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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

wooot....and there again a month has passed .
I don't understand this ^^'
I always think of commenting and posting on myo...but I always forget .
it's so creepy...really >>''
well, it may be 'cause I'm REALLY everyday on animexx...I bet if anyone of you (...you...if there is still someone who reads this ;o;) would join animexx, I'd always write you >o< *no joke*

mah, anyway...

I did so much .
well austria, at frist, was awesom ^^ we didn't have so much training as I feared...it almost was less than I wanted have (only 5 hours per day...). But I got to know really nice people and I even spoke Japanese with my teachers *o* the even DID understand some of the crap I told xD *laughs*
well, it was really cool. and yeah, walty could'nt stop talkind xD'' and on the way home I was so tired I think he didn't have much conversation with me xD
well...I wrote down everything I did on my "travel diary" .... I love to read this again, when I'm at home...:3~
but sometimes I was so tired at night, I had to force myself to write what I did down >.<

mah....then I met a lot with my friends ^^ I even had some visit me :D
we drunk a bit of this "beer for women"...(called EVE), and I have to admit, the Passionfruit and Litchi versions are very, very delicious *o* even the grapefruit one, that most of them three tasts like actual beer, is not so bad at all ;D
well, but I won't drink it all the time either ^^' I'm not so much into alcohol, but it's good to know that I like it so I can join friends when drinking that stuff xD~
...we also watched a lot of movies (7 in two days!! .)....but it was really cool xD I seldom have friends coming home 'cause I live a bit remote or 'cause they live somehow far away...*at least 1 1/2 hours away*...most of them...

ah, and then I found somthing similar to a graphic tablet at home *O* I'm so happy, even if it's not made for this purpose, 'cause I can use it that way *____*
if you wanna see some of it, go to tegaki or animexx (searching under imasyon) and you might see some of the pics I did with it :D
(or pm me *Lol* I'll send you the links....If anyone is interested in it *laugh*)....

hmmm...and now there are exchange students from japan coming *O*
I will be in charge of Shibata-San! I'm so curious on how she is like...we didn't meet yet, but we will probably next week *o*

well....there would be a lot more to tell...but I'm gettin' tired (nearly 3 am .)....
so....hope you didn't forget me yet...i didn't forget you ^___^
*always thinkin' of you guys*

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