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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

   back from austria!
sooo....there I am...back in Switzerland again...

boar, it was so aweseme in austria...
4 senseis...naginata and iaido...*o* we practised a lot though not so much as we did back in 2005 in switzerland.
mostly it was one training sword and one training naginata (hellebarde...I have no clue how you say this in english...>o< even that's not the correct term for it in German...). Nah, anyways, I even got to translate some things and spoke Japanese xD I'm astonished they even most of the time could figrue out what the hell I wanted to say xD~

ah, the people training there were aweseom too ^^
we played often "honour of the samurai"...it was really funny....we told a lot of jokes and had a good time there ^^

I even found someone who can draw really nice (though comic style, not manga)...anyways, he drew me some pics, and I drew him some pics... really nice ;3~

well, I really talked a lot with Walter...though not so much on the way back 'cause I was tired like hell....x_x'' nya, I hope he wasn't too disappointed on the way back >o<

I really learned much on this seminar...but I'm forgetting things allready =o= *curses her awful memory*
hope walter didn't forget everything eiterh xDD~ we'll see on the next training :D~

well, hope you guys had a super week...I was too tired to comment in the weekend ^^°

....so, have a great time and *hugs* :D~

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

   on the way to austria.......
so, ima goes austria ^^
today, 6 am (currently it's 2:30 am and I still have a lot to pack x_x'') I will be on my way to schwyz, where I'll meet Walter...from there we'll be going to austria...8 to 9 hours x_x but as he's - like me - very talkative, it should work somehow :D

woo...I've packed so much, it's scary >< there's so much to take there...smething to write, my DS, my clothes, my training clothes, my swords, cosmetics, my rucksack, shoeas for hiking, other shoes....waaah....=-= I hope I don't forget anything >o<

....well...I'm very curious how this will be *o*
so well...have a great week ^^ I'll be here...probably next sunday? :D~
*hugs you all*

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Friday, July 18, 2008

   meeting at tami and austria :3
well....ima was in selzach, visting tami ^^ it was real fun, 'cause other member of animexx went there :3 we were five in total and had a LOT of fun *o*
we draw the whole time, told jokes....and did a lot of nonsense, but that's good once in a while ^^
well...after all the fun part we went on a walk [at night] outside...it was a really....hmm.... howdyasay...unlively scenery. many fields, no houses....and then....a tractor...all alone, with lights on....driving VERY slow...some of us were scared...(me not really *lol* if I was alone, I would've been, but we were 5!)...well, tami and me were having our fun, because we were the ones not scared at all. we went this path towards forest and we two were going a bit faster then the others. so at the top of the path, we two, yelled: "WE WANNA BE RAPED!" (in english, don't forget that...). It was so much fun! I think we scared the others xD some more, some less...but we surely scared some!! well, the dog, ati (for short, he's called Atilla originally) was playing and running so me - stupid as I am - went playing and running with him too. I don't know why it happend, but I fell down...on little stone path -.- It must've been a reaaaally funny sight for the others (but I'm happy they asked me more concerning about my health then about my dumbness) xD~ well, I had some little injuries, nothing to worry about, but it stinged and was getting on my nerves either way >>'' well, when we got back I had the "wounds" desinfected and we saw a Chinese film (shaolin soccer IIRC)... well, it was totally stupid, but somewhat funny nontheless xD~
after that we went sleeping but gosh, it really hurt...it was difficult for me to sleep well beacuse I felt my poor ellbow and palms....wah >> my chest hurt a bit too...but somehow I could sleep ^^ I dreamed a lot of scary thing...that didn't scary me at all for some reason or the other oô...then at 6 am one of the cats (lovely calles seme-cat by tami) woke me up. I woke up and saw his face right in front of me o.O scary but cute at the same time xD I managed not to scream out loud in surprise xD well the cat wanted to be hugged and stroked a little bit, after that it went away. after some 20 minitues or so, the other cat (how could it be differnet: called uke-cat by tami) wanted to be stroked a little bit too ^^ but THEN! ATI came along oô he's a drool-machine. really. I never ever thought a dog could drool so much >< well, he wanted to drool me and the person sleeping next to me...we had a difficult time to bring him away (I had to go to the kitchen so he would follow me that he would finally go away >>). and then...the nervy, damned little flys came. I had no chance at all to fall asleep again, even if I tried....until 10:30 am (so much for sleeping well...). then everyone woke up...we had some little tiny breakfast and then went to the train station...

