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Friday, December 16, 2005

   ^_^ My day yesterday. Very Intresting but also pretty good.
Thank you everyone for you comments the other day. Iím really going to try to open up more. Also, you donít have to really worry about me hurting myself. I donít like the sight of my own blood. 0_0 Iím chicken but I guess thatís a good thing. ^_^

Also, thanks for the offer Rachel, but my mom would kill me if I called anyone long distance that she didnít know herself.

Interesting night last night. My dad one some kind of free dinner catering from Saladmaster, so we had this lady come over and cook for us. It was pretty good food. Great potatoes and good salad. It would have been perfect too if she didnít keep rattling on about how great her pans where. Feel free to come over and cook for me anytime, just donít try and sell me something. >.< I do have to hand it to this lady. She could make some mean food. She even made a stove top cake that had all these vegetables in it. She put in a half a thing of cake mix and the rest was eggs, cabbage, radishes, onions, apples, carrots, cucumber and celery with a raspberry toping. It was pretty good actually. It had and interesting texture, kinda like a pudding cake, but you didnít taste any of the vegetables.

Also, I watched the end of the D*N*Angel series in Japanese. It was so good! The anime was quiet as good as the manga because they rushed a lot of things, but the last 4episodes where the very best because not only did it wrap up the end of the Ice and Snow story, (so different then what you thought it would be) but also the conclusion of the creation of Dark and Krad. That was the very best. I canít wait to see how the manga tells that side of the story.

Because of popular request, I will post the code (link actrually for the code) for the falling snowflakes. ^_^ I know some of you wanted to know where I got them.

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