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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   Do I want to go back to school? OF COURSE NOT!
Yeah... Today is the last day of Fall Break... Tomorrow, I have to return to my 8 to 3... ha ha...

What stunk about yesterday was that me and my mom didn't go anywhere. I wanted to cruise around, but she couldn't miss her shows.

*waves fist* Curse you, Univision!

Anyways, I spent an hour or two yesterday watching Death Note. If you watch a bunch of Death Note for a while, you start making deductions and you get paranoid thinking that you have to make sure you don't get caught and you find the other person...

Ugh... My brain hurts... -_-

Hopefully, my mom will want to go cruise around, so yeah. That should make my day.

You will not believe what my oldest cat did yesterday! He left a nice little present in my room... on the floor... on the carpet... When I walked into my room, I smelt something bad... and then I saw it. Thank God I didn't step in it!

Ew... I know that was too much info... >_<

Pretty soon, I have to get started on an essay about this leadership conference called HOBY (it stands for something, but I don't recall what). Mrs. Barnes has to pick one person to go and represent the school, and I totally want it to be me. The only problem I have is that a friend of mine wants to go because her brothers went to it. She's way to shy, and she wouldn't really stand out... It's not fair that she gets picked because her intentions aren't really good. I want to go, nay, need to go because I have big dreams... Like Yale... and I really want to get into a competitive college...

So wish me luck peoples. I HAVE to make this essay meaningful.


Okay, I need to calm myself...

Now, here's a question:

What would you do if your cat pooped on your carpet?


Does anyone know of a website that has information on college majors? Something that would help you find out which college is right for you?

Take care, peoples.


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