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Monday, August 10, 2009

busy again...:(
it's incredible. I'm on vacation, but still I have so much to do T_T. at least not everything is just nonsense. like visiting the friends I coudln't during those damn two month >3< I'm really looking forward meeting a friend tomorrow - I'll be going to france for that xD - and have some fun ^3^

other than that...I just filed the documents on the artist I will present in our little group that will go to the field museum. he's called tani buncho and has a really stupid name in terms of research. well, probably it's not so much his name, but those damn books. they're lexica. all with a different index system. some with no system to be seen at all x-x'' I'm glad I found so much in the end xD I copied a total of some 90 pages full of information about him, his seals he used on his paintings, his signature and even quite a lot of pics *proudly pats them*. unfortunately (for me) a lot of information is in japanese. and I'm not sure if I can decypher (and I use this term consciously because lexica use a strange form of explanation which can only be decyphered, not translated, IMHO) them till the 19th of august, which is when we will fly, but still...I have the pontential info here xD''

oh, I bought Fullmetal Alchemist volume 19 today. it's great *_* it's getting even more interesting >3< ah there are so many mangas I wanna buy...but I'm not going anywhere near a comicshop. it would be too dangerous, I need my money for amerca *lol*.

well...that's all from me. for now. I'll be back on wednesday. probably xD
hope somebody even reads this ŽD

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