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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

   Where's the kid from Paranoia Agent when you need him?
I've got this major problem:

I don't know if I should stay at my school, or go to the Mississippi School for the Arts. If I got to MSA, that means I have to live in dorms on their campus.

Should I leave everything and almost everyone behind for the future I've wanted so badly?


Should I just stay, work hard, and hope my dreams will still happen?

Should I go for what I totally need academically?


Should I go for something I would love doing?

Should I think about my need instead of my want?


What if my want is actually my need?

I can't follow my heart because my heart wants to go in both directions...

I can't follow my brain because my brain keeps thinking "what if"...

There's an advantage to leaving, and an advantage to staying...

There's a disadvantage to staying, and a disadvantage to leaving...

So confusing... and stressful... really, really stressful... -_-

But the good thing is with that whole leadership conference thing, my competition isn't going to turn in an essay. And that's major effin good! I think I might be the only person who really wants to do it! Hells yes!

Ah, it would be so good to be a snot-nosed kid with no worries again. =]

Now, for the good news:

Me and my buddy Daniel (he has an account here, Guyq92, but he doesn't ever get on >_< sign his guestbook anyway, and I'll be sure to make him return the favor) get to go to a tuba/baritone clinic at the University of Southern Miss. It's gonna be so kick ass because we kick ass! Tuba and a bari! Well, my heart belongs to the trombone, but I just so happen to kick major ass on the baritone, too.

I swear, I should get paid for playing. =]

Well, that's it. All I needed to do was to vent about my issues. ^_^

Take care peoples!


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