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Sunday, July 19, 2009

   Catching Up on Sleep
Went to Florida for my annual meeting- usually held in May. Wow is Florida hot and humid in July. My friend from Georgia laughed that it was a conspiracy to make sure everyone attended all the lectures. Rained every day00 good thing I have lots of plastic bags! (they make marvelous rain bonnets, the big ones do great for rain coats). I took 2 days to see my sis, we watched the fireworks from her porch , and could see 5 towns displays, and some friends come over. Wonderful to kick back and enjoy those days. The bags still have the tech stuff packed and some clothes, and time to work on the house again. Never ending, but getting better. We had a couple of little shakers, so off to Home Deport to repair some cracks in the stucco.

This weekend was watching movies and stuff. Kitsune Tsuki, so glad to know another Whovian resides in the states here. It was popuplar when I lived in Michigan, only bacause we often intercepted the Canadian broadcasting stations, but its a little heart warming to have things that are still around... Dr. Who is too cool-- I've enjoyed it over the years all the places we lived, and it is fun... and yes, still hooked on Law and Order all these years. I knit to reruns I have seen more than 5 times. My husband laughs because I often don't recall seeing the episode until I am in the middle. But I'm noting fewer episodes on cable. But somehow familiarity is soothing. Anima is getting a little trickier to watch--Cartoon Network has been a dissappointment-- really decreased the amount of anime shown! But more and more people ask me about anima expo-- It's not to far, but past 2 years couldn't go. Hope I don't have the annual meeting on top of it. If you went, do you think you would dress as a character? I figure that L from Death Note would be pretty easy to do-- would just need a dark wig. But the times I have gone have been so much fun. I really want to go next year.

Funny, you go away for 1 wk 9pleasure or business_) and it takes the whole month to catch up on everything. Unreal!

Well, the persimmon tree is full of fruit (guess that means lots of hummer birds in the fall. Though this weekend is warm and humid, I guess it's time to hang out a little at border's and have Chai, and just tool around. I am happy for DVR so I can record things and store them up for bad TV nights!

What are you all up to? Perpetual organization here--- trying to look for good day trips in December, especially for photography. I have a deviant art account-- been sorely neglected this year, and that's where my nature photos go. I will have to fire that up....using The O to put photos in posts still have me sort of confused and frustrated. Haven't taken any good photos in a while, just sort of snapshots. But, man am I ever knitting crazy socks! (4th pair in 4 mos.)

Thhinking of my friends a lot, hope all goes well for you. Gee, I kick back day-- that will be real good... turn on the radio, and drive to local places, but loving the music! (So glad that I did get an iPod! Really, encouraged by hearing a lot about it here. Well, when I get drawing again, and really taking more serious photos, we'll see about posting them somewhere.
Kitsune, what is your Deviant Art site? I'd would love to check it out.

Love and peace and biscotti for good friends!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrambled and frazzled again
Just more of the same-- when I find where it is, it gets moved! The air conditioning guy comes tomorrow. We were really lucky with 5 cool days, but it is warming up now so he's coming right on time. I hope the system will work (its about 20 years old. Guess I'll find that out tommorow. Need to work on some photos-- got one of a bird nesting in the eaves near my bedroom. Kinda neat to see the birds flying up to the nest. At work we now have have both mallards and Canadian geese that just hatched their babies.. they are so cute to watch.

What TV shows are people watching now? How about movies? I want to see Wolverine, Star Trek, and an animated film Up. For TV, well still a hopeless Law and Order watcher. Still looking for a source of broadcast anime if anyone has a suggestion. This weekend is my turn for back up -- so I am bringing my DVD player for quiet times. At least it won't be during Memorial Day.

Any travel dreams for the summer? Mine to to have the air conditioning working!

Love, peace, and biscotti to good friends!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Rampage!
We have been through our 2 days of spring. Everything is startying to turn brown, little bruchfires have begun. I hope the canyon does not get hit with a big one again. Important papers are in the safety deposit box, far from where I live. Again the house is driving me nuts. I thought I was through the big repairs this year, until the temps shot up to 100! (over 100 in the canyon) Voila--the air conditioner spins, no results, and the hoses have started to freese, the floors are cold in the kitchen (where there were leaks before), and now I am averaging 2 hours overtime per day again! I called my boss, and told him I was going to a coference, and takig 2 days off00 I mean it-- not asking permission, just going ahead. They owe it, and if it is inconvenint, well pick any 2 salty words. The inside of the house is over eighty degrees, still messed up. I want the time to get things fixed, the the cell phone bugged out, and can't find the second battery I bought a while ago. I am headed for the closet, and staying there for a while, because I just don't know what's going to happen. And yes, Big M is away. It;s getting tiring doing both those things alone! I; going to put some anime on, and feel like just hiding upstairs to get time to fix things.... my fantasy is a butler, homemaker to do the chores, and always available handyman. Its getting tiring to come up with solutions, epecially when the phone broke again (fixed it).

On a good note, there is the new episodes of Full metal alchemist, brotherhood on funimation .com. Now, if only I can find more fans to try and rest-- tomorrow is backup but I need the AC man to come out, because inspecting the unit, I am concerned some big stuff is awry-- the inside of y house is 83 degrees in the evening. Well starting to get an idea for a sketch-- what would an anime character do when everything sarts to go wrong> As for me, The Closet sounds perfect!

