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Friday, February 29, 2008


Mood: Happy but exhausted....
Music: Muse "Time Is Running Out"

Groovy, baby! It's the weekend! I'm happy. In fact, I'm so happy that since it is warm today, I am wearing my long, brown gypsy skirt and my olive green baby tee that has a fairy on it! I also wore my fairy shoes and I put all but one strip of hair up in a bun. I have a sparkly green flower pin on one side of the bun, and the strip of hair I left down is straightened and hanging on the other side of my face. I even put on makeup!! Yeah, I'm in a good mood, even though I'm getting a cold and I have a 5-7 page paper due Monday. I haven't even started on that paper. Oh, well!

Not much has gone on lately. I went with Daku last night and watched the Flamenco dancers for a convo credit. I only need one more convo now. Anyways, I had a headache, so I couldn't fully appreciate the fact that the dancers were stomping the stage. After that was over (9 pm, a 2-hour show!!), we went back to Daku's room. He gave me Cheez-Its, a Mt. Dew, and an Ibuprofen. Then he let me fall asleep on his bed while he did his Trig homework. He woke me up at 9:30 for Naruto. Then after it went off, I went back to sleep until 10:45. He woke me up so he could escort me back to my dorm. We have a midnight curfew during the week, but he wanted to be in bed by 11 pm. We're gonna get our last convo credits tonight. We're gonna go watch the History in Film presentation of Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm excited! I can't wait!!

Oh, and I only have 12 days until I leave for London, England!! Can't wait for that, either!!

Hmm...Oh!! I put up a new cosplay album! I'd appreciate comments a whole lot.

Well, that's all the news for now. Stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~Somebody told me you had a boyfriend, that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year~~¤

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Sweet Dreams....

Music: Metallica "Fuel"

I HAVE AN A IN MY IRELAND IN LITERATURE CLASS!!! BAM!!! HECK YES!!! IN YOUR FACE, IRISH LITERATURE!!! I'm sorry, it's just that I'm so happy!! I did have a 76.67, and now I have a 94!! And the teacher said I've been doing much better in my online writings!! I'm so happy!! I just did the Sunshine Dance of Happiness!!

I'm also happy cause I got my Composition 2 paper done!! I had to turn in the rough draft today, and when the teacher handed it back, she told me it was very well written and that there wasn't much wrong with it!! I was able to correct my mistakes, type up the entire final outline, and print everything off and turn it in at the end of class today!! I'm so happy!!

On top of all this, I will be off to London in 15 DAYS!!! I just can't wait!!

Well, that's all the news I have for today! Stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~I know Mexican judo, as in: Judon't know who you're messing with!!~~¤

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Left-Hand Suzuki Method...

Mood: Happy
Music: Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"

Yeah, so I wasn't on yesterday. I went to the local animal shelter with Daku for some community service. I played with the kitties. They were so cute!! I named two of them, cause they didn't have names. One is Abby and the other is Yuki. There were also a couple of kitties who were hurt. Freckles was blind because she came from an abusive situation. Her owners had thrown her into a cage full of dogs...And then there was Tripod. It only had three legs because it got into an accident. Yuki and Freckles scared the crap out of me! I let Yuki out of her cage and I was in the side room brushing her, and Freckles came back there, and they started staring each other down, and then their tails started twitching, and I thought, Uh-oh...Something's about to go down....And then Yuki attacked Freckles!! I ran into the main room, and the manager lady laughed at me...Then I put Yuki back in her cage....

After we ate lunch, we went to Daku's house. Nobody was home. His mom and dad had went to Branson for the weekend. So we were there alone. He had to get some dress clothes for some kind of Tri-Beta ceremony.

So that's why I didn't get on yesterday!! In other news, VV is going to launch soon!! I can't wait....So excited!! Squeee!! Well, I'm gonna go upload some fan art now. Wolf girl3012, your trade piece is going up first! I really hope you like it...

Stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~I got no strings to hold me down, make me fret, or make me frown!~~¤

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ist Das Gut...

