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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   The Injustice and Stuff
*Side Note:
I'm trying to put more posts up more often so people won't stop comming to my site because it never changes. The thing is I want to put up posts that aren't boring. I'm gonna try to find something at least vaguagly interesting to talk about.
Loathesome developers...
I live in a rural neighbor and don't get all country hick on me, because it's not like that.
Anyway they're destroying it. They're building these ugly crap boxes (*my word for their rancid houses in their housing developments*) everywhere! I hate it!! They put these ugly, characterless houses in once beautiful farm fields and forests! It makes me sick! I just hope my home as I know it is still there by the time I have to go to college. I just feel so helpless seeing these "for sale" and "comming soon" signs popping up everywhere.
They have such stupid slogans too, like
"Shop-on the edge!" The edge of what?? The retirement community they're building! Ughh..
the injustice!
I'm thinking of starting a new site, except I'm not sure of what my username would be...
I'm open to suggestions!

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