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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good news!

I got the most oustanding award in band! That means I'm the best!

Karma can be such a nice thing.

Monday is my last day of school. EVERYONE has to go to school Monday, and the Tuesday to Friday are the exam days. I'm exempt from every exam, but it's so gay that we have to go to school on Monday and do absolutely nothing. Oh well.

Oh yeah! The new band director knew my name! I was in the auditorium with my tuba friend waiting for the band/choir concert to start, and I suggested to go talk to the new band director. When we walked over to him, I held out my hand to shake his and said, "Hey Mr. Rigdon." and he said, "Hey Helen."

Woo! That means I'm totally on his good side! Heck yes!

Well, I must go comment and stuff.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's my dad's berfday! He's 71, and still kicking! Literally! He can still kick, and he has a full head of hair, and still works everyday, and stills works on heavy duty, and I can never get tired of run-ons!

Unfortunatey, I've no time to visit people. Tomorrow, I've got band practice, then I'm gonna hang with my super awesome friend. We're gonna do some baller shiz. I'm still quoting Dave Chappelle stuff, so that's why I wanted to type baller shiz, and I did. Woo!

Thursday is the band concert, and awards will be given out... I swear, if my stupid, lazy band director doesn't give me a descent award, I'm gonna flipping snap because I've seriously worked my 94 pound arse for that band. I'm the only person who got into the first band at the district clinic, and I also got 3rd flipping chair. Not only that, but I'm gonna organize the music room for him... NO ONE does that but super organized band directors, and I'm only a teen.

My friend and I are gonna take some crazy awesome coolio pics, and I'll put some up Friday.... That is, if my friend can fricking upload them by Friday.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh man. School's almost over... Almost...

Don't you hate it when there's a kick arse manga, but the anime of it is totally the opposite? I'm in love with reading the mange Le Chevalier d'Eon, and it's really awesome looking and the fight scenes are exciting. The sucky thing is that the anime looks nothing like it... How sad.

I'm like, totally home alone, so you know what that means... It's time for me to blast music and sing like I'm on crack! Yay cocaine and baking soda! Woo!

This summer, I'm gonna try to hit the track at my school to transform my Cuban buns into buns of steel. Pure steel. My buns are gonna be so steel, that they will bleed steel! I know what you're thinking: I'm only 94 pounds! I'm already fit! Au contraire. When band camp starts and stuff, I'll be D-E-D... dead. I get so sore, and it's mega killer. That's why I'm gonna get fit.

Who wants to join me?

I'm gonna go listen to Sublime. It gets me melloooooooow.


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I so loathe Mississippi, I swear.

I hate it when the weather has drastic changes! My sinuses MURDERED me yesterday! (Yes, I'm typing from beyond the grave!) I kept sneezing so much... If I sneeze once, you can be sure that 5 more will come after that. The only medicine I had would've made me sleepy, so I couldn't take it because I had brass ensemble practice. I was feeling REALLY effin' crappy before I went to bed. Ugh.

Practice was okay. It felt good to play cool music, and I'm not the only trombone! (It's me and this dude who was once a band director.) However, my nose kept bugging me and it kept distracting me... After practicing, I hung around with my bud Daniel and other people around the Methodist church. Daniel's friend Zack is like, the totaly opposite of Daniel. That might be why I was able to make so many Dave Chappelle jokes with Zack... Ha ha!

Today was okay. I took my allergy medicine last night, so today I had a tad bit of energy for once. My classmates and I played cards in about 3 classes, so that kept me entertained. In band, some friends and I have a plan: we're gonna sneak some food to school and we're gonna totally pig out in band tomorrow. But we're gonna be doing it ghetto style: humongous bag of doritos, flammin' hot cheetos, 2 liter grape soda and sunkist, and candy. It's gonna be awesome and hilarious!

Oh yeah. Yesterday, some guy from around here got hit by a train. It wasn't a student, and no one seems to know who the guy was. Poor soul... What a way to go...

I think I'm done.

