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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

yeah. it's me xD I think, probably everybody in here forgot about me ;_; which is sad, 'cause I like you guys (and it's my fault T_T). but university has being a pain in the ass and life didn't treat me so well at the end of last year and beginning of this year. Meaning, I had to spend one week in hospital due to a partial facial paralysis which still is undiagnosed (well. it's diagnosed but it's not linked to any desease. it's said to be possible indication for MS but further paralysis or symptoms have to show up to proove it. or it's a viral infection, and that was it). So, ima has to go have some MRIs every couple of months. which isn't that bad. but the "not knowing what the hell this is" thing bugs me a bit. though I'm doing quite well so I don't complain.

the damn exams at university are finally over - which is exactly why I have the luxury time to write - and now I'm prepairing for my lil trip to the US!! yeah, I've been travelling a lot this year xD first was Milan (a one-day crash trip with a colleague of mine, from university), then came London (one week with another colleague of mine from university) and now we're going with a lil group from the east asian art history section to visit the field museum in chicago! I've never been anywhere outside europe (but Venezuela, where I was born), so I'm quite excited. After that week I'll be going to New York! Well, I'm really really excited xD the hostels are booked, the flight is booked, now I only hope everything goes allright.
In november I'll be going to london again...which will be awesome too, since I know it now a little and there are definitely some great shops I wanna revisit xDDD

soo...hope you guys are fine too! I'll check some of your posts, and hope I'll have the time to answer!!!!! :D

ima~ ^w^

ps: HOLY SHIT! I JUST NOTICED, IT'S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I LAST WROTE HEAR!!! OMFG! time sure passes friggin' fast!!!

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