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Friday, April 22, 2005

   -------Guest Speaker------
Greetings. Today i have a guest speaker, and she is doing an interview. Please don't mind the random questions.

INTERVIEWER: soooooooo knox, how're you m'dear?
KNOX: I.... am.... high. OFF CHAI!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA! (tea, that is.)
INTERVIEWER: sooooooooooo the weather's nice.
KNOX: I suppose it is. Cept it's dark out and i can't see.....
INTERVIEWER: hmmm.... is that a hobgoblin i see?
INTERVIEWER: clam dow.... i mean calm down.
okay, maybe i should tell you that my name is niadra.... and i am doing this interview as a favor to crab-doughnut industries, helping to build a better spaghetti-dandelion-fluff dish. for yugoslavians everywhere. and i WAS manipulating knox's every word but she made me change it so WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
sooooooo knox.... what do you think of the mighty crab-doughnut empire? you know they're ALL around us.
KNOX: what kind of question is that?????
INTERVIEWER: whatdaya mean? you made them up! *clears throat* i mean, you are a faithful donater to cab-doughnut industries. you DID NOT make them up. there are copyrights to consider here.
KNOX:who claims to have made them up, hmmmm?
INTERVIEWER: well, i believe it is a certain mr. gearg schneidwillsier.
KNOX: you ma'am, should leave my computer counsel before you scare away all my friends.
INTERVIEWER: HMMMMPH! i thought I was one of your friends but fine if you want it that way! and i thought it was very original!
good day to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
*leaves in a huff*
KNOX: *sighs* yup. i actually know this person.
INTERVIEWER: *pokes head around doorframe* i heard that! i will not tell them the things you say and toodles and gooday!
----------END OF INTERVIEW---------
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this post brought to you by crab-doughnut enterprises, working to build a better spaghetti-fluff dish for yugaslavians everywhere... and therefore, knox is not responsible for this post, therefore, blame me.
~*kenibs forever*, Niadra
knox agrees. kenibs rock.

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