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Monday, October 29, 2007

   Spider Pig....
Mood: Squee!
Music: None! (I'm watching WWE Monday Night Raw)

Well, I tried posting Saturday, but after I got it all typed up, the site freaked out and was down for a while....So, here's a recap of my past few days!

Wednesday: Me and Mantha left at 2 pm. I went to church that night and saw Jyushin, KitKat, and Sarah. After church, I watched Jyu pull a Dukes of Hazzard on KitKat's trunk. Then me and Sarah went to The Way Of The Sub to eat with some other kids from the youth group. Then I took her home. Then, at midnight, PETE CALLED ME!!! I was very pissed. He was like, "What are you doing? I'm outside your window with binoculars!" I said, "I'm in bed, at my house. Me and Mantha left at 2 pm. We're not in C=ville." He was like, "And you didn't tell me bye?" I was like, "No. We will next time. Can I go back to bed?" Then he let me go back to bed.

Thursday: I went to my old high school. I went to 1st period with Sniffles, 2nd with her and Kytten, 3rd & 4th with Nikki. I accompanied Nikki to 1st lunch shift, and saw Kayla, Sniffles, Eddy, and some other folks. Then I went to 5th period art to find Kytten, who didn't show up. I met the new art teacher. He was pretty cool. Then I went to 2nd lunch shift to find Jyu, and that's where I messed up. The new principal figured out I wasn't a student there, and told me to leave...So later I went to my grandparents and watched my grandpa feed a calf who's mom wouldn't take it. Then when I got back home, my parents took me to the new restaraunt in town.

Friday: I went to J-town with my mom. Then that night, me and Mantha went to the football game with my parents. We sat with the band. I got to play snare drum! My brother's team won 50-22! That's the highest score they've had all season, and the 3rd game they've played and won.

Saturday: We came back. We stopped in this one town to eat lunch, and we were gonna get the food to go. I had a moment and left my keys in the ignition and the car running and LOCKED MY DOORS!!! I had to call my parents, and it took them an hour to get there with the extra key. They were pissed....I only got a 5-minute lecture, though.

Sunday was of little importance...I did NOTHING!!!

Today: Well, after classes were over, me and Mantha walked to Syndicate. Jacob was actually nice to us today! He's usually really sarcastic, but today, he wasn't as sarcastic as usual. Then, we went to WalMart and did a little shopping. Then, at 6, I had to go to the chapel. I got to help Dr. G with her concert! I dressed up as a Lady of the Night. I wore a black skirt that came just below my knees, a low-cut black shirt with purple flowers on it, my black fishnet armwarmers, my black heels, and my black cape. I also put on makeup. I grabbed a black rose from the large vase at the front of the sanctuary. The concert was awesome! They sang "Spider Pig", the Hans Zimmer arrangement from the end credits of the movie. It was so cool! I've also decided to wear that as my costume for Wednesday, except I'm wearing black flats instead of heels....

Well, stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble~~¤

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