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I'm trying my best to do a good site, but I'm new so it could take time for it...^^

What I most like is to draw my own mangas and to show there my thoughts about good and evil...hehe:)

My favorite mangas are FMA, SDK, PMK and Goth...and many more...my collection is growing bigger every month...yay! :)

I just started to study Japanese at the University and it's real fun (but very difficult, too...)! ^_^

I hope there'll be people enjoying my pictures, although I don't have the same time to draw them like when I was in College...hehe.

If you like some drawings of mine, or find something about them which is not correct, just tell me, I'm happy about every comment! ^_^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

wah, my otaku sure changed a lot. I was aware of the whole "other section" with the worlds and everything, but I never really cared about it, since I went off too soon.
but nah. it's a shame there are so much restriction for uploading now. it's gotten even worse than animexx .
so yeah, I wanted to upload more pics, but since you can't upload more than three, I have to wait. and the size has gotten quite small too. I can sort of understand the new rules, but I still think it's a shame xDDD

so...this world thing...maybe I'll check it out sometime o but I'm...well...I'm so busy with all my other forums I don't want to neglect (which actally is only ONE which would be deviantart. my mexx account isn't that much visited anymore, as well as my fantasy shrine one. well...I have to make my priorities after all ;_;).

and thanks angy! I changed it now to dark purple-ish. what do you think about it now? :D


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

   back from france...
so, there I am again, back in Switzerland xD
I had a great day with my colleague. we first went to the japan shop in geneva [where I got to after 4:15 hours of train and bus travel -.-], than the manga shop, and we ate in the train station :3 it was kinda hot, but we still had our fun ^^ we went to a supermarket near where the bus came to take us to her aunt's place over in Sergy (FR), but it had already closed (at 7 o'clock pm!!!!), so we just waited for the bus to take us to her home xD''
next day we slept a lot (really...we got up like at 1 pm xD), went to a supermarket near her home.
after that we went back to geneva and I already had to head back home at 6 pm, since my last bus was at 10 pm (I got home at 10:30...).

and now I already watched phantom episode 19 and 07 ghost episode 19...and two episodes of Medium (I only realized I didn't watch the whole third series after my mom bought it >_< so now I'm watching them xD alone though, since my mom doesn't understand a word of english, and I don't want to watch them either in spanish or german D).

tomorrow I have to start with doing taxes. is to say, mom's taxes. I'll do a part of it, my father will finish it. but I seriously am not in the mood for doing taxes. I'm in the mood for relaxing and sleeping. but that's not everything yet...I still need a travel assurance or travel protection - call it what you want - but I need one. My father only made one for us that covers europe (which normally is perfectly fine since we don't go any farther away than europe - neither could we afford it. so now that I'm going to the states [WHICH IS ALREADY IN ONE WEEK, JEEZ!], I need one ;_; I hope it's not expensive or to late to do it. I will go to Zurich on friday to my aunt's birthday, so I'll probably find out then..._
ah well. so much for my problems xD''

hope you're doing fine. it's getting kinda late (damn, 4:15 am...), so yeah. see you :3

...AND YES, I CHANGED MY THEME! how you like it, angy zaku? (since I'm sure you're the only one who's gonna read this xD)...I love this anime. 07 ghost really has everything my little fan girl heart craves for :D

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Monday, August 10, 2009

busy again...:(
it's incredible. I'm on vacation, but still I have so much to do T_T. at least not everything is just nonsense. like visiting the friends I coudln't during those damn two month >3< I'm really looking forward meeting a friend tomorrow - I'll be going to france for that xD - and have some fun ^3^

other than that...I just filed the documents on the artist I will present in our little group that will go to the field museum. he's called tani buncho and has a really stupid name in terms of research. well, probably it's not so much his name, but those damn books. they're lexica. all with a different index system. some with no system to be seen at all x-x'' I'm glad I found so much in the end xD I copied a total of some 90 pages full of information about him, his seals he used on his paintings, his signature and even quite a lot of pics *proudly pats them*. unfortunately (for me) a lot of information is in japanese. and I'm not sure if I can decypher (and I use this term consciously because lexica use a strange form of explanation which can only be decyphered, not translated, IMHO) them till the 19th of august, which is when we will fly, but still...I have the pontential info here xD''

oh, I bought Fullmetal Alchemist volume 19 today. it's great *_* it's getting even more interesting >3< ah there are so many mangas I wanna buy...but I'm not going anywhere near a comicshop. it would be too dangerous, I need my money for amerca *lol*.