Have a better day than this week has been! You guys are great!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Computer
Comp has been acting like its possessed! Or it could be just me- have a stomach virus, feeling dizzy. Wanted to send out the taxes, but feelinb queasy and dizzy. (as you see from my typing) So, I guess I'll just go back to bed- every time I move around.. so does the world. Well, I;ll put on a anime disk, and just rest. I hope I can get to do wildflowers tomorrow-
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The pictures remain in the camera, ndownloaded, and now the poppies are blooming. They start in a little patch, then spread, glorius orange, and the buttercups too. But they fade quickly. With the rains we have had, the are gorgeous, but I am missing them. EEEK! Just get up, run full pace, drop into bed. Somehow I keep saying that I have to take some time off to play and regenerate... Any one a Dr. Who fan? I feel like a time lord o their last regeneration-- everything has just being going faster. Well, I have to get a hair cut, and find something fun to do to break the blah cycle. I don't want to miss the wild flowers because they dissappear so fast (like I've downloaded the other stuff, but I will have to wait another year if I miss them, and we have had lots of sprinkly rain and they greedily soak it up fast. Hopefully I can wake my brain out this very non creative streak, and post some pictures. The poppies are my favorites, they are pretty striking. So I hope this weekend to get a hair cut, and phtograph thoses poppies! Well, time to go to sleep- 7:30 os just a little early to make a habit.

Hope you all have good weekends, and you all stay dry!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

well, this week is the second in a row non stop. Hard to relax, and hard to keep pushing on (we are back up for a weeken every other month but this was the mother lode-non stop then another week to go) The sight is acting a little strange, hard to ccommend to every I want to , but wel'll trp again. CosmicSailor, your drawings are really great and wanted to let you know! Its hard with myO and the O but I am just going to have to get used to the distances. I have started taking some pictures againl, and after a good sleepl adn hopefully karaoke this week, I will try to get them up. I think of you often, and glad t see a few more people posting again. Well, will be working on the pictures, have had to do work on the house-- slowly it is progressing. I would love 4 days off to do some of the bigger stuff, but even like a snail, things are getting done. Love to all (and making some biscotti this wekend!)
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Running fast as I can
I am glad to see others using My O again. Been trying to use the O, but still have some trouble, and frankly, my O feels more like "home". Just running, things have the "not fun " feel-- the anime shop closed, need to find a new source, and it is just feeling like sleep- get up- work, and round again. Doesn't do much for creativity-- I have been like a knitting machine-- this is the fifth pair of socks which is ironic since I don;t often wer socks-- I've been donating them and 2 afghans to the hospice that took care of my dad . Watching Death Note discs again-- each time I find some other thing to appreiciate, either art, or the unique mystery aspect. Gotta get my creative juices flowing again-- during the weekends, we've been getting rain or bad clouds, so photography has been not good-- and I stink at photoshop! But, there's been a little prgress in the back room. Maybe this will be the year it gets cleared out. But somehow, it just feels like my creative side is staling out! Even the parrots have generally been pretty quiet. Maybe the television has hypnotised us all! Egads!

Glad to hear from friends, because I do miss you all! Have a good week!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

   Oh , man!
This time I really gone and done it. I've been away since August, and really don't know where the time has gone! I've been up to my armpits in repair people--- wish I was really handy,, but face it, when we had big rains and leaks, it was hair pulling time. We've had 3 earthquakes, and early Santa Ana'swinds-- it is now in the 80's in January! Have to have the fan on! Big M came for 2 wks- took day trips for picture taking. I would really like to see Death Valley- there's some neat geological stuff up there-- hope we get to do that. Now the little office is going to move in April. ARGH! At least there is only 1 box of stuff there. My back office is turning into a monster with stuff... hope this is the clear to clear it out!. Wishing my friends a good 2009!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its Still August?
Today is hot and muggy for Southern California-- I was supposed to have the 3 day weekend, but got called for Monday backup. Still having a bit of a time adjusting to changing schedules, especially as things don't seem to going too smoothly. Well, today started working on all the files, bills and paper at home (yuck!) trying to organize again. The den where my parrots live is organized, the kitchen and back office remain disasters (that where I work), and in addition to home repairs, the car has been acting strange right after a major repair. I kinda want to hold onto to the car a little while longer. With the new schedule, the mileage is adding fast. What's the longest you have had a car , year wise and mile wise? Well, I think the rest of today will be some filing, and the back room, and I will look for the last disc of death note. Seems my DVR did not get all the last episodes, and I want to see how it ends. My sister had given me a Best Buy card so I could buy 2 anime discs. Actually not much going on, except my car. I hope that everyone has a good weekend~ Any more suggestiong for either old or new anime series? Are folks also posting on The O? Having a little trouble navigating that, but My O feels like an old friend and community to me. I don't do change easily. Anyway, I will still be here, although my schedule has recently had me either working or sleeping. Hope that changes soon

Big hugs to good friends!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Away again...
Sorry, I've been living in the Closet of Anxiety. Many changes at work... some of my friends retiring, my schedule changing-- then trying to fix up the house, car, everything. My sister has said I/ve turned into a worry machine. True. Well, at least anime still saves my brain--- I've been watching Death Note on disc, and have a few episodes recorded on tape. My routine has been to go to work, come home, flop in the bed, so today a little change. There will be a little block party that will be a nice change. So that's where I'll be tonite. Just wanted to drop by , as I do think of my frineds here a lot. (too bad there's no telepathy computing yet!)
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