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Saturday, December 29, 2007

   I should stop sleeping late.
Every night for the past couple of days, I've been sleeping at 2, and waking up at noon. >_<


Today is going to be a fun, fun, fun day!


I gonna eat fast food, and play video games!

Woo hoo!

I swear, all this bad eating is gonna catch up with me.


I live in the south! I should already be kinda chunky with all the fried chicken, greens, taters, chicken, bread rolls, and other fried things!

Did I ever mention that the county I live in is known as the "Chicken Capital of the World"? (Did I use the right capital? You know, my brain is totally turned off...) It's also the county with the leading STD and pregnancy rates in the whole state.

Fear not, for I am not a part of those statistics! Only the people who aren't originally from my town are cool, clean, and not pregnant.

Now you know.


Anyways, it's pertyful outside!

It's cloudy, and it makes me want to walk my dog Chico. (I named him Chico so we could consider him Cuban! Ha ha!)

Well, I'm outta here.

I lubs you all.


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Friday, December 28, 2007

...The new layout is FINALLY up!

And I'm finally back. :D

I was gonna have a Fire Emblem theme, but I just wasn't happy with it. :|

Since I like black and white things, I decided to go for a black and white theme.

Also, it's Trigun, and it's something you don't see a lot nowadays.


Que pasa, chicos y chicas?

I hope everyone had an AWESOME Chrismahanukwanzikah!

I know I did.

And I got what I wanted.


Anyways... It's late, and I require sleep. -_-

Lazyness sure does wear a person out!


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I know....
Ugh... Trying to change my layout is taking far too long...

And it's almost 1... -_-

Hi people! How's it going?

No, I'm not dead. I'm just lazy. :D

I've been paying too much attention to MySpace and Facebook.

*waves fist* Curses!

But yeah.

I'm doing okay.

No drama for me.

Just a nice Christmas break. XD

I've got to go... I'm too sleepy.

♥ Don't get me wrong -- I love you all!

It's just tough managing too many things...


Send me some love or something!


Avoir, adieu, and goodnight.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've been absent, I know. Teacher, do I have a lot of make up work to do?

You bet I effin' do!

Anyways, I've been grrrreat!

Well, just good.

A lot of people have had little drama, but hey.

Thanks how life is.

I would go on and on about stuff, but I know you don't want to hear what I have to say.

Because I've been a very bad person...


I'm going to start on a new layout! So yeah!

I shall put up a post when it's completely done.

I missed all you peoples because y'all are like, cool and stuff.

Once I get my layout done, I shall commence the visitng!

So until then...

Mucho besitos! (a lot of kisses)


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

   Ugh... I haven't disappeared... I just haven't had time to get on!
I had a busy couple of weeks. For one, last week wore me out because I went to a game last Thursday and Friday. Then, I went all over town on Sunday. I think things should cool down soon.

You know, if you have:




..let me know. I check those daily, and I love getting to know people better.

Also, I trust you people on MyO. Y'all keeps it real.


What's up, people? How's school? Work?

Here's a question for you guys:

Do you know any cool jokes? If so, tell it to me!

Make me laugh!

Make me cry! (in a good way, of course)

Make me wet myself!

I want to laugh so hard that I spill the drink that I'm drinking, not literally pee my pants!

Silly gooses.

Silly, silly gooses.

Well, I'm out.


Before I leave, if you're ever bored, be sure you message me!


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Monday, October 29, 2007

   What's that? The Morton Panthers are in the playoffs? Hells yes!!!
That's right! My school's football team is currently ranked number 4 in the 3A division. When we start having the play off games, which will be next week, we'll be going really far. A far away game means a long bus ride, and long bus rides mean crazy fun! Just ask Joselyn...

With MyO down, I could visit people... T_T So now, I owe tons of people visits. I must get that done this weekend, and I shall!

I really wanted to take the ACT sometime next month, but something happened. I won't be able to take the ACT because it's on the day that I would be coming home from the state band clinic! I got selected! They only pick one or two or three people from over a hundred schools. Me, and best bud Daniel, and best friend Lindsay are going! How awesome is that?!

Gosh... I'm such a band dork. But I'm proud.

Friday, I traded a Cuban cigar for a PSP. My friend Josh totally wanted a Cuban cigar, and was trying to get rid of his PSP, so we made a trade. But I had to wait FOREVER for him because the buses from the middle school were being held (you see, a long time ago in the 50s or something, Morton had a white school and a black school. In the 60s, they combined them, even though the location of the black school was like 4 blocks away across railroad tracks. They made that school the middle school). Anyway, a turkey somehow hit the windshield of a bus and totally broke it, so they had to clean up the mess.

Weird, right?

So now you just learned a little about the South and about the trade I made with my friend. But don't talk about the trade. I told you guys because I trust you not to sing like birdies.

Also, I love you.

Yeah. I love you. So don't tell. Okay?

Good. =]


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

   I'm playing match-maker.
Yep. I'm trying to hook my friend up with a guy I know through another guy. You see, my friend used to have something going on with this dude (a friend of mine, too) who dropped out last year, and things are still kinda there between them. Well, he's always the type to get what he wants, and if he feels like flirting with her, he ends up sweeping my friend off her feet. So, to get her mind off of him, I'm looking around for another guy from another school... and I think I've found the perfect one! I just have to wait to see if he's interested in her!

