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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

   back from france...
so, there I am again, back in Switzerland xD
I had a great day with my colleague. we first went to the japan shop in geneva [where I got to after 4:15 hours of train and bus travel -.-], than the manga shop, and we ate in the train station :3 it was kinda hot, but we still had our fun ^^ we went to a supermarket near where the bus came to take us to her aunt's place over in Sergy (FR), but it had already closed (at 7 o'clock pm!!!!), so we just waited for the bus to take us to her home xD''
next day we slept a lot (really...we got up like at 1 pm xD), went to a supermarket near her home.
after that we went back to geneva and I already had to head back home at 6 pm, since my last bus was at 10 pm (I got home at 10:30...).

and now I already watched phantom episode 19 and 07 ghost episode 19...and two episodes of Medium (I only realized I didn't watch the whole third series after my mom bought it >_< so now I'm watching them xD alone though, since my mom doesn't understand a word of english, and I don't want to watch them either in spanish or german ŽD).

tomorrow I have to start with doing taxes. is to say, mom's taxes. I'll do a part of it, my father will finish it. but I seriously am not in the mood for doing taxes. I'm in the mood for relaxing and sleeping. but that's not everything yet...I still need a travel assurance or travel protection - call it what you want - but I need one. My father only made one for us that covers europe (which normally is perfectly fine since we don't go any farther away than europe - neither could we afford it. so now that I'm going to the states [WHICH IS ALREADY IN ONE WEEK, JEEZ!], I need one ;_; I hope it's not expensive or to late to do it. I will go to Zurich on friday to my aunt's birthday, so I'll probably find out then...÷_÷
ah well. so much for my problems xD''

hope you're doing fine. it's getting kinda late (damn, 4:15 am...), so yeah. see you :3

...AND YES, I CHANGED MY THEME! how you like it, angy zaku? (since I'm sure you're the only one who's gonna read this xD)...I love this anime. 07 ghost really has everything my little fan girl heart craves for :D

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