Bleach AMV. The song is "Thoughtless", a Korn cover by Evanescence. I love that song! I've started two more AMVs. One is for Kingdom Hearts and the other is for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. I'll try to get them done soon.

Well, not much else is going on. I've started reading "Dark Legend" by Christine Feehan. It's the prequel to her book "Dark Guardian", which I've already read. A girl in my Basic Design class let me borrow "Dark Legend". I'm so happy! Christine Feehan, if I had to choose, would be my favorite author. For those of you who have never heard of her, she is a dark fantasy/romance writer. Her books contain mature scenes, but her plots are VERY good. I highly recommend her to anyone 16 years of age or older. If you are under 16, and you are mature enough to not bust out laughing or not make lewd jokes, then by all means, pick up one of her books!

Well, I should be getting off of here. I've got visiting to do.
¤~~Life is too short to waste time holding meaningless grudges~~¤

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


So, the movie was AWESOME!!!! But never again will I EVER go on a semi-blind date....I mean, Inu is nice and all, but...Well, to put it bluntly, he's just not cute to me. Anyways, I've decided that I'm not going to look for a relationship right now.

Oh! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Me and Mantha went job hunting. I filled out applications to Game Stop, Payless, and Dollar Tree. Friday night, I applied at WalMart. Today, we went by Waffle House, and we both got immediate interviews. The manager told me he thought I'd be a good hire, and then gave me the number and told me to call on Friday before 2 pm. I really don't want to work at Waffle House, but hey, at least I'll have a job! I really am hoping Game Stop will call before Friday, because that would be the SICKEST JOB EVER!!!! I wanna be a Game Stop employee!! >________<

Well, here's the video entitled Cloud's Dream 2...or something like that....Enjoy!

¤~~Meh, I don't feel like leaving a quote~~¤

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Friday, September 21, 2007

   If I Could Fall Into The Sky....

Ok, so last night, me and Inu talked again. He's coming home for the weekend because they have a three-day weekend. His hometown is 30 minutes away from the U of O, my college. So, jokingly, I said he should come see me. Well, I let Mantha talk to him, because I drunk too much Mt. Dew, and she told him he should come see Superbad with us. So, he said he would! I HAVE A DATE!!!

I think somebody put bubbles in our fountain this morning. In the center of the U of O courtyard, there's a big fountain, and when I walked by it this morning on my way to College Algebra, it was all foamy, like somebody had put bubbles in it. I thought it was kind of cool.

Hmmmm....Not too much else is really going on....It's Friday, so that means you get a VIDEO!!! Don't you feel special? Here it is! It's a video called "Cloud's Dream"! It's just some random humor....I'll post the sequel tomorrow, and then Sunday I'll post the third and final one. Enjoy!

¤~~This quote got cancelled because my brain does not want to supply me with any lyrics~~¤

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   Such A Lonely Day....

Well, I decided to change my background. Again. 'Tis now the deranged angel ROSIEL! I'm so happy bout that!

Sometime this weekend, me and Mantha are going to see Superbad. We get in for free because our college gave anyone who took a yearbook picture yesterday a free ticket. Then on Wednesday, my CI class is meeting at our teacher's house for pizza, and then we're going to see the new Beatles musical, Across the Univers! I'm so psyched! I wanna see that movie so bad!

Well, I'm starting back on my old story, Keeper of the Innocent. I'm gonna go back and type what I have written on my computer, and while I'm doing that, I'm gonna revamp it. Hehe..."revamp"...Sorry for that little pun...

Oh! I got to try tofu the other day! Jien, a guy in my CI and Comp 1 class, sat with me and Mantha at lunch, and he had this tofu stir-fry stuff, and he asked me if I'd ever tried tofu before. I said no, and he offered me a piece. It was really good!

Well, no poem today. No video, either. Enjoy the emptiness!

¤~~So while you're outside looking in, describing what you see, remember what you're staring at is me~~¤

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

   Suteki Da Ne...

Well, hello, dear mortals! I was online last night and I found some sheet music! And it was the full songs! I got two FFX songs, several FF7 songs, and a few Kingdom Hearts songs. I'm so happy! Now I just have to print them out, and refresh myself on the piano. The one I'm mainly happy about is "Suteki Da Ne". It means "it is beautiful". I've also started another AMV. It's for Kingdom Hearts, and I'm using the orchestra version of "Suteki Da Ne". I'm so happy!
*does the Sunshine Dance of Happiness*

Me and Inu talked again last night. I really like talking to him. But we only talked for about an hour. And there's usually a lot of awkward silences, and that's probably my fault, because when you're on the phone with someone you like, you tend to be a bit shy and not-so-talkative...

Well, here's a poem. It's just one I wrote randomly for a background picture. You can find said picture in my portfolio, in the wallpapers section. And if you view my fanart and/or wallpapers, please leave a comment! I would greatly appreciate comments on my work...Here's the poem. Enjoy!


Falling into nothingness,
Fading away into the black abyss,
Reaching out for you,
Trying to hold on to yesterday,
Letting go of all I know,
Giving in to darkness,
My heart grows cold,
Memories slip away,
I cannot find the light,
Iím lost in the void.

¤~~You're all by yourself, but you're not alone~~¤

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