...this was on tuesday/wednesday.

thursday we had visit from my mothers colleague. she, her mother and her doughter visited us and we talked the whole afternoon oô
so I didn't do really much. it was afterwards that I chatted with a colleague of mine and did some posts on tegaki that I really DID something xD although not what I should've xD~ until 3:30 am....xD''

....yesterday (or today, depending on timezone xD)
wasn't really interesting. I woke up pretty late...well, very late. at 2 pm or so O.o well, I needed sleep xD~ I went to iaido class at night which was pretty nice and I talked with walter ^^
I will go to austria with him on sunday...and there I'll be until next saturday, so I won't be able to post any comments and the like T_T
but it'll be funny :3~ We will meet our iaido and naginata senseis from Japan (and I will do my best not to make a fool of myself trying to talk with them in Japanese) and it'll be a hard week full of training...^___^

so well, hope you guys are doing well and having fun ^^
*hugs you all*


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Friday, July 11, 2008

   I'm broke....but happüüüü xDDDD
omg...I had such a good time on thursday and friday *o* it was just...aaaah *o*

thursday I met josy, I know her from animexx (if you're interested in my profile, klick here....but I have to say, the english profile has absolutely necessity of updating >o< the german is pretty much up to date xD:


well, anyway, she took me to a bookstore...which was heaven on earth. they had a basement filled with reduced books *o* the fiction books were paperback 1.50 franks, the hardcovers 3.50, the nonfitcion were 2.50 and some other were 4.50. (as the dollar isn't as high as it used to be, the prices are nearly the same in dollars). god, it was soooo .... awesome xD I bought three books about japan (which normally would've been like 30 franks or so o.o), one about tokyo, one from dean koontz and one of ian rankin (both in english :3). we didn't draw a lot when we went to her... instead we talked a lot ^^

friday I met with another colleage from mexx :D schu ^^ she's so sweet :3~
we went to the art ware shop (a really good shop for anything your heart my need for art xD), then to the jeeg (a comic shop), then back again to another comicshop (where I bought two french mangas) and finally went to starbacks, drinking and eating...and drawing ^^ we were both fascinating about nabari no ou...this manga/anime...it's heaven...god, we're both addicted to yoite xD we were trying to draw him with miharu ^^ it was so much fun *o*
well, now, I'm back again at home...with all my books and mangas...and veeeery indecisive where the hell I should start x_x (it's always the same with little ima xD).

aaaah, you guys, I'm so happy there are still people who remembered me *o* be sure, someday (but really SOMEday) you all will receive a fan art from me ^^ if you want something speacial (angy zaku, I know, jeane for you :D) you can pm it to me and it will be on my "to-draw-list" ^o^

soooo....have to go....*hugs you all*
have a great time :3~

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

   ima back again ^o^
hi there....

weeell, I think most people here on my list won't even notice I posted, since it was AAAAAAAAAAAGES I last posted here u_u
yeaah, university can be tough on you. I had two horrible final semester/year exams at the end of may....and it really, really was a pain in the ass *sigh*
but I passed everything ^^ the only things I'm worrying right now, are the works I did for japanology and east asian studies o___O the topics weren't thaaaat bad, but well, had to write them in a rush and didn't have so much material to investiagte and reference....*sighs again*

I had birthday in may too...and it was awesome ^^ nice wheather, and three colleages of mine from university visited me :3
I also received a lot of presents I liked ^^
100 Franks from my dad, as well as a sword for practice in Iaido, some magnets from my chinese coleage, a stuffed butz maru from my other collgeage, than a coupon for byuing books (I buied a manga xD), ....what else...aaaah, my beloved stuffed hello kitty from my mum *o*, the travel ticket to Leipzig for the Leipziger book fair from my mom too....and the best of all (even if it wasn't exactly on my birthday): a nintendo ds with a japanese dictonary and a japanese kanji learning tool *o* now I have a portable japanese dictonary x3~

and I'm totally flashing about the Celldweller CD I ordered from the states *loves it, dances on it, sings with it, adores it*
it really IS awesome, the kind of music a freak like me loves *_____*
(if you're interested, there are awesome AMV's and GMV's on youtube....just enter celldweller....+ linage II and frozen...that's one of the best. then you're linked with other songs too ^^).-....

so, have to go....hope you people had had a GREAT time....and didn't forget about me yet ^^°
*loves you all and huuuuuuge hugs you all*