Mood: tired...
Music: TaTu "Nas Ne Dogonjat"

Okay, so last night I went to bed at 11:30, right? Well, I was asleep, and I wake up to this intensely loud noise. At first I thought it was my alarm clock, so I look. It's almost 12:30 am!! So it's not my clock, which was set for 6:45 am...IT WAS THE EFFIN' FIRE ALARM!!!! There are people in the halls yelling, "Get downstairs!! It's the fire alarm!!" So, I put on my glasses and go downstairs and out the door. All I had on was a thin t-shirt and my pajama pants. I didn't bother to grab shoes or my hoodie. Oh, did I mention it was about 20 or 30 degrees Farenheit outside? Yeah, so they get the alarm shut off, and we go inside. The RAs said that someone just pulled the alarm. Whoever pulled it better pray to God that I don't find out who they are....

So with the launch of VV, Adam has announced there will be a new section. He's making us guess what it will be. I can't wait!! VV already sounds like it's the most awesomest thing ever, and now they're adding a new section?! Can you believe it?! We have the best site moderators ever....*hugs the entire Otaku team*

Well, I have nothing else to say. Stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nicht gesagt!~~¤

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   Hard To Imagine....

Mood: a bit tired
Music: Breaking Benjamin "Firefly"

Okay, nothing really to say. Yes, me and roomy got into yet another fight. Argument, really, but anyways, we talked and worked it out. I'm really glad. I hate getting into fights with my friends. Especially my best friends. It makes me feel like crap. I love her like a sister, and I'm glad we've worked it out.

Hmmm...Nothing really going on. I have an essay/calendar due for Ireland in Lit tomorrow, I have a practice speech due tonight, I have a rough draft due in Comp 2 by the 26th, but since the final draft is due the 28th, I'd like to get it done ASAP. I also have a drawing due in Drawing 1 tomorrow. I have the drawing, the speech, and the calendar done. I just need to finish that essay and that rough draft...I hate school...

I have a new wallpaper up. It's Re-l Mayer, from Ergo Proxy. I'll have an art trade up by this weekend for Wolf Girl3012. I hope she'll like it. Hmmm....I have three fan arts I need to put up, as well. They're original character designs for a story I'm writing.

I have exactly 21 days (3 weeks) until I go to London. I'm so excited!! I can't wait!! Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to even talk to Daku for 12 days...That makes me sad. But I'll have the plushies to snuggle with, so I guess it's okay.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~All we need is some ice cream and a hug~~¤

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Monday, February 18, 2008

   Told The Angels...

Mood: Tired...
Music: The Used "Feel Like Dying"

My roomy just walked out. She got pissed at me cause I was watching something earlier, and she asked me to turn it down, and I did, and then I started watching something else, and she was studying, and she thought it was still too loud....Oh, well, I'm about to go to bed anyways, so she'd have had to leave anyways.

I went home on Friday. Daku went with me. I had to get tags put on my car. We came back last night. I had to drive on the interstate at night. In the rain. Really hard rain. And there was lightning. And thunder. Anyways, when we finally got to the school, me and Daku watched "Secret Window" in my room. My roomy had went to El Parian Night with her crush and some friends. I'ono, there was free Mexican food and dancing, and so she went. We got to spend some quality "alone time" together. It was nice.

Well, I can't wait for Version Vibrant to launch now!! I've heard so many things about it, and it seems so flippin awesome!! I just can't wait!! I know Adam and Gail (I think) are working really hard on it, so I say good luck to them, and a big thank you as well!!

I finished the "Chobits" series. It's so adorable!! If you haven't seen it, go to NarutoEngDub! There are other series on there, too.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~One does not simply walk into WalMart. There is an evil there that does not sleep.~~¤

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   The Carpal Tunnel of Love...

