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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   My Big Adventure.
Yesterday I had to run the mile in gym class. Yep, four laps around the football field, real fun. I did the best I've ever done, a whole minute a five seconds better than last time. But afterwards...well I'm not much of an endurance runner, I'm more of a sprinter...and I kinda' got a 'little' sick. I was soooo tired and I felt really ill. I went to the tell the gym teacher I was feeling badly and I saw my reflection in the mirror. All the blood had gone out of my face and I looked like someone from the House of Wax. I got really cold too. I probably would of fallen down if I didn't sit down. Well, I sat outside for a couple minutes with my head between my knees with the teacher. I'm not one to get light headed either. They checked my pulse and I was Ok but still feeling pretty bad. They had to escort me to the lunch room. That fun. Thankfully no one saw. I was rather pathetic.
Not one of my better moments.

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