Go me! I'm like, magic! Or not...

Anyways, the weather here got really sucky. It rained, and then BOOM! Everything got super cold. It's been sprinkling all day! I dread changing classes at school because I have to go from building to building, which means walking out into the cold.


Since this week is Red Ribbon Week, tomorrow, instead of wearing a uniform shirt, we can wear a red shirt! For those that don't know what I'm talking about, Red Ribbon Week is a week devoted to drug and alcohol awareness or whatever. So everyone has to pledge that they're drug free and stuff.

My neck hurts, and my bed wants me now... I can hear my sheets screaming for me to crawl under them. -_-

Oh yeah! It's difficult for me to visit people during the week, so this weekend, I promise I'll visit peoples.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   When you're out with your friends in your new Mercendes Benz and you're on drugs...
Ah... you gotta love Weezer lyrics. :D


I turned in my essay about that leadership conference thing, but I'm afraid I wasn't the only one to... I was hoping I was. But hopefully, I'll please the gods and they will favor me. I guess there's a god of essays... Where's a Greek or Roman when you need one?

We didn't have a pep rally because they were polishing the gym floors. We could've had one at the football field, but no. And the principal complains that we don't have school spirit...

Shyeah right...

That's why they got that bitch so good. A bunch of dude's rolled her yard. *sniffle* It was so beautiful...

We played Carthage, and it's always a good game when we play them. We won, but the band lost. Our lovely band director says that we act like a 1A band, when he treats us like one! 3A bands are supposed to be good. WE SOUNDED SO AWFUL! I mean, how can you not notice that? Me and Daniel's (tuba player who's my bitch... I'm friend) lips were shot because we didn't warm up enough.

Does it look like I like having purple lips?! And yes, my lips have turned blue before... it was creepy, but cool!

We were pretty pissed at the band director for making us look like elementary kids in front of Carthage's band. Their band always has an awesome brass section...

So yeah. We suck. And we sound like middle schoolers.

Hoo fuckin ray.

Well, I'm about to gather awesome music together so I can make an awesome CD to cruise to.

Also, I'm in a mood for Queens of the Stone Age. =]

See ya!


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

   Where's the kid from Paranoia Agent when you need him?
I've got this major problem:

I don't know if I should stay at my school, or go to the Mississippi School for the Arts. If I got to MSA, that means I have to live in dorms on their campus.

Should I leave everything and almost everyone behind for the future I've wanted so badly?


Should I just stay, work hard, and hope my dreams will still happen?

Should I go for what I totally need academically?


Should I go for something I would love doing?

Should I think about my need instead of my want?


What if my want is actually my need?

I can't follow my heart because my heart wants to go in both directions...

I can't follow my brain because my brain keeps thinking "what if"...

There's an advantage to leaving, and an advantage to staying...

There's a disadvantage to staying, and a disadvantage to leaving...

So confusing... and stressful... really, really stressful... -_-

But the good thing is with that whole leadership conference thing, my competition isn't going to turn in an essay. And that's major effin good! I think I might be the only person who really wants to do it! Hells yes!

Ah, it would be so good to be a snot-nosed kid with no worries again. =]

Now, for the good news:

Me and my buddy Daniel (he has an account here, Guyq92, but he doesn't ever get on >_< sign his guestbook anyway, and I'll be sure to make him return the favor) get to go to a tuba/baritone clinic at the University of Southern Miss. It's gonna be so kick ass because we kick ass! Tuba and a bari! Well, my heart belongs to the trombone, but I just so happen to kick major ass on the baritone, too.

I swear, I should get paid for playing. =]

Well, that's it. All I needed to do was to vent about my issues. ^_^

Take care peoples!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   Do I want to go back to school? OF COURSE NOT!
Yeah... Today is the last day of Fall Break... Tomorrow, I have to return to my 8 to 3... ha ha...

What stunk about yesterday was that me and my mom didn't go anywhere. I wanted to cruise around, but she couldn't miss her shows.

*waves fist* Curse you, Univision!

Anyways, I spent an hour or two yesterday watching Death Note. If you watch a bunch of Death Note for a while, you start making deductions and you get paranoid thinking that you have to make sure you don't get caught and you find the other person...

Ugh... My brain hurts... -_-

Hopefully, my mom will want to go cruise around, so yeah. That should make my day.

You will not believe what my oldest cat did yesterday! He left a nice little present in my room... on the floor... on the carpet... When I walked into my room, I smelt something bad... and then I saw it. Thank God I didn't step in it!

Ew... I know that was too much info... >_<

Pretty soon, I have to get started on an essay about this leadership conference called HOBY (it stands for something, but I don't recall what). Mrs. Barnes has to pick one person to go and represent the school, and I totally want it to be me. The only problem I have is that a friend of mine wants to go because her brothers went to it. She's way to shy, and she wouldn't really stand out... It's not fair that she gets picked because her intentions aren't really good. I want to go, nay, need to go because I have big dreams... Like Yale... and I really want to get into a competitive college...

So wish me luck peoples. I HAVE to make this essay meaningful.


Okay, I need to calm myself...

Now, here's a question:

What would you do if your cat pooped on your carpet?


Does anyone know of a website that has information on college majors? Something that would help you find out which college is right for you?

Take care, peoples.


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