Yeah, I am.


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hm... Where shall I start?

The good news:

In band, I learned how to play the E flat scale on a bass clarinet! I like how it sounds so deep and stuff! If you want to see what one looks like, click here or click here to see my baby leaning on it! My friend (or baby, as we call each other) is teaching me stuff little by little! Also, I sat on Joselyn and I hurt her... But it was funny!

We always have too much fun in band. We take random pics all the flippin' time. We're supa-coo like that. Here's a pic, taken by me since I have wonderful photography skills, of Daniel and Joselyn:


This Friday, I get to go rock out with some of my metal friends. It's gonna be so metal because one of my metal buddies is so metal, he practically bleeds it! He also looks Jewish, and Daniel and I always tell him that the Gestapo are coming for him! But when I get mad at him (playfully), I tell him to go hide and get caught in an attic. Oh my, me and my devilish mind!

Crap... I have to call my sis... Don't let me forget okay? Ha ha! That's so random...

The annoying news:

I have a friend who's being a total ghetto bitch. She's white, and everyone gets weirded out when she tries to talk like she's black or something. She's been really rude to everyone lately, and I'm SERIOUSLY SICK OF HEARING HOW SHE THINKS SHE'S PREGNANT! GOSH! I think someone might set her straight soon... And hopefully, it won't have to be me.

Well, that's all I have on my mind right now.


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Monday, May 5, 2008

Man oh man... I'm so ready for school to end... Only less than 2 weeks left!

Anyhoo, for some reason, I'm gonna have tests in almost every class this week. Gay. However, the good thing about this week is that I have brass ensemble practice (at a Methodist church) this Wednesday! It's fun hanging around with my Methodist friends.

Speaking of Methodist friends, I gotta call my tuba buddy Daniel... We were trying to think of songs the band he's in could play since they've got 2 or 3 gigs coming up. I'm the brains behind it! Ha ha! None of the guys in that band is really, really into music like I am, so they need a little help.

If you have too much time on your hands, check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/crimsonred5

The band is called Crimson Red. Local bands don't really strive for long around here, but they might...

Oh yeah. Since my town sucks so bad, I might have to consider working at a Sonic... Golly. -_-

Well, that's it for today.


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Saturday, May 3, 2008

*points to the music note that starts off this post*
You see that? That's called a triplet. When it's played, it sounds like straw-ber-ry or trip-puh-let.
It's there because that's my nickname: Tripet Girl! (I play my chromatic scale in triplets, and someone called me that, so the name stuck)

Anyhoo, I fixed up my page! As you can see, I've put up my playlist, used a wallpaper I've already used before, and I left the myotaku menu up.

Yep. I'm creative.

This is my boring/awesome weekend. I get to be lazy as balls! Woo! Heck yes!

Most of my friends are doing stuff, but not me. And I like that.

Well, from what I've seen, many have kept their faith in MyO, which is good.

I don't think I'm uber busy anymore, so I'll blog more.



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Friday, May 2, 2008

I've got to update my layout and stuff.

I'm thinking about removing some of the codes that are hiding stuff on here.

I miss the good ol' myO layout.

I'm glad someone's still around.

I promise I'll do some visiting.

I promise.

Until then, you can find me on AIM.

I love and miss all my otaku friends on here!


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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I miss myOtaku...

It used to be the shiz...

Now everybody's gone.


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

   Well, I feel like blogging.

Golly gee whiz I've been pretty busy! I've got a band contest next week, the ACT next-next Saturday, and I could be getting a job in a week or two! Man, I've been beat!

I've been okay lately. Nothing special. Nowadays, I just sit around and fool with my cell phone. They're quite entertaining.

Band has been the same ol' thing. I hate the music and the rookies, but oh well.

School is getting so gay. We have spring portraits tomorrow, and we can't even take group pictures, we have to wear uniform pants, and we can't go to school with normal clothes. It's gay, so I'm not wasting my money.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to another town with my parents.

I hope people are stilling getting on here...


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