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Monday, October 29, 2007

   What's that? The Morton Panthers are in the playoffs? Hells yes!!!
That's right! My school's football team is currently ranked number 4 in the 3A division. When we start having the play off games, which will be next week, we'll be going really far. A far away game means a long bus ride, and long bus rides mean crazy fun! Just ask Joselyn...

With MyO down, I could visit people... T_T So now, I owe tons of people visits. I must get that done this weekend, and I shall!

I really wanted to take the ACT sometime next month, but something happened. I won't be able to take the ACT because it's on the day that I would be coming home from the state band clinic! I got selected! They only pick one or two or three people from over a hundred schools. Me, and best bud Daniel, and best friend Lindsay are going! How awesome is that?!

Gosh... I'm such a band dork. But I'm proud.

Friday, I traded a Cuban cigar for a PSP. My friend Josh totally wanted a Cuban cigar, and was trying to get rid of his PSP, so we made a trade. But I had to wait FOREVER for him because the buses from the middle school were being held (you see, a long time ago in the 50s or something, Morton had a white school and a black school. In the 60s, they combined them, even though the location of the black school was like 4 blocks away across railroad tracks. They made that school the middle school). Anyway, a turkey somehow hit the windshield of a bus and totally broke it, so they had to clean up the mess.

Weird, right?

So now you just learned a little about the South and about the trade I made with my friend. But don't talk about the trade. I told you guys because I trust you not to sing like birdies.

Also, I love you.

Yeah. I love you. So don't tell. Okay?

Good. =]


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