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Friday, February 22, 2008

nah, it feels like ages since I've last posted here on myo. It's really difficult finding some time to blog, when you have university stuff to do all the time..it really sucks.
I was thinking about quitting myo, but well, I still like to read some blogs here and I'd like to upload some pics too...
It's only that I nearly have no time to come here T_T
I meant to go on here in holiday but no...there was a work I had to write for the East Asian Art History section (which fortunately went well, as my prof gave me a 5.5 out of 6...and later on I had to read tons of books for an exam called "Sekundärliteraturprüfung" (I don't dare translating this one xD). This really was a pain in the ass. They asked me exactly about a part in a book i DIDN'T read...although I read all the others >> nah. The good thing was, after half of the exam they asked me about an article and I could answer everything. So finally I got a 5 out of 6, it's not so bad too ^-^
So...I'm busy all the time and I regret not being able to surf more on myo and visit all your sites and comment on your blogs everyday...(or at least once in a week).

Well...I hope you guys are having a good time and hope you don't have as much to do for school/universitiy/work as not to be able to come here!
*hugs you all*

hope somehow you still remember me xD
I certainly remember you ^^
*hugs all again*
*is in hug-mood*

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, as I'm in a hurry (I'm visiting a friend of mine and will return home on january second), I want to say all of you THIS:


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Friday, December 14, 2007

   rush hour for exams...
soo...I have some time until my class begins...hehe...

The most exams (most of them presentations x_X) are finished for me ^^ Nonetheless there is still much to do for me, since next week I'll have a total of 6 exams...and I'm not really prepared for them x_X *shivers*
The presentations went well, at least most of them. The big Spanish one was a catastrophe. The little Japanese one was a catastrophe too (I had to perform first >_< I was shivering even afterwards O_o I had to draw something to calm down xDDDD).
The little presentation in the Spanish conversation class went well ^^ They were surprised about my "japanese writing skills" muahahaaaa! *grin*
The other big presetation in the East Asian Art History Class went well too ^^ *at least thinks so* xDD
But god...then I had the Spanish linguistics exam O__________O This was truly hell x_X I was very, very grateful, that my colleague was sitting next to me, so I could copy some parts...and I could chaet *laughs very evily) - well, I know I'm not supposed to do this, even less at university, but this was a module I need to pass Spanish (there really would be two of them, but I couldn't attend the other class, since I have a block of three classes of Japanese then). I hope I can attend to it next semester...o.o So yeah, hope I passed this exam....*shivers all over again* >>' They told us we should know the result of this exam next week...

I just finished an exam we could even solve at home xD from East Asian Art History. The lecture itself is called Words and Images, Narrative Handscrolls and is held in English. We were free to write the exam in German or English. I chose English 'cause I think it's way easier for the professor to correct and understand it ^^(at least I think so O_O hope my English is good enough, so he can understand it xDDDD) - well, as I wrote it in English, I thought, ok, since it's not in your mother tongue, it may be better, you surely won't wirte to much. Nope, it didn't work at all, I still wrote 8 and a half pages (unbelievable xDD I thought I would write less, but it seems that English doesn't stop my urge to write everything down that's lingering somewhere in my head *laughs*). The profwrote, he calculated some two hours for us to solve the exam (but we were free to use more time :D), but somehow I ended on needing some 4 or 5 hours O.o Nah, it also was because I wasn't certain on several points.
But the best question in the exam was to create ourselves a handscroll dealing with some of the following topics:
swiss state
foundation of the university of Zurich
the career of Christoph Blocher (an idiot politician here in Switzerland)
or some outstanding student at the university.

At first I didn't want to take Blocher, I even thought this was the topic I would certainly NOT take...and which one did I end with? Right, Blocher xD
But it was sooo funny xD
He did a propaganda some time with white sheeps kicking black sheeps out of Switzerland.
Now in me creation of a handscroll, I depicted him as a white sheep. At the end of the story (through mystirous events xD) he becomes a black sheep xDDD
ah it was so funny doing this xD I hope my prof will like it *grins broadly*

well...as I have to learn for all these exams, I hadn't any time to draw...*sighs* I wanted to draw some pics for some of you, but....*sighs again* I don't have the time to.
I'm thinking about doing them for new year ;) So maybe some of you will get a little new year's present from me xDDD

well, hope you guys didn't forget me already and hope you're doing fine (maybe some of you even have holidays already?? xD).
*hugs you all*
*tries to survive the next week*


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

   ah, finally some time xD
ah, finally got some time to get on here on myo xD

well, two of my biggest concerns at university are over. I had my spanish presentation last thursday (and it was horrible, but I hope I can get the credit points anyway...I had to prepare for this shit a long time >-<) and the other presentation in the East Asian Art History course (this one was pretty good, and I think it wasn't so bad).
So at least I don't have any bg presentations anymore *sighs relieved*. I only have two smaller ones, another one in Spanish and one in Japanese - shouldn't be so difficult...at least I hope so xD