well...that's all from me. for now. I'll be back on wednesday. probably xD
hope somebody even reads this D

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

yeah. it's me xD I think, probably everybody in here forgot about me ;_; which is sad, 'cause I like you guys (and it's my fault T_T). but university has being a pain in the ass and life didn't treat me so well at the end of last year and beginning of this year. Meaning, I had to spend one week in hospital due to a partial facial paralysis which still is undiagnosed (well. it's diagnosed but it's not linked to any desease. it's said to be possible indication for MS but further paralysis or symptoms have to show up to proove it. or it's a viral infection, and that was it). So, ima has to go have some MRIs every couple of months. which isn't that bad. but the "not knowing what the hell this is" thing bugs me a bit. though I'm doing quite well so I don't complain.

the damn exams at university are finally over - which is exactly why I have the luxury time to write - and now I'm prepairing for my lil trip to the US!! yeah, I've been travelling a lot this year xD first was Milan (a one-day crash trip with a colleague of mine, from university), then came London (one week with another colleague of mine from university) and now we're going with a lil group from the east asian art history section to visit the field museum in chicago! I've never been anywhere outside europe (but Venezuela, where I was born), so I'm quite excited. After that week I'll be going to New York! Well, I'm really really excited xD the hostels are booked, the flight is booked, now I only hope everything goes allright.
In november I'll be going to london again...which will be awesome too, since I know it now a little and there are definitely some great shops I wanna revisit xDDD

soo...hope you guys are fine too! I'll check some of your posts, and hope I'll have the time to answer!!!!! :D

ima~ ^w^

ps: HOLY SHIT! I JUST NOTICED, IT'S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I LAST WROTE HEAR!!! OMFG! time sure passes friggin' fast!!!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

wooot....and there again a month has passed .
I don't understand this ^^'
I always think of commenting and posting on myo...but I always forget .
it's so creepy...really >>''
well, it may be 'cause I'm REALLY everyday on animexx...I bet if anyone of you (...you...if there is still someone who reads this ;o;) would join animexx, I'd always write you >o< *no joke*

mah, anyway...

I did so much .
well austria, at frist, was awesom ^^ we didn't have so much training as I feared...it almost was less than I wanted have (only 5 hours per day...). But I got to know really nice people and I even spoke Japanese with my teachers *o* the even DID understand some of the crap I told xD *laughs*
well, it was really cool. and yeah, walty could'nt stop talkind xD'' and on the way home I was so tired I think he didn't have much conversation with me xD
well...I wrote down everything I did on my "travel diary" .... I love to read this again, when I'm at home...:3~
but sometimes I was so tired at night, I had to force myself to write what I did down >.<

mah....then I met a lot with my friends ^^ I even had some visit me :D
we drunk a bit of this "beer for women"...(called EVE), and I have to admit, the Passionfruit and Litchi versions are very, very delicious *o* even the grapefruit one, that most of them three tasts like actual beer, is not so bad at all ;D
well, but I won't drink it all the time either ^^' I'm not so much into alcohol, but it's good to know that I like it so I can join friends when drinking that stuff xD~
...we also watched a lot of movies (7 in two days!! .)....but it was really cool xD I seldom have friends coming home 'cause I live a bit remote or 'cause they live somehow far away...*at least 1 1/2 hours away*...most of them...

ah, and then I found somthing similar to a graphic tablet at home *O* I'm so happy, even if it's not made for this purpose, 'cause I can use it that way *____*
if you wanna see some of it, go to tegaki or animexx (searching under imasyon) and you might see some of the pics I did with it :D
(or pm me *Lol* I'll send you the links....If anyone is interested in it *laugh*)....

hmmm...and now there are exchange students from japan coming *O*
I will be in charge of Shibata-San! I'm so curious on how she is like...we didn't meet yet, but we will probably next week *o*

well....there would be a lot more to tell...but I'm gettin' tired (nearly 3 am .)....
so....hope you didn't forget me yet...i didn't forget you ^___^
*always thinkin' of you guys*

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