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Thursday, August 13, 2009

wah, my otaku sure changed a lot. I was aware of the whole "other section" with the worlds and everything, but I never really cared about it, since I went off too soon.
but nah. it's a shame there are so much restriction for uploading now. it's gotten even worse than animexx .
so yeah, I wanted to upload more pics, but since you can't upload more than three, I have to wait. and the size has gotten quite small too. I can sort of understand the new rules, but I still think it's a shame xDDD

so...this world thing...maybe I'll check it out sometime o but I'm...well...I'm so busy with all my other forums I don't want to neglect (which actally is only ONE which would be deviantart. my mexx account isn't that much visited anymore, as well as my fantasy shrine one. well...I have to make my priorities after all ;_;).

and thanks angy! I changed it now to dark purple-ish. what do you think about it now? :D


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