I'm more concerned about all these exams in december. I'll have one in Spanish (it's linguistics, so it's quite difficult and I don't understand anything. I'll have to read a whole book to understand what the course really was about...the ironic thing about this course is: even our professor doesn't understand anything...well, say, it seems so: she's always confusing termes and people who studied this some time ago or the one who does the tutoring, are correcting her all the time .-. so well..I think the best way to prepare for this exam is to read all the scripts and the book. otherwise I don't think I'll get what I need for the exam into my head *laughs*.
Then all the Japenese exams...translation...written expression...and GRAMMAR....>_< I'll need to learn a lot of kanjis (since I didn't do much for it until now), to understand what the text is about xD and to answer the questions concerning the grammar xDDD
nah, at least at translation we will have all dictionarys to our disposal ^_^

so I'll be more busy than ever from hereon - I'm really hoping that december 22th comes soon...then I'll only have one thing to do: the work which's related to the presentation I did in the East Asian Art History class ^^
the 22th I'll see some friends and we'll do kinda a anime-manga-christmas-party...this will be so much fun xDDD

well, you guys, hope you're doing well and see ya around ^___^

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

   lost key....exams....and more exams.....>_>
nah. finally found some time to pst here again.
It really feels like ages since I last posted and commented here....*sigh*

well, a lot happened lately, and unfortunately not really to my favor.
I was in Basel last week and it was really great. When I wanted to go to my aunties place, my mother phoned me telling me, my aunt and uncle were at ome with her, is to say, at my place - which meant, I had to wait 2 hours until they could pick me up. If this wouldn't be enough, my aunt denied it being her fault >_> I told her, I would be in Basel on friday, so I needed to stay by her place since I wouldn't have a connection to get home :(
next day I thought would be great. It was a surprise party for someone I knew. Then there were new people I got to know and it was real fun...until I went back. My aunt gave me here spare key for the house. And guess what? I lost it. I NEVER EVER lost a key. My uncle told me at least 20 times I shouldn't lose it 'cause one can't copy it. Is to say, the key, if lost, can't be remade, so one have to change all the locks -_-
And they're planning on moving from this apartment in 4 or 5 months time. Is to say, they have to bring back the keys soon....
well, I was panicking all around, searching, but NOTHING. The key seems to e lost.
Well. I'll go on Firday to the room, where I stayed for the party. I think if the key is somewhere to be found, it has to be there, 'cause there I left my jacket (where I put the keys in it). Nah. I really HOPE I find it there. Otherwise I'll have to pay the changes of the locks, and this will be everything but cheap----and I nearly have no money T_T so even the little money I recollected for going to Japan will go away for this f*****g lock!
so please, think of me on Friday....!
argh >_< I really could've hit myself. I was standing astonished in front of the door when I noticed it was gone. I mubled "it can't be, it can't be!" all the time. I really couldn't believe it...
and my parents as well as my aunt and uncle are being mad at me all the time. So when I get home there is no: Hi, how're yo? no, it is: where's the key? did you find the key? have you done ANYTHING to find the key?
man, like I have all the time of the world just to find the damn key! I have university and november and december are the exam- and presantations months!!! so god, I need time to do them as well!!!
argh. it's really a pain in the ass. U_U
well, I hope this *little* situation will solve itself on Friday, though I'm not really positive about it ('cause the main problem is, the key was in a pocket on my jacket, that can be opened and closed with a pull fastener. And I copuld swear it was closed when I went to the party. When I got to my aunties place, it was opened. So it seems, someone took it out without my knowledge. Could be, because I didn't know everybody there. And two or three weren't from the group that initially was there to party the birthday of my colleague...argh. If it was robbed, then I have no chance to get it back >_<).

ok...have to go now...have classic japanese now (it's even more boring than it sound -.-). The only good thing today is, I can go home earlier, because one of my teacher is in Japan right now, so this lesson does not take place today *yay*
*dances around*---> ok, that would be a bit awkward, since I'm on a university terminal place surrounded by other people using the internet right now *looool*

anyway, hope you guys are all doing fine and hope to see ya again sometime soon (if somehow possible).

*hugs everybody*
love you guys and hope you won't forget me!

edit: I tried to comment on most people who posted recently, but as stated above, I don't have so much time...so sorry for the ones I couldn't comment on! U_U

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