Mood: happy
Music: Versus the World "Forgive Me"

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYBODY!!!! I'm so very happy. This is the first Valentine's Day ever that I've had someone special to share the day with. Usually I spent it with my mom, dad, and brother. This year, I'm at college, so if I were single, I'd be spending the day alone. Today is also my mom's birthday. Me and Daku are going to my house tomorrow as soon as we're finished with lunch.

Today I have classes, but after supper, I think me and Daku are going to the movies. Last night at supper, a commercial came on for the new Arthur Spiderwick movie, and Sarah-nee-chan (aka Tobi from now on) was like, "I wanna see that!" I said, "Oh, yeah, me too!" and looked at Daku. So he said, "If you so wish." So I think we're gonna go see that tonight. I'm so happy!! I'd be happy even if we weren't going to the movies, though, as long as I could spend time with my beloved...

Speaking of my beloved, HE GOT ME PLUSHIES!!! He snuck in my room while I was in class and arranged them on my laptop. Here's a pic!

Hehe!! And there was candy...Lots of chocolatey candy....

Well, have a good day, all!! Stay classy, Otakuites!!

¤~~Greater love hath no man that he lay down his own life for his friend~~¤

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   I'm In Over My Head....

Mood: Much happier
Music: Lit "Miserable"

Okay, so I got upset over nothing...Daku still loves me. We talked last night, and I told him that Sunday night he made me think he didn't care anymore. So he took my hand, laced his fingers through mine, looked me in the eyes, and told me not to EVER think he didn't care. He said that guys are just different, and they don't show that they care like girls do. So I'm not depressed or upset anymore. Now I'm just tired. I got seven hours of sleep, combined with the terrible sleep of the night before, which makes me want to sleep for another seven hours. And this morning, Daku is sick at his stomach. He's skipping his 8 am Composition 2 class right now. I called him earlier, while me and Sarah-nee-chan were at breakfast, and I asked if he was coming. He said he didn't think he could keep anything down. He'd gotten up and gotten a shower, but he still didn't feel well, so he's skipping class and trying to go back to sleep right now. I hope he feels better when I call him at 11 for lunch.

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!! If you read this far, I apologize, because I really have nothing else to talk about...

¤~~All we need is some ice cream and a hug~~¤

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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Pretty Handsome Awkward...

Mood: Tired/depressed
Music: Korn "Thoughtless"

Okay, so all day yesterday I felt depressed. I don't know why. I shouldn't be feeling depressed. Well, that night, I wanted to spend some time with Daku, but he seemed annoyed about it. He told me that he's NOT breaking up with me, but he thinks I'm a bit too clingy. That did not help my mood. So, I sat there for a couple minutes more watching him play Halo, and then told him goodnight and went back to my room. I sent him a message on Facebook explaining why I'd started crying, which happened before he told me what he'd told me, and then I went to bed. My roommate left the room so I could go ahead and go to bed and she could do her homework. Anyways, I just lost it and cried myself to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't get a good night's sleep, and this morning, I still feel depressed. And on top of all that, the ONE PERSON who can make me feel better has told me that I'm a little too clingy...

Well, sorry for unloading all this on you guys. Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~The course of true love never was smooth~~¤

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   Fake It...

Mood: Cold...
Music: Nothing (my roomie's asleep, and it's 11:20 am)

Okay, so what's up with MyOtaku being separated from theOtaku? I don't get it! It complicates things for me! WTF, man? The home pages are a bit screwy. They don't show people's avatars, and in the backroom, the button you clicked to change your avatar is gone. And now I can't upload fan art or wallpapers from backroom! Gah, why can't they just leave things alone? The site was fine the way they had it! And WTF is "Version Vibrant"? It sounds gaytarded (no offense to anyone).

Well, in other news, I'm cold. The heater in our room isn't working. Again. I think it stops emitting heat when it's turned down, and then when it's turned back up, it just decides to keep not emitting heat. I wish it would work again...I'm freezing!! I think I'm gonna go get a shower now. And I'll prolly go complain about "Version Vibrant" to whoever's doing it.

Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Who's to know if your soul will fade at all?~~¤

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