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Monday, August 21, 2006

Greetings one and all.

First of all I have a question: are you guys able to see my bg? Cause' I can't and it's driving me crazy!! Also, if you happen to know the code to stop the bg from moving could you tell me...^_^'

Just got back from a sleepover birthday party thingy at my friends house. We had a whipped cream and water balloon fight- it was fun. I got absolutely no sleep so I apologize if this post is a tad weird.
Lets see...
Oh yeah my cousins came down for a visit and we played alot of Animal Xing and I had to lead an expedition into the marshes cause' they really wanted to go crabbing.
I also got Tsubasa 9 and 10. They were good. The "villain" was really stupid though...

I'll try to get to all your sites later.
Wishing you a good one!
~Knox, the Insomniac

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Pirates Arrrrrr Cool-->So Whats Your Pirate Name? (For guys and girls)

Girl Name:Cap'n Corliss LeadbladeGuy Name:Cap'n Guideon LeadbladeYour Traits:Sea:South PacificColor:RedHair:BlondeEyes:BlueContinent: AsiaCountry: IndonesiaPet:MonkeyType of Pirrate:Mean, you apprehended ships wherever you go and stole money. But you dont go out of your way to hurt people.

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...Well a nice pirate would be kind of ridiculous, right?

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