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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dude, like, Jack Sparrow is incredoubly hot!!
Hey again.
I figured I should post before another month goes by...wait, I think I might be to late...

Right...so events...erm...

Let's see. Niadra and I just wrote and recorded the prelude to our book.
I'm trying to convince my mom to let us adopt her kitten Suki...a battle I fear I'm losing...
My cousins are coming down in about a week. We'll probably camp out on the beach one night and maybe go across the bay to see a movie and go to a Japanese habachi(sp?) restuarunt. Unfortunately I have to work two of the days they're here at the coffee house, but they said they'd stop by.
Also...if I'm lucky my mum will bring back some of the luscious lemon poppyseed muffins when she gets back

Well I believe I should end this rambling post.
I'll try to get to everyone's site who updated.


Who From The Pirates Of The Caribbean Would Marry You? And Your Love Story?

Captain Jack Sparrow!

How You Met: He was stealing a boat and you just happened to be in it, getting ready for the next sail. Since you were in the bottom of the ship, he noticed you when he looked for treasure and you joined him in his search for the Dead Man's Chest.

Your Wedding: You eloped on a stranded island. There was a lot of rum and a giant fire. The witnesses were the turtles you swam back home on.

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