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Wednesday, August 30, 2006



As you should be able to see...I have fixed my background...MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! With my amazing skill and technical-know-how, I have done the imposible!!!
Well, actually, err I have no idea why its working now. I seriously think somebody's messing with my head...! Heheh.
Anyway, I went with Niadra and saw the movie "Click" the other day...and lets just say it was a very wierd flick- funny yet disturbing.
Also on that venture we feasted at P.F. Changs. God, we ordered wayyyy to much food- I'm surprised we didn't bust a seam.
Oh and Niadra got a book of art from Serial Experiment Lain. It's really cool...I'm gonna have to borrow it...heheh.
Have any of you seen that anime? Is it any good?

I'll try to visit you guys later.

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